A.J. Styles Injured at TLC, Sting vs Undertaker? | Wrestling Report

What’s up everyone? My name is John, and this is the Wrestling
Report. First up, we have some news about Randy Orton
and Bray Wyatt’s next feud. At TLC, Orton and Wyatt defeated Heath Slater
and Rhyno to win the Smackdown tag team championships, which is Bray’s first championship ever. Of course, Slater and Rhyno will get their
rematch, and that rematch will be on Smackdown Live, and The Wyatt Family will defend their
tag team championships against American Alpha. And this title defense will take place at
the Royal Rumble. Next up, we’ve some news regarding Sting
returning to in ring competition. So it’s been reported since Sting’s neck
injury and post retirement that he has had thoughts of getting back in the ring. He still has not gone through with getting
the surgery he needs for his neck, as he said that would put an end to his wrestling career. The one thing he is holding out for is a match
with The Undertaker, but in his most recent interview he said that at this point he doesn’t
know if he’ll return. I’m sure Vince really wants that match between
John Cena and Undertaker, but it might actually be better to replace him Cena with Sting. With rumors of Cena possibly backing out of
doing the match with Taker at Mania, Sting is the perfect replacement. Finally, we have some rumors about a possible
injury at TLC. After the main event, in which AJ Styles retained
the WWE World championship, it was reported that Styles collapsed after the cameras cut
off. Medical personnel went to check on AJ, and
it looks as though he was trying to move his right foot. He was able to walk out of the building on
his own two feet, but he was limping. WWE have not confirmed any of these rumors,
and this could just be a minor injury. And this has been the Wrestling Report. I hope you’re all having a great Monday;
thank you so much for watching Wrestling Hub, and I’ll see you tomorrow with more wrestling

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