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hey guys I’m out here chillin with my
family were out here in Phuket in Thailand
everyone’s here and we’re just having a good time enjoying the winter break and
contemplating about 2020 contemplating about the year ahead the new decade were
entering into January the 1st 2019 is when I became active on social media and
now it’s coming up to a year and it’s been a great year and I’ve been thinking
about what I can share with you guys that will be more valuable than anything
you’ve ever found online and I’ve come up with the seven sacrifices you need to
make to be successful these are all things that I’ve been through myself the
issues I’ve overcome I’ve been in the dilemma where I’ve been in that
situation I’ve had to make the sacrifice and make that change and these seven
sacrifices this is my mantra to success and today for the first time ever I’m
sharing it with all of you so all of you can implement them and be successful
yourself in this coming decade so let’s do this guy’s number one sacrifice doubt for belief
successful people they don’t focus on what can go wrong yes they calculate
their risks but overall they’re focused in life on how to make things happen
what can go right we all grew up with preconceived beliefs you know money
doesn’t grow on trees wait till you grow up and start working yourself you find
out how hard it is to earn money it takes blood sweat and tears all of these
things build a little preconceived beliefs about how life is difficult and
how things can’t happen you have to retune your mind retune your belief
system and get those doubts that your friends your family growing up that
they’ve built into you you have to get them out of your life and build up a new
system a system that is based on beliefs understanding there is nothing more
powerful in the world than a human being nothing more powerful than a person
determined to rise wherever your mind can conceive you can achieve number two sacrifice toxic friends for
mentors if you look at successful people one common pattern they have is they
surround themselves with successful people people that can learn from most
of us work with friends who are not necessarily trying to do the same thing
to try to if you want to be successful it’s likely a lot of your friends from
school or from college may not be might not be trying to do the same thing
you’re trying to do and that holds you back so for example you’re trying to
work you’re trying to start a new business you’re trying to progress your
business but your friends they’re calling you let’s go out let’s party
let’s have a night out let’s go drink and now that is all holding you back
when you’re supposed to out there working but said you got friends gonna
pull you back and keep you in their mindset so the reality is you’ve got to
cut those friends you’ve got to surround yourself with like-minded individuals
people you can learn from people will help you grow there every time you meet
them they challenge you when you meet they talk about big things that they’re
doing moves that they’re making you’re learning from them they’re motivating
you to go further so the point is surround yourself with people who are
take you forward in life sacrifice shows for books the knowledge
of the world has been documented within books it’s all written down and it’s
there for the taking pick up a book and learn whatever you
want to know that it’s contained within this world next time you think of doing
a marathon of shows pick up a book instead you can read about anything you
want read about things that will help you on
your journey. if you want to learn about sales, learn about sales
if you want to learn about marketing we about marketing if you want to learn
about fitness whatever it is there is a world of knowledge out there pick up a
book read all successful people are regular readers they are habitual
readers read biographies read about the most successful people in the world
study their journeys how did they get to where they are so much knowledge is
within books we can learn everything we want I didn’t go to university myself
well I went by I never finished it but one thing and tell you is I’m educated
I’m self educated I educated myself on business on business people on the
Great’s of this world I’ve studied them how did they become who they are
what were their daily routines what were the habits that made them successful
sacrifices marathon for reading books point number four sacrifice blame for
responsibility you will only truly become empowered in your life the day
you accept that you and only you are accountable for all of your success and
failures in life we’ve got a habit as human beings we like to blame our past
we want to blame our parents for what they didn’t give us want to blame our
friends about how they held us back want to bring family members we want to blame
our boss we want to blame our colleague everything that happened to us we want
to look around us and plate the finger at someone else and blame somebody else
but anybody successful in this world they understand that the only way you
will ever be successful the first step to being successful is being 100% fully
accountable for your own life something goes wrong in your life you were
supposed to get promotion you didn’t get it you had an exam you failed you can’t
blame your colleague because they got the promotion you can’t blame your
teacher because you failed your exam or you can’t blame your
friend because you were studying enough you have to blame yourself you have to
take full accountability of your life this is something I learned 12 or 13
years ago but the only thing you can control in your life is yourself so you
have to take full accountability of your own life now let’s say for example
there’s often times where genuinely your you are in a situation where things go
wrong because of something else that someone else did to you right but you
can’t even blame that someone in that in that situation because you can’t change
what they’re going to do you can’t change what they did the only thing you
can change is what you do and by changing your action you can maybe
change the reactions that the other person has that makes sense to you think
about that a little bit you can’t change what somebody else is going to do oh the
only thing you can change is your own action and changing your action can
change the reaction that they may have one of the most important steps in being
successful understanding you and you alone are truly responsible for your own
life and the day you understand that you will become empowered you are become
powerful because you know the only you are in control of your destiny and your
future and number five sacrifice complaining for gratitude
before you start your day every morning just count three blessings count three
things union in your life that you are happy about that you are grateful for
and see how that impacts your day see how that impacts your mindset you’ll
start feeling warm and happy inside and make a ritual of it not only every
morning every hour you think of one small thing that you’re grateful for and
you see how it turns around your life completely the more you think positive
the more positivity you’ll attract to your life think of the great things you
have and more great things will come to you number six sacrifice intoxication for
reality build the life of your dreams not a life where you’ve got to escape
through drugs and alcohol to find your happy place
build a life that is your happy place a crucial step in being successful is
accepting the reality of your life and that reality wherever it may be as good
or bad as it may be only you can take charge and build that into something big
build the life of your dreams but to start building those dreams you have to
accept the ground reality you have to accept where you are when you’re
intoxicating yourself you’re not accepting the reality of your life and
you need to accept that reality to move to the next stage in life you do accept
am on ground level I’m a minus one I’m on fifth floor wherever you are in life
well a floor you’re at you need to accept that’s where you are and then
from there decide now I’m gonna build my way up but if you’re intoxicating
yourself when you’re feeling like you’re in a great place after you’re a few
drinks and you’re regularly going to that place and that happy place is
giving you comfort in life it’s gonna hold you back so you’ve got to put that
to the side so you can be in your cold and hard reality accept that reality and
start building up from there we have to face the demons we have to face reality
once we face that reality we can then start building and the final point the
seventh sacrifice is sacrifice overthinking with action successful
people understand that they need to take action don’t sit around and think about
everything that can go wrong successful people understand that failure is a part
of the success journey but you have to take action you have to take the first
step as human beings it’s in our nature we try and count everything that can go
wrong we look at a situation we’re about to take a new step we’re gonna start a
new business or start a new job we’re looking to take a new change in our
career and we’re counting everything that can go wrong we’re making the most
absurd crazy scenarios of how everything could just fall apart and my life could
be in pieces because of this one action are about to take but that’s not what
successful people do successfully understand things can go wrong and
things will go but that is all part of the journey and
every time you fail you learn a little bit you get a little bit better and that
little bit better you get that constant process of failing and getting better
failing and getting better is what makes you into the bear individual into the
bigger person it’s that big vision of you who you want to be the biggest
mistake you can ever make is to not take action
use this take the first step today anybody who implements these seven
things can become successful and will become successful that is my guarantee
let’s take it let’s take twenty twenty let’s make it our year and let’s make it
our decade if you enjoyed this video make sure you comment below and let me
know what you thought but most importantly share it click share share
it with your friends share it with your family members spread the love spread
the motivation let’s take this world

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