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A Look Inside the TEAM ALPHA MALE GYM – Sacramento (ENG Sub)

A Look Inside the TEAM ALPHA MALE GYM – Sacramento (ENG Sub)

Now I am still in California, in the north, in Sacramento. where there is another famous gym Team Alpha Male which was founded in
2004 by Urijah Faber and which is the base of young talents fighting all around the world but mainly in UFC. Such big names as of course Urijah Faber, Chad Mendez, T.J. Dillashaw, Page VanZant, and another big names. Cody Garbrandt, the current UFC champion. They all are from this gym, they came here through this door and got out as champions. So, now let´s see how it looks like inside. I am curious myself who is here and who we can see today. So, I´m gonna show you here, the gym is one big hall as you can see behind me. There is the classic zone with bags for
stand-up training. They practice boxing and kick-boxing here. At the back,
you can see cardio zone. Here´s the entrance, bar,
reception. There are pictures everywhere… you can´t probably see Paige VanZant. …famous…
She´s not here today, unfortunately. The pictures of Urijah Faber everywhere, as he´s the boss. The training is now underway and today´s the day of MMA session, so there´s a lot of people here. I don´t know if I have ever seen so many people trainig all at once
at one gym. Here´s the area for
training zen, jiu-jitsu, wrestling or sparring. Now you can see MMA sparring. I noticed…that this gym is
quite simple, there´s no cage here, there´s no expanders. They improvise with various equipments which are not usually used for this. For example,
instead of expanders they use hand bandages. So it´s really interested that this gym isn´t so extra equipped, There´s a boxe ring here
in the middle, but that´s all. So, you can see that even in such
simple conditions it´s possible to become a champion. I personally expected that this gym would be far more equipped with a lot of money “spinning around”, but it´s the common gym as the same as we have in Slovakia or in Czech republic a lot. Today the training session is led by Justin Buchholz, who is the famous UFC fighter and I was told that
only UFC staff can shoot here, so we were quite lucky. Ok, that was Team Alpha Male gym, an unbelievable experience again. It´s really nice here, you can feel a strong team spirit. They pride themselves much on being one team,
helping and supporting each other. You can see that even in humble conditions, – in America they
are humble – it´s possible to build a successful team, successful gym and to raise champions. This gym is propably the best example and a big inspiration for everyone who wants to “conquer” MMA that limits are only in their heads and it´s only up to you. So, it was a great experience. Team Alpha Male gym. See you next time at another gym.

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