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A Complete History of the UFC Welterweight Rankings

A Complete History of the UFC Welterweight Rankings

These are today’s UFC welterweight
rankings. Today we’re gonna go on a little bit of a time-traveling trip back
to the year 2013 when the UFC rankings started. We’re gonna see what the Welterweight division looked like back then and how its transformed since. So let’s go
back. This is 2013. February 2013 to be exact. And this is what the welterweight
rankings look like. UFC 158 was the first big event for welterweights that year.
Three big fights took place Johny Hendricks defeating Carlos Condit and
Jake Ellenberger defeating Nate Marquardt. Neither of those fights
affected the rankings but George St. Pierre did defeat Nick Diaz bumping Diaz
out of the top five of the welterweight rankings. Rory MacDonald bumped up
to third and Jake Ellenberger slipped into the fourth spot and
speaking of MacDonald and Ellenberger they fought a bit later in the year with
MacDonald defeating Ellenberger in an incredibly boring fight Ellenberger
you’re now in fifth. Carlos Condit defeated Martin Kampmann but that didn’t
affect the rankings at all. Jake Shields defeated Demian Maia which means that
Maia goes down and Shields never actually made it to the top five. Lawler
defeated MacDonald bumping Lawler out from nowhere it was a shocking win
especially against MacDonald, a big up-and-comer so Robbie Lawler was
slotted into third. And then George St. Pierre defeated Johny Hendricks and one
of the most controversial decisions in UFC history so Georges St. Pierre stayed
put. Not for long though as he soon vacated the welterweight title
leaving the division to look like this at the end of 2013. In 2014 MacDonald defeated Maia but
nothing changed. Johny Hendricks though defeated Robbie Lawler to win the UFC
Welterweight Championship, and Tyron Woodley defeated Carlos Condit bumping him up to
the Top 5. Robbie Lawler after that loss went on a tear defeating
Jake Ellenberger which bumped Ellenberger off of the top 5. Rory
MacDonald defeated Tyron Woodley, a new edition to the top 5 so that bumped
Woodley down below Carlos Condit. Robbie Lawler now in his third fight of the
year defeats Matt Brown keeps his spot at number one. Tyron Woodley then defeated
Dong-Hyun Kim which moved him ahead of Carlos Condit who he had beaten already
earlier in the year. then Rory MacDonald defeated Tarec Saffiedine. Didn’t do much for his ranking. Robbie Lawler defeats Johny Hendricks
his fourth fight of the calendar year and he finally wins the championship. And
this is the end of 2014, this is how the welterweight division looked. Now I’m
gonna warn you before you go any further in the video. 2015 is possibly the most
god-awful year for the top of the welterweight division. It’s gonna get
ugly. You’re gonna see no movement and it’s just not very good. You’ll
see what I mean. Hector Lombard gets a win against Josh Burkman. Into the
top five, but not too soon. Hector Lombard unfortunately he fails a drug test and
is booted off the top five. Matt Brown back up and nothing has changed at the
top of the division. Tyron Woodley defeats Kelvin Gastelum. Nothing changes. How
about Johny Hendricks defeats Matt Brown. Nothing changes. Alright let’s throw in
Carlos Condit defeating Thiago Alves. Oh nothing changes. Well we got a
championship fight between Robbie Lawler and MacDonald. Amazing fight. Nothing
changes though. Matt Browns defeats Tim Means. Nothing changes.
Finally something changes and it’s Johny Hendricks missing weight so the most
significant move in the welterweight division in 2015 is Johny Hendricks
missing weight. Luckily Demian Maia defeats Gunnar
Nelson, bumps Matt Brown out of the top five and that is your 2015. We had some
amazing fights but not a lot of movement in the division. Nothing really changed.
Robbie Lawler puts on a fight of the year, another one, this time against
Carlos Condit. Nobody moves though Nothing changes but that won’t last long
as this year is different. Stephen Thompson defeats Johny Hendricks in a
sensational performance bumping himself all the way up to third.
Hendricks to fifth and Maia off the top five. Tyron Woodley’s just a little too
inactive so Stephen Thompson gets a bump above him, but don’t worry Woodley your
