A.C.E || Intro (Music Video) || 2017 || Verbalord Music

It’s kinda like intro verse of an introvert It’s kinda like intro verse of an introvert Now fuck it when I come up
I just bang em up Hang em up
End em all the games that they’re playing Mo-fuckers
Kush suckers
I’m reppin the damn D-E-H-R-A-D-U-N See you ain’t Never witnessed a thirsty wordsmith cursed with perky flow An archaeo-logist
Of hip hop Chip off the old block
Like my father was tupac You dogs just bark
And I believe that I ain’t leaving this shit till am dead Heart is blue head is red
So better pick up your pad and pen and scribble same rhymes Multiple times
One syllable minds Visions are blind
Still trying climb Fuck it that’s fine You go do yours
I’mma do mine Like I do it I’m chewing the beat
And spewing the heat I knew I was sick since I was a kid
I wasn’t kiddin about this dream I’mma live it or leave it
That’s the motherfuckin thing I know Cuz I don’t know and don’t understand
anything except this rap If you wanna fuck with me
I don’t give a damn Give a damn mic
And i’mma be killing it Filling it with venom and rage Venomous ace killing the game Feeling insane willing to bang
These fuckin lame ass rappers Cuz I am dangerous lyricist
illest and intricate realest men feeling this other’s just bitchin
behind the bricks I mean pricks Get away from my way dawg Or else you gon’ pay dawg

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