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Aboriginal Hawk Talk Live – Q&A w/ Imam OG

Aboriginal Hawk Talk Live – Q&A w/ Imam OG

yo oh you know copyright strikes on our
tests this is just a tip you just trying to figure out how to work this so we
could be going left little no sellout because you know they are they kicked me
off the IG supposed to be doing IG talk talk live we don’t talking about what up
Jersey so we was live on the all o IG but they kicked this out speech to the
tribes I’m just trying to figure out how to work all this shit you don’t wanna
say what up you already know what it is born free being Hawking you know some
understand how you work this shit you know it’s on what’s going on yeah man they kicked me
off the IG man I supposed to be going live on nursery everybody could tap in
see some glasses so everybody could step in and you know build on what they want
to build in build on love Helen peace and blessing so I just wanted to tap in
on her mind you know and I act with everybody man keep it 1,000 come on yeah
Weezy what Weezy said okay my model red is all that y’all hit that like button
man could we’re gonna be doing this hopefully I could get uh I could get
back on IG follow me in Instagram underscore excuse me Instagram you mom
on the squad old G you know something about you already know what it is
brother yeah we lied man you see we won’t have
no topic I’ll just no I’m saying getting everything figured out
seeing how what options I got on here come on what I could do with you so do
you want us peace to the tribe so charity piece to the tribe yeah you
know some up I’m assuming thing on let me what up carry bag peace peace of
blessing i’ma see if they let me get back on back
on the hygiene because because I really wanted to I’d you I really wanted to IG
going you know I’m saying so that everybody could be able to tap in you
know meaning to speak their mind you know for everybody that I’d like to
comment and you know don’t be want to show they face you know I’m from a place
where we don’t throw rocks in hot our hands so we take it to IG lie with notes
on about and then that way they could tap in on the line you know even if you
disagree with me tough that’s 1,000 I ain’t mad at you you disagree with me
just to buy some evidence I’m gonna come out and then we gonna get into it what
up Detroit teach to Detroit you already know how they Rock oh you know what born free on that
Underground Railroad I just found out I’m researching right now on on the New
York on the New York conductors as they call them but you know it’s getting it
to some whole other deep shit man that it’s gonna I’m gonna have to really
break it down on the video I should be looking over here stuff yeah so you owe that i’m azeez video man if y’all
haven’t checked it out check out that of the Moors at Ripley
video I just uploaded it’s a real heartbreaker see I want to go on YouTube what up Jo
peace to the tribe you already know what it is man we just tapping in with
everybody you know then then you know we we saw that we won’t hunt it man this
100% agent three TV well had no subject tonight you know this just a test cuz I
was doing Hawk talk live on IG as promised IG you know then it wasn’t
rocking with with them high frequencies so we’re gonna give them a little minute
then we probably get back over there we’re gonna see what they got going on
but you know I figured I’d give it a try with this yeah fair are you smarter than
me I figured I’d come over here I’ll see what was going on on here we could build
on here the only thing is I want some other people to tap in slop I probably
could just do the Google Voice shit but I said some up like I said it’s just a
test you know most high got a way of making
things work according to a plan bigger than yourself no matter what he started
Aborigines indigenous Indian niggas Negroes monkeys more P squared
yeah man I’m just saying here chopping it up with the people today we all had
no top of the done this just hopped off line no.7 something you want to ask me
something you know me you want to build on no man I’m just chillin what’s the peace pipe shit you know so
mom right now I can’t play the music like all I do to be striking shit
but I got my I got my own easy balls inside doing anything any news maybe I
want people to know about you know this is gonna be a brief little chest video no I got a desktop I sure I probably
could go live for the desktop you know I’m new to this whole live shit I know
when I usually deal with with the relatives is usually on the home was
usually about on the Google Voice shit we could probably link up and go live on
there for real I gotta figure out the whole setup
oh how to do that I just want to tapped in with everybody cuz we are gonna be
