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5 WWE Wrestlers Who Suffered Embarrassing Injuries

5 WWE Wrestlers Who Suffered Embarrassing Injuries

When you come up against one of the best in
the business, John Cena, it can be pretty nerve-racking but exciting at the same time.
But on an episode of RAW on May 4th 2015, “The Underdog of the Underground”, Sami
Zayn, perhaps got a little bit too excited as he ended up injuring his shoulder before
he even got in the ring. Zayn was introduced by Bret Hart as John Cena’s mystery opponent
for Cena’s “U.S. Open Challenge”, which took place in Zayn’s hometown of Montreal,
Quebec, Canada. As Zayn made his entrance, he was well received by the crowd and with
all the adrenaline kicking in, Zayn ran up the ring steps and threw his arms out with
such force to hype the crowd. However, he immediately clutched his left shoulder after
he noticed something wasn’t quite right. Minutes into the match, Zayn was on the receiving
end of a back suplex which caused further injury to his shoulder and Cena being the
veteran that he is, realised this and signalled to the referee to check on Zayn. Like a true
wrestler, Zayn continued with the match and the two put on a great show. The Undertaker sure knows how to make an entrance
and for decades he has been “taking souls and digging holes”. He may take an eternity
to get to the ring but his chilling theme combined with the smoke, pyro and lightning
all add to an ominous atmosphere that is guaranteed to send shivers down the spines of his opponents.
And let’s not forget the creepy thing he does with his eyes. But at the Elimination
Chamber pay-per-view in 2010, a pyrotechnics incident saw The Undertaker close to being
a “Deadman”. As The Phenom made his entrance, he was momentarily engulfed in flames on three
occasions as a result of a pyrotechnics malfunction, which forced him to run towards the ring and
discard his hat and leather jacket in the process. The fastest I’ve ever seen Taker
move! Fortunately, the fire extinguished itself, however, The Undertaker suffered first and
second degree burns on his chest, arms and neck. Despite this, Taker continued the match
and was given several bottles of cold water to cool down off-camera. The burns could be
seen while he was wrestling and Chris Jericho, who went on to win the match, even recalled
that he could smell the burning of The Undertaker’s skin. As for the pyro guy and no it wasn’t
Kane playing tricks on him, The Undertaker made sure that he was “gonna pay” for
what he did by getting him fired from the WWE. Randy Orton has had his fair share of shoulder
injuries. Perhaps his most embarrassing one was during a match against Edge at “Over
the Limit” in 2010, where he managed to injure himself from simply taunting. During
the match, Orton countered Edge’s spear and then proceeded to pound the mat ready
to do his RKO finishing move. However, Orton pounded a little too hard… that’s what
she said… causing his right shoulder to separate. The Viper was clearly in pain and
was unable to hit the RKO on Edge, otherwise it may have ended up like this. The match
then ended in an improvised finish; a double count-out after Edge tried to spear Orton
through the barricade. When you think of embarrassing injuries, this
has to be up there along with number 1, which I will get to later. In a 10-man tag team
match on an episode of RAW in July of 2002, Kevin Nash suffered a quad injury when he
tore it from…well…walking. After tagging himself in, Nash immediately felt that something
was wrong and you can see Nash briefly clutching his thigh before brushing it off. The breaking
point came when Nash walked over to attack Bubba Ray Dudley to which his quad gave way
and he is left screaming in agony. As a result, Kevin Nash has been on the receiving end of
countless memes and edits associated with the tearing his quad, like this one, “Eat,
Sleep, Tear Quad, Repeat” and this one, “Entrance music hits, tears quad”. If
you even type his name on Urban Dictionary, it says “to pull a Kevin Nash is to tear
your quad by simply walking”. So, I thought I’d join in the fun. We already made an
edit of Nash’s quad tear in our previous video but we thought we’d make another one,
why not. Even Chris Jericho couldn’t help but join in on the fun as he tweeted, “Hope
@realkevinnash doesn’t tear his quad tweeting!”. The ending of the 2005 Royal Rumble match,
let’s just say, did not go as fully planned with Batista and John Cena falling over the
top rope and hitting the floor at the exact same time. Confusion spread across the arena
as RAW referees raised Batista’s arm in victory, while SmackDown referees raised Cena’s
arm. “The Chairman” Vince McMahon, however, was not amused and could not “stand” for
this any longer. He emerged from backstage and angrily stormed down to the ring, looking
as pissed as ever. McMahon then rushed into the ring but upon doing so, tore not one but
both his quads and awkwardly collapsed against the ropes into a seating position, unable
to stand. I guess he skipped leg day. In all seriousness, you can see that McMahon’s
legs impacted with the side of the ring apron as he slid into the ring which, in turn, led
to his quads giving way. McMahon’s face just summed everything up as a look of pain
and confusion could be seen as he decided what to do next. In the end, the match was
restarted and “The Animal” Batista emerged victorious. Although the whole end to the
2005 Royal Rumble was unscripted, it did create some unforgettable and hilarious moments that
WWE fans will never forget.

