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8 BRUTAL Liver Kick Set Ups – How To Set Up A Liver Kick

8 BRUTAL Liver Kick Set Ups – How To Set Up A Liver Kick

Hi folks, welcome back to the channel today we’ll be doing Liver kicks! A bunch of different set ups for liver kicks. I think we have like eight or nine. I If you like these videos consider hitting subscribe to get all the new tips techniques and tactics and they like the video Give me a thumbs up. Please. Feel free to share these and your training partner So you can actually practice these and incorporate them into your training the most basic liver kick setups. then go to more advanced ones Most Common one you’re gonna see things everyone knows it’s one that’s worth showing is very dominant works Very well. So have your partner with the hands up you throw the 1-2 – the guard tends to come up and start forming the Guard tends to come up that come a lot of people when they’re going across Across any place they’ll kind of turn their body to catch that cross on their forearm Casey’s guard opens up a little bit here. – from there, Switch Kick Get you underneath the elbow. Especially if they have a higher guard a lot Dutch kick box with other elbows tight They have a high regard up here protecting their head The one two liver would be one of first things you learn super effective You can also do it yourself. Once you step quick cross. Oh This one’s gonna be just off the jab but we’re not gonna be these our jab as a jab to land He’s got a tight guard here. I’ gonna use my jab to push as I throw that pushing jab, I’m gonna step my right foot up from here What you don’t know, thank you This one might not be something you do at the beginning of a fight when your coin is branch that has a lot of energy Is very good in their stance, lets people get tired and have honest experienced person in the movie needs you to push letter Then exclusively one, two, three, one two Stacey’s walking using my hook. Dr. Chu this body especially those elbows coming out here I can you guys had a believer to church body you sit here from here I lift up and turn this is noise switch kick This is a Luis and turning kick some kids covered up one cheese walking the hook. I’m sure and I’m gonna check for me So your basic punch combinations one two, and three you suddenly better take Next one we’re dudes use a little bit of a fake against oil off the hook here hook no species bring us up on high stupids chin down low the Linebacker kick instead, okay Again if some switches you got to step in picture If you do the switch take your video a little bit more power that takes a little longer You don’t really need a lot of hot. You can drive those small ribs up into the liver fast You don’t even wanna see your bar diversify itself from here. Once I’ve worked in some weight case to liver kicks very easy Combination a very calming combination is to throw your one to the inside leg. Kick. I think it’ll go fast A lot of times people’s hands and come out a little bit. They’re a little bit less defended up here I threw my wine the way That’s a lot. It’s very important to commit this too much of a slight kick. I’m doing bitch here I’m gonna stretch my stance which we’ll get into in a minute, but right now a lot of our speed so it’s one two May I’m keeping my posture here. I bring my foot back down and push off Using the same idea now I go a little harder on anything it wants to I’m going to step out And put my right hand over whether it’s a jab or a hook when I’m framing. It doesn’t really matter I’m just trying to get his attention up high so I can simply with the left leg. I’m basically tree So call it just election at the end. So a little bit more power on One shoe step. Oh great Take it. Did you watch john? Myrkle cro cop use the soap off later Everyone was scared of this head shake CD blossom and takes all day. Those times would come up And you stakes are high and goes down But what I said as soon as you see that elbow leave the ribs is wide open you can also do it but Morgan talks to you There’s blood This was a bit more advanced it’s a little harder to do It’s basically you have something covering up high you’d be doing seen that it’s kind of a big day to the liver trick So I’ll show you the feedback first first jab cross As I pull my hook, I’m sipping my left foot across I’m eating my fuel towards my partner from you guys drop my Hill down and spin you back fist Okay, I think you have a good style as opposed to thumb up teach their own I just find a little bit more pop male 1 2 I scan Smokey’s his elbows up. So it was blocking and this punch is coming around I see he’s blocking that I can read my shoe off and you deliver it All kind of hands on I have fairly short breaks So if I’m throwing a punch, I’m usually pretty good range it over kids if you have longer legs This one might not need for you. So little bit faster. Once you step on the hook. Boom That’s it. That’s I think eight or nine different ways to kick someone water Folks thanks for watching hit subscribe If you want to get more videos if you want to watch another video click on the rate And I’ll see you all next video. Thanks for watching

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