making this like a live show channel you know I want to upgrade it all the way
and have it to where people can call in you know cuz I want people voice to be
heard that’s what it’s really about man this
is like this somewhere where you know it’s hawk school no weed and nobody on
there trying to make you believe this or nothing but we just presenting different
information you know it’s not like all wants you to be in a box free your mind
no we crying and flying with the Hawks right there’s plenty room in the sky
once I’m up all you say taco what was that again let me go back on this test
like a little Hawk said you know this Hawk school for the free fare oh that’s
exactly what we are free thinkers for just uh Tijuana’s to Aborigine said what
what do you think about this a do s movement ain’t even go I’m not even
gonna pronounce it like it’s a word I’m not even gonna let them put me in a
trick bag and very like that so what do y’all think about this Atos what is
american descendant of slaves if I’m sure they sound like it gave you PDF
PTSD just as soon as you refer to ourselves
like mr. Pennington yeah I’m a descendant of a slight looking for kind
of legacy is that any nigga who wants you to call yourself a descendant of a
slave as the title man it is a clear on their topic tomahawk between men in
their eyes that’s what I think about it what y’all think about which I think
about you I won’t be descendants or some slaves what singing 91
David Johnson said you had a kick just mad Mia Farrow’s
about to go in on the UH on the IG anybody got any comments on uh if you
got a chance to check out the Moises Tripoli video I just dropped about the
HaMashiach people with blonde hair blue eyed North African we all have are
making an indigenous claim to North Africa so they’ve been Arab eyes and I
their whole separate people make paleface and they’ve got red hair
you said they’d been up two thousand to you what you called more untie me up
Rizzo it’s a heartbreaker right there like I said that I’m trying to always
nobody would sit down old nigga ideology I’m just you know
mochi you look Ziggy you a house I’ve you what up Oak Cliff peace to the tribe it’s a lot of the desire their manners
you know that agents they just out the stuff moon so love we don’t some
different man so if y’all haven’t already follow me on instagram maybe mom
underscore old you do that man because like i said i would like to go live one
there that way anybody could tap here you know Oh live thanks to face show
yourself you know running that hidden hand shit let’s launch it all myself
don’t talk about ain’t got nothing to hide you know see a lot of a lot of
people comment on my youtube but would they be high and got one subscriber and
all these no videos no man I keep the 1000 and if you ask me some I’m
addressing and tell you the truth like I said that you only live you you you only
lie when you fear somebody man you don’t say and I don’t fear nothing
walking this earth I don’t worship your creations I wish
you to create over long so well just not no scary ass niggas I don’t lie to you
it’s a what’s your thoughts are coming together to purchase a piece of man will
like we created our own frequency be a solution for most of our problems that’s
a very good idea you don’t come up if you ask me co-op
you know I’m saying and I don’t even think it got to be like you know me
I think groups of people could get together but see we need that we need to
have the people who have that knowledge we need to find them and present that
but you know I’ve been told by don’t you know people wiser than me not to discuss
too much you know saying all right here in the matrix but I think you know that
would be a good idea man you know but see that’s something we can start doing
with our family because that’s a headed a man me personally I think like you’ve
got a responsibility today family he’s right
they don’t Richter don’t do business we’re family and all that yeah we do
just welfare row which is a wise Indian said we just need to claim our layer no
problem saw nothing I mean why it’s like you know me and
like I’m what the who who used of valet I think of my nigga a war had the valet
or maybe Aboriginal wanna say it’s like you know I might have been out let me
say it’s like a you park your car lose your valet ticket you know I’m saying so
now it’s like am I gonna buy my car from the nigger you know say who parked it I
was just putting see you like that you don’t said no you need to find your
valet ticket you know saying go get your VIN number something you know that’s
what we really need to do but I don’t think there’s no harm in you know
getting the land individually you know me like I said back to the ferry shit
