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7 Things You Must Avoid When Fighting With Your Beloved

7 Things You Must Avoid When Fighting With Your Beloved

7 Things You Must Avoid When Fighting With
Your Beloved Relationships are great – all these breakfasts
in bed, little romantic adventures and an incredible feeling of unity, right? But on the other side, not everything is always
rainbows and fun. We are all people, and we get angry and frustrated
with one another from time to time. During these moments it can be so easy to
hurt a person with a word or an action. The resentment can linger for much longer
after the fight is over, ruining your relationship, without you even realizing it. So, Bright Side chose seven things you should
never ever do while fighting with your loved ones. Watch our video to find out what little actions
can cause a serious crack in your relationships. I mean, if you already started fighting, it’s
better to do it at least correctly, isn’t it? Let’s get to it! #7. Don’t include other family members in your
fight Sometimes in the heat of the moment, you really
want to have someone by your side, telling you that in this conflict you’re the one,
who’s right, or at least telling you that your partner is totally wrong. So, you call your mom, your sister or any
other family member for support. Well, trust me, that’s not that great of an
idea. Remember, your fight concerns only the two
of you and no one else. By drawing your parents or any other people
into the conflict, you risk turning a regular fallout into a real family mess. After regularly doing so, the first thought
of the chosen family member would be “Oh no, not again, what happened this time?”,
then it will gradually turn into a firm belief that your partner is no good for you, even
if you were fighting over who’s going to wash the dishes today. Even if harmony returns to your relationship,
the other members of the family will most likely remember everything and will use that
against you or your partner when given a chance. So, if you don’t want your family to give
your partner a major side eye at all the future family events, then try to keep these misunderstandings
between the two of you. It’s your relationship after all, and only
you two should figure it out and have a saying in it. #6. Avoid violence
When we get angry, all the ugly traits of our personalities are exposing, including
aggression. It comes from the fact that you start to feel
like words don’t work anymore and you become desperate to make someone agree with you or
accept his or her mistake. Violence can never be good for any relationship,
no matter the circumstances. It’s a line that must not be crossed. Don’t allow yourself or your partner to
use violence, no matter how angry you might be with each other! If you feel like the things are starting to
heat up, just separate and go to different rooms. Seriously, the silence is the best solution
for any conflict. You calm yourself down, think everything through
once again and realize all the mistakes you made during the discussion, and at times even
the stupidity of the whole fight. Getting physical is never the answer, it will
make the complete opposite effect and ruin your relationship once and for all. And for the ones that are in the abusive relationships
right now, even though we hope that there are not that many of you, just leave and never
look back. Unfortunately, it’s most likely that your
partner won’t change. He or she has been using this form of problem-solving
for so long that it became a habit, so it’s completely pointless to think that it will
change. Pack your bags or his or her bags and end
this as soon as you can – it won’t go anywhere, and you deserve way better than that! …Well, that got kind of dark, let’s move
along to our next point! #5. Don’t mix it all up
When you fight with someone, you naturally start to remember every situation in which
he or she did something wrong. Never use it as an argument in your conflict. Yes, it feels acceptable at that moment to
tell your partner that it’s always his or her fault and, by the way, he or she didn’t
even wash a dog yesterday or forgot to clean up last Tuesday, but it will make your conflict
even bigger. You were fighting about one thing, and now,
congratulations, you’re fighting about every single mistake you did this month! What a successful way to solve a problem! But seriously, this type of conflict would
end up getting ugly pretty quick, and leave you two red-faced from constant yelling. Also, your partner may have a logical question:
do I need to continue a relationship in which there are so many demands? If the fight has already started, stick to
the main issue and don’t try to prove your point by bringing up past issues. Who doesn’t make mistakes? The important thing is to learn from them. So, don’t be way too hard on your loved ones,
and don’t make a huge deal out of small and domestic conflicts. #4. Never ever talk about a divorce
Divorce is a complete end of your relationship as a couple, and you shouldn’t bring it up
unless you are 100 percent sure that you really want it and there is no other way left to
save your marriage. You may not realize it now, but when you say
“Let’s divorce” during a fight, this can become the biggest insult ever. These words may hurt the feelings of your
partner really badly. Even if you do not mean it, if you say it
on a regular basis, be prepared that one day your partner will answer “Yes, let’s do
this!”. And what a major oops moment it would be! You may think that by doing it you’ll make
your partner reevaluate once again how important this marriage is to him or her, but instead,
you’ll plant this seed of an idea in his or her head. And the more you will fight, the more your
partner will think of a divorce as a possible option. So, no divorce talks – only a very few and
serious misunderstandings and conflicts do cost a relationship, and yours is most probably
not on this small list. #3. Never leave the house in the middle of the
fight Making a dramatic speech, slamming the doors
and running into the darkness may seem cool in the movies, but in real life, it’s definitely
not a great way to solve the problem. We are all adults here and simply leaving
the house during a fight will only show how uncomfortable you feel staying under the same
roof as your partner. And if after this you go to your parents’
or other family members’ house, it’s even a double trouble! But seriously, this kind of behavior is quite
childish and useless, that will definitely make your partner think twice about your level
of maturity. If you don’t feel like seeing your loved one
right now and want to be alone, just go to the different room and think things through. You will calm down faster than you’d think. And that’s the part when it’s better for you
two to start the simple discussion again, this way as an adult, and cover all of the
possible issues. #2. Do not go to bed separately
Conflicts usually change the daily routine a little bit for some couples – they start
to avoid each other for some time until they cool off and ready to bury the hatchet. And the most common thing among all these
little changes is sleeping separately for one or more nights. However, this is not a good policy to follow
at all! By going to sleep separately, you show that
you are not ready to make up. Something as simple as sleeping together,
even if you’re trying to be as distant from each other as possible, will ease the atmosphere
and quickly resolve the conflict. Yes, you may lay back to back at first, but
in the morning you will wake up in each other’s arms without the tiniest hint of last night’s
fight. And there you go, the fight is over, and you’re
a happy couple straight from a romantic movie all over again! Of course, it doesn’t always work this quickly,
but not to avoid each other is a huge step towards finding the compromise and making
up. #1. Never fight in public
This is the universal rule for any relationship, whether it’s romantic one or not – never
take skeletons out of your closet in public. You will probably agree that seeing a couple,
who yells at each other in a public place, is truly and utterly disgusting. So, if you allow yourself and your partner
to fight in a public place, then, most likely, you do not respect each other or the surrounding
people. In this situation, your conflict becomes ugly
from the beginning, and no matter what you say, you do not appear in a good light both
as your own person and together as a couple. If your partner thinks it’s alright to openly
discuss your mistakes or even calling you names in front of other people, think twice
whether he or she deserves your time and attention. Respect is the core of any relationship, and
we shouldn’t forget about that! Do you have any advice of your own on how
to make any fight a bit more harmless for a relationship? Don’t be shy, share and discuss your opinions
in the comment section below! Don’t forget to hit the like button and share
this video with your partner and your friends! Subscribe to our channel for more videos like
this and remember to always stay on the Bright Side of life. See you soon!