time will come. Demian Maia defeats Matt Brown bumping
him ahead of both Johny Hendricks and Carlos Condit into fourth. Demian Maia
maybe going on a little bit of a run. And Stephen Thompson defeats Rory MacDonald
to secure that #1 position. He now is in line for a title shot but wait, Tyron
Woodley shockingly defeats Robbie Lawler with the first-round knockout and is now
your champion, bumping everybody else down one spot. And then an even bigger
shocker Rory MacDonald is released. Demian Maia, Carlos Condit and Kelvin
Gastelum make it to the top five. And then Gastelum blows it.
He misses wait against Donald Cerrone, that fight is canceled and Cerrone gets
bumped up to the top five. Woodley and Thompson have not that great
of a fight, a draw, and Thompson gets the #1 position because of it, and at the
end of 2016 this is how things look. And since we just went through 2017 it’s
fresh in everybody’s minds, this is going to be just a quick
recap of what the division went through in 2017. Qe saw Jorge Masvidal entering
the top five with a win over Donald Cerrone, then a random shuffle in the
rankings put Neil Magny ahead of Masvidal, but don’t worry Masvidal,
another random shuffle in the rankings put you right back at number five. Then
Demian Maia defeats Jorge Masvidal, Masvidal stays in the top five but
Maia moves up to #1. Carlos Condit’s a little too inactive this year
and he drops out of the rankings. Neil Magny gets bumped up to number five but
not for long as Carlos Condit gets above Magny with another random shuffle Demian
Maia loses to Tyron Woodley, back down to third place and Thompson again is number
one contender. And Rafael dos Anjos defeats Neil Magny, gets himself a spot
in the top five. And the biggest shocker Colby Covington defeats Demian Maia. Maia, down to fitth, Colby Covington from nothing to third and then Jorge Masvidal loses to Steven Thompson. Rafael dos Anjos coming off a hot
win gets bumped up to fourth and then RDA defeating Robbie Lawler the former
champion gets RDA to second. So a crazy 2017 for the welterweight division. RDA
and Covington claiming their spots in the top five and there you have it that
is the UFC welterweight rankings throughout its entire history. And I know
it’s only four or five years but it’s interesting to see how much has changed. Demian Maia being the only person to still be in the top 10 from 2013 to 2018
and he never fell off. So Demian Maia a true great Welterweight. Again thanks for
watching this video. Recommend to me the next video that you want to see. I have
some ideas for some great ranking videos, trying to figure out which division to
tackle next. If you can leave a comment down below I’ll probably pick whichever
division that you guys suggest next. Qell thank you for watching this video. I had
a lot of fun doing it and I will see you next time. So squeaky. Just one more thing I want to leave you with something a little bit fun. I’m going to have the
names of every single person that has ranked in the top 10 of the UFC
welterweight division and beside them the number of their highest ranked spots,
so you’ll get to see where some of your favorite fighters kind of topped out. So
there you go. Here we go

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100 thoughts on “A Complete History of the UFC Welterweight Rankings

  1. "I see stiffness in the rankings of the welterweight division, its like the numbers are stuck in the mud almost" -2015

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  7. The ranking system is kind of messed up… RDA used to be a featherweight and is now #2 in the welterweight division…. like wtf? Plus Lawler had a broken bone when he fought RDA

  8. I just don't get how everybody thinks that Woodley/Thompson I and II are THAT different. There were few flashes of excitement, but all around it was pretty boring on both occasions.

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  14. Condit ranked Higher than 2, He won the interim title against Nick Diaz. So technically your wrong on that one

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    C. GSP
    1. Robbie Lawler
    2.Johnny Hendrix
    3. Rory Macdonald
    4. Tyrone Woodley
    5.Carlos Condit
    6. Matt Brown
    7. Stephen Tompson
    8.Damien Maia
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