man we got to get better with our family you know it’s hard especially when you
do the wise ones milk and usually you ostracized by other people
family whatever ain’t knowing that high-powered shit so you know you know
that’s why you know Hulk’s don’t fly with pigeons but at the same time man we
got a duty to you know me so I’ll try man they can’t get on here talking all
this Indian tribal state and can’t even get along with his own cousins no hate
his brother and shit on me and my brother don’t get along well what the
fuck you making videos about talking all these tribal shit my nigga no man that’s
what I’m on birth 1000 shit straight up there you know spot there cuz she I know
it’s 10 niggas in the average family though saying everybody put up mistake
go get you a folk family or some four eight family you don’t saying everybody
get in there rehab that mom fucker paint the walls and all that you know I’m
saying like start that shit at home you know I’m Sam and boom alright then we’re
gonna collect rent we’re gonna prove we gonna have what had this LLC you know
saying where this money go and I mean but that’s what I’m about to get on some
school shit myself some indoctrination shit the dogs all about peace to
everybody in the chat I’m uh I want to study some shit man we need to be
studying constitutional law business law norms home about what up K prayer peace
and blessings peace to the tribe you know sound like want some real shit bro
niggas need a piece Aboriginal Drake we need to be studying some botany yeah
institutions what we need yeah we need some schools that ain’t gonna be we
ain’t gotta worry about no age and put it out you know until my but you know
this ain’t like no high power secret information everybody know what it is
man you know at the end of the day man to survive you got to know how to feed
yourself you don’t say I’m basically and you gotta have some knowledge some
education so that’s all that’s really about man but
like I say this all 360 back to the family we got a we gotta start with our
own house build our own house up and work our way out yo tell mo they can’t
conquer America you can’t even go say get so people to act right you and your
girl in the Walmart arguing shit she don’t believe why my Indian man wouldn’t
let it go hotel about hawks don’t fly with pigeons you know I’m saying self
valued and community care they say because at the end of the day if your
house on fire and you won’t fire you got to put yourself out man you can’t go
running up in there trying to say nobody and you won’t fire better stop drop and
roll star and someone yeah Jack all trades man straight up you got to start
we got to start with our families man you know man angle lights of me losing
my mother my grandmother my grandfather my cousin damn there and all the people
you don’t say my heart my big brother you know something about me my business
manager when I did meet with all the people that I look to that’s how the
most high them work on the niggas and I don’t want it to have to get that bad
for people out there don’t say like don’t wait till it’s too late so you got
a shovel in your hand we time I am man I should have kick you
with my nigger let’s do it bro whatever you think you want to do just do it
because one thing I used to always call myself as an artist cuz I do tattoos
that shit no man I’m working on that carry bay that’s what I’m working on
that genealogy shit but I want my shit right in exact I’m gonna work on my wife
shit you know I’m saying everybody bro respect black ambien you don’t talking
about everybody brought jinnia yes I do carry bay please email me brother at a
Bani Israel OG @ no sir because I’m I’m detached for my
people man and I don’t like it so that’s why I didn’t be like man what
tribe I don’t know yet but I’m gonna keep it a book with you but I know we
Indians I know we indigenous Aboriginal I know niggas ain’t from Africa was
upset like I know my great-grandmother was a Cherokee but that ain’t enough
right you know Santa did Auto Cherokees wasn’t all the way right anyway but you
know it’s just like niggas now Brooke you know as far as everybody getting
wrapped up in the shit who betray who but it’s like niggas now Brooke we just
do that shit now that’s like some old Takashi 6-9 and shoddy shit jobs they’re
like she’s still going on records off free barrel say records are free yo yeah
definitely carry man we need their we need to do the knowledge on that man
play the great up ASAP man that’s what I’m on I told my wife to go man so that
our kids know and I just we got to do our due diligence right now man before
you know Santa and make it to what ready you’re gonna get access to that shit you
already know hi Joe I’ll let the engines find out oh good