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100 thoughts on “5 WWE Wrestlers Who Suffered Embarrassing Injuries

  1. I love the way that you edit your vids with funny moments and music also some clips while
    Other youtubers do moving pics and you are really good and funny at your vids so keep up the good work (:

  2. Wrestling is scripted. However, it is not all faked. Smashing 250-300 pound men onto the mat takes a toll on both parties. The slaps and boot stomps are all faked though.

  3. Your video is misleading, anyone who was at Royal Rumble that year in Fresno would know that Vince slipped outside the ring first then couldn't crawl in the ring after he slipped. The video was spliced and edited by the Editing team. Just a little information for you.

  4. You forgot the time when Stone Cold fell in the shower and had an 18 inch handle of a shower sponge shoved up his ass. Still a bad ass though.

  5. That thing Taker does with his eye's looks like it hurts lol. Wonder if they've ever gotten stuck like that temporarily on him.

  6. Why does everyone think Nash and Vince tearing their quads is funny?? I’d like to see one of you tear your quad and try to stand up! Sure you’d be crying like a bitch!

  7. I'll have to give Vince credit, I tore one of my quads and was unable to do anything but swear for about 10 minutes. It was horrible.

  8. Kevin Nashes quad injury was more embarrassing. He was a middle aged man WALKING across the ring, when he tore his quad and fell screaming like a little bitch. Vince on the other hand, was in his 60's and attempted to slide into the ring (which is actually pretty difficult and requires practice). And he no sold the injury.

  9. Undertakers accident was not embarrassing it has happened to other superstars such as Jeff hardy but Jeff Hardy’s accident was much worse

  10. Randy Orton has a condition that causes his shoulder to more easily dislocate. He once had his should dislocate while taking out his garbage.

  11. Of fuckin course The Undertaker wrestled with 1st & 2nd degree burns. Guys an absolute beast, & total pro to this day despite being 1 of the oldest performers still involved with the WWE. He'll probably be the first guy to compete after legitimately dieing. Raising awareness & becoming a role model for professional zombie wrestlers the world over


  12. Can't forget that infamous Psycho Sid Diving Big Boot injury that saw Sid break his leg. Heh…

    "Alright you invertebrates, I'm gonna teach how to do the sponge…..WELL IF YOU TAKE YOUR LEG AND STICK IT IN THE AIR!!"

  13. May take Undertaker an eternity to get to the ring?? May take you an eternity to get to the damn point!

  14. Dean Ambrose vs Undertaker would have been an amazing angle! Since Taker said taking names and digging holes! Since Ambrose, Rollins, and Reigns did the Shield powerbomb on AJ Styles during the 2016 survior series match

  15. In 2005 royal rumble, John cena's feet hit after so he got screwed kinda like Luke Harper did with aj styles in a battle royal

  16. John cena won because you can see one of his legs landed on Batista then hit tbe ground when both of Batista's legs hit the grong at the same time

  17. Randy ortons injury is more embarrassing than Zane trying to hype the crowd, the undertaker getting burnt lol more than Kevin Nash who by the way injured his self by doing the same thing we all do every day even worst than Vince McMahon 😂😭

  18. In July 1998 Undertaker was at the ring post and Kane's pyro went off. Although Undertaker was alright it was extreme heat in his face. Shawn Michaels was on commentary. And Shawn Michaels was Unde the ring that night too which is an odd coincidence.

  19. That's why Vince is the Boss! Hurt himself and kept the show going. Love you Vince and thank you for all the great wrestling other the years😊👍

  20. I think what actually happened with Vince's quads is he tore his left quad when his leg hit the ring apron and gave his right one a good whack so that when he tried to stand, THAT'S when the right one gave out and tore on him as well.

  21. Vince tore both quads and didn't even sell it……he's gutta be the toughest bastard on the planet. Nash tore one and understandably screamed bloody murder.

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