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100 thoughts on “7 Things You Must Avoid When Fighting With Your Beloved

  1. As nice as these are they are not realistic and no one is going to follow them. FYI no one is perfect. Obviously I’m not gonna hurt someone intentionally but accidentally it could happen and people are sensitive. The silent treatment is one of the worst things and should be avoid. Honesty, communication and talking without attacking each other is a must. The number one is respect and without it a relationship will go down hill fast. Stop playing the victim card and learn fast that personal happiness is your job not your spouses. You are there to share a life with them. Not to obsess and be codependent. Choose to be interdependent and you won’t go wrong.

  2. My wife n I have been married for 13 years. We’ve had our ups and downs and fight occasionally. I’ve said hurtful things to her and her to me. I’m in a deep depression atm and we had an argument about 3 weeks ago when she used my mental illness as a weapon. I feel like a worthless human being now. I feel as if she’s been laughing at me all these years. Guess the jokes on me

  3. My husband and I had a disagreement and I get pretty fired up in a short amount of time. I love and respect my husband so I told him I had to be alone. I know I need to cool off. Sometimes I cool off by not talking for a long while so I don't say something I regret. Thing is, he has to drop the subject too. So I feel number 3.

  4. If they have kids they shouldn't fight in front of them because that hurts kids so much and if this happens the parents should explain why they were fighting

  5. When you know the argument/ fight is at the other end then drink a cap full of water with five minutes in mouth!

  6. me: lets watch correct ways of fighting.
    hubby: I'm 100% correct in fighting
    me: the 1st thing is not to tell anyone about our fights
    hubby: then it is not a fight

  7. I looked at the cover. My mom and I are laying in her bed and my parents are fighting so my dad is sleeping on the couch…..

  8. Always listen and talk rather than fight. Fighting verbally is when two people are just talking smack and not hearing the other person.

  9. Obsolete and useless western marital thought…with 90 percent divorce rate.
    The fact is my wife cooks , cleans, wash dishes etc .She knows that its her responsibility and she do it up to perfection. But she has no stress to provide for the family .Outside is my responsibility. I try my best to fulfill all the needs and wishes of my wife and children .Its a relation of love , harmony and mutual respect and going strong in its 17th year.
    These western feminist ideals are only good for creating a slutty and whorish society where both men and women only come together for satisfying their lusts and when the goal is accomplished they abandon their old partners and start search for a new.Some even keep multiple partners simultaneously .

  10. My gf always insult n fight with me in front of public coz she knows I feel shame while fights goes in front of others. So she always take advantages of my weakness. She even slapped me in public bus in front of others. Fights r her food n without fighting her tummy never gets full. So i m tired of my relationship. Now there is no love only fights. She even don't let me breakup but she thinks she is the only superior n don't care what other will say about d fights….

  11. I always told mine that I don't sleep on the couch ever real men don't sleep on the couch period ,ever

  12. Nah, I can't sleep with my boyfriend like that he gon say your sweeping all the problems under the carpet which is true cos sleeping next to each other don't sort the problems…

  13. Never cut the call when opposite is talking… If u Don't want to argue then be silent… But never cut the call…it’s hurt MORE.

  14. So many compromises and adjustments in relationships…..being single is the best! There would be no one to question you for anything and you would also learn to be independent.

  15. Never ignore a fight. Complete the argument/discussion there and there. Or else it all collects and then the one person bursts out at once whcih leads to a huge fight

  16. Number #3 i can not agree sometimes when fight we cant stay together for period times for anger managements.

  17. I'm with my girlfriend Rachel netzel we've been together for almost 6 years now and we've had arguments but they have never gotten to the point where we have fought and I believe the reason for that is because in the beginning of our relationship we took the time to get to know each other very well to the point where we understood each other and understood how to talk to each other and be able to come to an understanding both of us hate yelling screaming and all that stuff so we have found our own way to get around all of it in order to solve our differences

  18. I don't know about this one because it very well could happen to me because of how I would try to resolve a conflict in some cases but what about "withholding intimacy for an extended period of time way beyond the initial fight?"

  19. This vid really helps me ,readn the tips in the comment as well are very helpful since i live with a heart disease lovely husband so everytime in a fight i had to control my nerves..So thanks alot,this will bring 100%change in our home.

  20. I gave my children rules for fighting 1 don't use violence. 2 don't make threats of any kind (violence, divorce, whatever) 3 do not use insults 4 if you are fighting about …the color of his (her) shirt stay with that and don't bring up other problems like things in the past.

  21. Hi everyone I'm Kayla I'm asking a question he had texted me in March he needed a break from one another then last month we got back together again how do I stop him for not telling me I was clingy on him then I was talking with his family and mine

  22. This is unrealistic. Theres way too much toxicity in ppl nowadays for these "correct answers" to actually work. Ppl are good at being manipulative and looking like the victim

  23. Let me just get this clear me and my love wont ever break up. Not even if were arguing. We will communicate and love each other through the food and bas times. Honestly is key.

  24. Thanks for this video because all you showed me is whats going on. Hopefully we still have a chance and if not, at least Im learning from this video!

  25. One time
    my mom threathened me to break down my door and all happened because I looked at my phone at 8pm Ofcourse i said no!

  26. So what would I do if I came inside to my house to say hello to my girlfriend and I see and hear her texting a fake scammer man on facebook or online dating what should I do

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