A vingança de Jones | Jones’s Revenge (with English subtitles)

Jones’s Revenge. As you know the UFC 151 was canceled thanks to Jones for ducks Sonnen. No champion or headliner in UFC history has ever refused a fight before that was the most selfish thing I’ve seen in my life. And Jones, you sir, are a braggart. Thanks to you,the others fighters will not receive their payment and children will die of starvation. Now go home and think about what you did. EVERYBODY HATES YOU! selfish… Vrom, vrom… Cool, I will go back there more times! There’s only one thing I can do… I will call a press conference to assume my mistakes and ask forgiveness You will not do that, boy. Who’s there? Now listen to me carefully, Jon. It’s all Dana’s fault. He put everyone against you You must get revenge. And I know exactly how to do this. Listen carefully, just go home and… (whispering) Are you sure? this will not be too much? Just do it! But… Got it, i will have my revenge. (jones_needyboy10inches) (Unfollow)

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