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911 calls released in fatal construction accident

911 calls released in fatal construction accident

well tonight we are getting a better idea of what happened when two construction workers fell to their deaths on the job for the first time we’re hearing the 911 from late August just moments after the incident and new 6s Vanessa Araiza is live at the construction site which is the future JW Marriott near banach Crete Resort and Vanessa it’s been almost two months now is that investigation wrapped up it still continues ginger within the past couple of hours I spoke with an OSHA representative and they tell me that that investigation is still underway now since this hat incident happened back in late August I’ve been checking in with OSHA to see if there’s any information that they can release they can’t telling me because it’s an under investigation they can’t give us any information but we have seen that work has continued and picked back up here at the construction site in fact it started on September 4th I spoke with the fiance of one man who was killed here and she tells me this was one of his biggest fears falling from a sight and she says in fact he had dreams about it just weeks prior to his death he had about a hundred yards left and he was done this was the job 46 year old Jerry Bell was working the morning of his death he and about 25 other workers were seven stories high of the future JW Marriott hotel when the floor below them gave way Belle’s fiance Cathy spoke with us from South Florida this counseling wasn’t heavier strong enough for the concrete and concrete the scaffolding collects moments after the collapse 9-1-1 calls flooded the dispatch center and what is the approximate distance from the ground that a first second third floor is 16 stories and then you got 10 or after that are 10 stores 10 foot after that so 4858 68 70 80 one worker was still on the seventh floor when he called dispatch how many people are hurt I have no idea we’re all trying to get off the deck right now Bell and 34 year-old Lorenzo sivaiah fell to their death Bell’s fiance says this was one his worst fears about weeks before he passed he told me two other friends that he was dreaming having dreams of falling in wait waking up before he hit the ground we have asked OSHA and the construction company if safety harnesses were and are provided however we have only been told that this case remains under investigation and nothing more will be released until the investigation is complete and Belle’s fiancee who you heard there tells me that she has obtained an attorney and they plan to go after the company that Belle works for because she says they simply did not provide a harness for her fiance now we have again asked OSHA and the construction company if they could confirm or deny whether or not their employees were given harnesses once again they tell us that because this is under investigation they can’t release any further details now there was also a third man who hung for dear life he almost fell to his death he was in that incident report you’re gonna hear more about that coming up tonight at 7 o’clock ginger Vanessa arise reporting live for us Vanessa thank you

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