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ABLE 2.0 Trailer

ABLE 2.0 Trailer

A lot of what’s going into ABLE 2.0 – the DNA – is what the users have expressed that they want, so I don’t
think it can help but be a better experience. There are gonna be a lot of
new features in ABLE that I think folks get really excited about. One of the
biggest pieces of feedback that we got was making notes a little more friendly,
so that you can edit them, you can delete them, you can update them. The API is
going to be a big piece of what makes ABLE better, just in its ability to
connect to other systems that have an API. One of the biggest changes that’s
happening in Thought Leadership is you are gonna be able to send those
Thought Leadership messages from your own email address. My goal for version
2.0 would be for the transition to just be easy. When we were designing the
updates, we wanted it to be something where there weren’t so many reworks of
existing portions of the system that a user couldn’t just log in and use it.
With some of the materials that we’ll put out when version 2.0 goes live, it is
definitely going to be something that you’ll be able to log in and use. We
spent a lot of time taking a look at the pieces that we already had and
identifying ways that we could make them better. The user interface changes that
we’ve made are going to make a big impact just on how much easier it is to
look at, how much easier it is to find things, and just being easier to use in
general. The amount of attention to detail on the little things, like how
many clicks does it take to accomplish a task, has been extraordinary, and I think the users are really going to get a kick out of using what I think is an even more seamless product.

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