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86033 – Kayenta, Arizona – EPISODE 01

86033 – Kayenta, Arizona – EPISODE 01

WILLIAM WAYNE PRODUCTIONS *”Money Boat” by JTM* *door knock* THUG: I got it. Yes? *punch* My nose! *cough* ERIC: Okay! Okay, you win. Who are you and what do you want? ASSASSIN: Who I am is on a need-to-know basis. I am here because I have received intel that you and your… …”gang”… …knows where this man lives. ERIC: I don’t know who that man is *sigh* I am pretty sure that the rest of the Kayenta Trimesters don’t know either. ASSASSIN: Wait, wait. The…the who know? ERIC: The Kayenta Trimesters. ASSASSIN: The Kayenta Trimesters? ERIC: Sounds like a pretty cool name, right? ASSASSIN: No. It…it sounds like a pregnancy assistance program. ERIC: Just let it seeking it for a moment. ASSASSIN: Do you even know what trimester means? ERIC: Not really. ASSASSIN: Just… never mind, never mind. Do you know anyone that might know? ERIC: What trimester means? I don’t know, Eminem? ASSASSIN: No, you moron! I’m talking about the residence location of Joseph Brown. ERIC: Well… Brandon might know. ASSASSIN: Brandon Begay? ERIC: Yeah. ASSASSIN: Where is he right now? ERIC: Do I look like freaking stalk guys to you!?! *sigh* ASSASSIN: You run a wanna-be gang called the Kayenta Trimesters. I don’t know what to expect at this point. ERIC: Who are you calling a wanna-be? You like a wanna-be John Wick. ASSASSIN: You watch yourself. I’m dangerous, you know. I’m a highly trained assassin for the Munkad organization. *Chuckle* ERIC: The Munka? ASSASSIN: That’s all you need to know. Just be lucky I haven’t killed you yet. ERIC: You’re just a wanna-be. I bet you don’t have the guts to kill me. *”Money Boat” by JTM* NOLAN: Look at this doooode! It’s Brandon’s rezmutt right here. WAYLAND: Isz it? It’s all Ma’ii. NOLAN: Yeah. NOLAN: You better watch out, Thomas. WAYLAND: Yeah. NOLAN: You gonna go run for your mom? WAYLAND: No, heard she was at the casino. NOLAN: Again?!? THOMAS: Whatever. WAYLAND: What about his dad? NOLAN: His dad? WAYLAND: Wait. Isn’t he… …Isn’t he… … BOTH: Dead!? WAYLAND: This ma’ii has some fight in him, dude. THOMAS: If you guys wanna start something, then start something. NOLAN: Okay, okay. I don’t want to hurt you too much, but Brandon says he needs you so… Get this fool! Skin him! Skin him! THOMAS: Is this all you got? NOLAN: After him! Go! Go! Go! Go! Skin him! NOLAN: Let him go, let him go. Brandon will deal with him. WAYLAND: Where’s Brandon anyway? *Spit* NOLAN: I don’t know. Maybe getting high or something. WAYLAND: We shouldn’t tell them about this. NOLAN: We should! Cuz if we tell him, there will be consequences. * “Fall of the Leaf” by Vindsvept * THOMAS: Joseph! Joseph! JOSEPH: “Billie Jean…” “…not my lover…” “…she’s just a girl…” “…she knows I am the one.” THOMAS: What are you doing? *Scream ‘n’ punch* JOSEPH: Sorry! Are you okay? C’mon I didn’t hit you that hard. Daryl, shut up! Stinkin’ wimp! THOMAS: Ah, yeah man. Just hit my bruise. JOSEPH: So, who beat you up this time? THOMAS: Brandon. JOSEPH: Not gonna lie… I don’t like that Brandon kid. He’s a little suss if you ask me. Get up. THOMAS: So what’s all this? JOSEPH: Well, it was my homemade antiproton collider. and it was powered by your father’s modified uranium isotopes. But, sadly, Now, it’s just a bunch of pipes, metal, and a lawnmower. …and buckets. THOMAS: So, why are you taking it apart, then? JOSEPH: So, well, you see Thomas, when this thing is running, it emits deadly radiation pulses, much similar to a hearbeat, and it could kill us all. THOMAS: So, my father was right? JOSEPH: Well, yeah… basically. Antimatter is unreliable, inefficient, and it’s way too risky. So, you got that? THOMAS: I got that but… Where are all the anti-particles? JOSEPH: Ah, don’t worry. They’ll be annihilated in a few weeks I hope. THOMAS: I hope? What do you mean by “I hope”? JOSEPH: Well, you see… They’re in the shed. And… they may or may not explode in the next couple of minutes, days. I put them on some sort of device and it helps it keeps it stable but I don’t know if that’ll last. THOMAS: But what about the uranium? JOSEPH: Well… I was kinda hoping you would bury it somewhere. THOMAS: Are you serious? JOSEPH: Uh-huh. THOMAS: So you want me to go bury a bunch of dangerous radioactive uranium? JOSEPH: Uh-huh. THOMAS: Do you know how dangerous radiation is? JOSEPH: Uh-huh. THOMAS: Dang it, Joseph! I hate you. JOSEPH: Well, thank you, Thomas. THOMAS: You owe me, Joseph. Whoa! What is this? JOSEPH: Modified uranium isotopes, Duh. THOMAS: Alright. Can I get a ride home? BRANDON: Where’d you find this crap? NOLAN: Cortez. This is all I could find. BRANDON: Tastes like dog dookey. Wait! Someone’s here. NOLAN: Isz it? BRANDON: Who you supposed to be? ASSASSIN: That’s on a need-to-know basis. BRANDON: Tell me what you want before things get violent. ASSASSIN: Well… could you please tell me where does Mr. Joseph Brown live? BRANDON: What the. ASSASSIN: It’s a simple question. BRANDON: Why would I know where he lives? ASSASSIN: Because, Brandon… You know where everybody lives. BRANDON: How do you even know my name? ASSASSIN: I know many things, but, I must acquire Joseph Brown’s residence location. BRANDON: But, you know what happens when people mess with me, right? *sigh* ASSASSIN: I tried asking nicely. But, it looks like… I’mma have to do this the hard way. *Chuckle* *laughter* BRANDON: You!?! …with your puny arms!?! *more laughter* Brandon! I got him, go! BRANDON: This is why people don’t mess with me! ASSASSIN: You know, I figured that someone who has the guts to make fun of a guy with no father, despite not having a father himself, would be much more of a challenge. BRANDON: You some sort of stalker or
something? ASSASSIN: No. I’m a mercenary on a mission. BRANDON: What do you want from me? ASSASSIN: I want to know Mr. Joseph Brown lives! Tell me! before things get violent. *STAY FOR THE POST-CREDITS SCENE!* HOOD: Supreme leader, the source to these radiation pulses could be the key to our success, the key to Project Renaissance. SUPREME LEADER: Get to the point. HOOD: Right, right, right, right. I don’t think the asset you’ve put under my
oversight is quite suited for what I’m trying to accomplish. SUPRME LEADER: Elaborate, please. HOOD: Ezra. he’s… he’s clumsy, he’s uncoordinated, he’s inefficient, and… he’s not intimidating. SUPREME LEADER: Your little 86033 mission is not a top concern to me right now I sent you what is available. Now, show me some results, or your little interests in Kyenta, Arizona… will be terminated. HOOD: Yes, my lord. SUPREME LEADER: Hail Munkad! HOOD: Hail Munkad. *SUBSCRIBE!*

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