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Khabib has put yet another spectacular
victory under his belt, but as always people are not only talking about the
amazing fight, but also what happened afterwards as well. Here are the top eight moments that Habib won the hearts of the people Number one: Suggesting the next fight to be in Africa purely for charity reasons,
and taking a subtle jibe at racism. I really wanna fight in Africa too.
They can build like this arena somewhere like Congo, Nigeria like
Somalia, Sudan whatever you know. Fight there make money and do some charity stuff. Number two: His advice to his young fans about parents, at a time when, let’s
face it they don’t get that much respect. What’s your message for your young fans
out there who look up to you so much? Young fans… respect your parents. Be (with) your parents very close this is very important. Parents (are) everything you know,
your mother your father. And that’s it and everything in your
life is gonna be good. Number three: Preaching against
materialism, in an age and an industry where it’s being promoted heavily. If you have money in your hand this is very good, but if money go you in your mind
this is very bad. Number four: Swapping shirts for charity which then encouraged the president of the UFC to match his donation. I just changed with him t-shirt because I feel we can use this platform- octagon and I feel I can
sell these t-shirts and make more than money if he sell because I have more
follower than him. Now that I’m thinking about it, I’ll match whatever Habib does. Number five: Not forgetting to encourage the younger fighters out there. Khabib: Future champ
Islam Makhachev: Thank you, thank you brother. Number six: Thanking and appreciating the elders and the people that helped you, at a time when all eyes are on you
and your ego is the most inflated I want to say thank you for my father.
Come here coach. I have my coach here: Xavier Mendes. I have my brothers everybody like we’re born together you know, like
grew up, like everything what I have, like I have because of my team my father, my
sparring partners, brothers Islam, Zubaira everybody here like Abu Bakr, Umar, everyone if I forget somebody sorry guys, my uncles I’m sure he remembered the statement of the prophet (salallahu alayhi wasalam) when he said “he who does
not thank the people has no thanked Allah”. Number seven: Completely and utterly out
classing your opponent. He (Poirier) went back to the corner and said I can’t keep this ****ing guy off me And err, then he came up to me after and said I wasn’t prepared for the- this type of pressure this guy puts on you. Number eight: when his opponent was in tears rather than rubbing it in, he showed class and humility I was just so prepared you know for
tonight, this one really hurts. Imagine the mockery of Conor and his
fans if Habib was in tears. Those were my top eight moments let me know in the comments below what you guys thought and is there a moment that I’ve missed? And if you guys want to be like Habib be like the one who Habib respects, which
is Allah and His Prophet (peace be upon him) until next time guys… congratulations
on your second successful title defense how do you feel sir? Alhamdulillah Asalaamu Alaikum

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  2. Every body is glorying khabib and placing him as a muslims idol but everybody has forgotten that kicking people and gambling are two big sins in the islamic religion.

  3. You are talking about Jannah, and showing half naked men. Don't you know that it is not allowed in Islam to fight like these people? Which Jannah you are talking about? Fear of Allah and stop this things, do something useful for your akhira. If you can't stop doing this stupid stuff, at least don't talk from Islam. Islam never support this violant actions.

  4. im sorry bro khabib. .now i realize that a true humble and kind person makes more bless. .sorry so much bro bcos last time i really hated u bcoz for conor but now thank u for insperation bro..

  5. Khabib is the greatest most humble amazing fighter to ever fight in a ring. He’s a true hero straight up man I look up to him

  6. You IDIOT
    I am going to PULL you infront of Allah on day of ressurection inshaallah and then ask you infront of Allah
    I warned you
    Especially with Sunnah beard on your face you make me angry
    Just making money ,showing the " sleeping sheep " what they want to watch

  7. Making mockery of the Deen
    Doesn't matter if you delete my comments
    Allah knows what I said to you and I will meet you infront of Allah (swt)
    You deceiver of people
    Shame on you
    Your brothers and sisters suffering all over and you interested in making money through trash videos

  8. True great fighter, great role model. He didn't completely outclass Poirier. Poirier had his moments with his striking and a guillotine attempt

  9. You missed the moment when Khabib's Father wipe Khabib face with his T-Shirt. MasyaAllah come on guys its just too adorable for me to handle, his father treats him like he's still his little baby.

  10. Khabib Sir, you are the inspiration for many people around the world. The truly best in the world Khabib Nurmagomedov💪
    Love you Sir ❤

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