man I just wanted to tap in with y’all you know it’s an forgive me if I’m just
you know shooting shit but that’s all we doing that’s what’s up what’s up get the
strap tv1 honey welcome the home talk live and then come out so yeah I really
want everybody to tap in and be able to you know like I say hey I ain’t gonna
try to steal the light of no I’m just trying to sky light on the whole shoot
yes that’s a fact Angie that’s a Fed that’s what we’re
here for I see that’s what my wife my wife is
born in New Orleans I know she look and I was born that I was born free so I’m
trying to tell them how to do song shit all about I’m not no fucking pedestrian
so jump up have you seen in the sky thank you Andy
thank you for those good of Confirmation them up shout-out to their buddy like I
said any questions man go checked out go check out that more descriptively video
though okay Kerry yeah do that cuz the Sooners IG quit bullshit and we’re going
straight back to IG that way anybody who want to go live send me an invite I’m
gonna let you come in and we just gonna pop talk live no timeout that’s a fact
Angie that’s a fact piece to the trial this is definitely
definitely our land hey boy oh yeah ever heard of I wanted to do a video in
surprise y’all but since you gotta live it for everybody who tuned in just at
least I could do is drop the jewels on you you know it’s hard to find the
things that people don’t already know what hasn’t been no I mean like overly
discussed with my great-great-grandmother man it’s not
hard to find her maiden name Amen that’s what’s crazy oh you know what you
see if you can find her uh see if you can find like the brothers and sisters
this shit go back to the uncles and the cousins back up a step that’s just what
I’m saying on some research shit like I don’t know nothing about this shit for
real well I’m just saying if you can’t if you can locate the set of parents you
know I’m sad to see who they kids was and maybe you can track her down with
her brothers our sisters somewhere and one of them fuck ass schools or
something they was putting us in I’m a chef by profession this indigenous side
beat he’s a chef by profession actually find out about the indigenous Aboriginal
American Indians to studying foods that are indigenous to America Wow
you see what I’m saying that’s deep man that’s what I mean like even when I read
The Book of Enoch I said in the in the last days the law will be written on the
hearts of the elect we’re gonna talk about peace and bliss Yelp’s you already
know what it is brother appreciate the support the the law will be written on
the hearts of the elect and we had a we had an oral tradition anyway you know I
mean we didn’t need no books that’s what I had them bugging out when they came
over here wasn’t no books everybody just remembered the story they
said for childhood they was raising them up and teach them the oral tradition and
see that’s why I say like that remind me or Islam you know they choose they
choose dumb kids they’re like 4 or 5 years old to be what they call the Hafez
to memorize the Quran verbatim word for word now you got to respect
that you don’t sell no matter how you feel
about nothing you just gotta respect that yeah we got to get into growing our own
food my mom was heavy and the growing food man we just got a Wow why why the
information is available to you learn how to survive when the information and
available to you that’s what I’m trying to get the books like I want them
tangibly physically in my hand I don’t want no PDFs or none of that I’m not
gonna rely on this shit until I’m so dependent that without it I’m nothing
you know I’m saying so if you can go before the 1830s the most you’re from
here to trace the area over there it’s not it’s not lighting up the holy shit
man yeah I saw the fool I’m rambling y’all know I’m lit like a candlestick
until Motorola say let us expand the food Aboriginal warm put me up on that
American Indian encyclopedia and they talk about all the fools and shit but
like I say it’s written on us man it’s in our DNA that’s what H I’m getting
niggas taking DNA test so they could get your DNA so they can make sure your
tests don’t come back Indian but that’s what I was that’s the jewel I was gonna
drop y’all so James McKeen Smith and that go back to uh Cazale money y’all
has the question about the Underground Railroad I find anything else about okay
so James McComb Smith he’s supposed to be one of the conductor’s up in New York
he uh he went to the University and received three degrees in Glasgow
University in Scotland he uh they won that um they won that um he wanted to be
a doctor they won’t let him go to school in Columbia here in the United States
and uh now this this one of wev the boy Booker T Washington ass homeboys a
grandma damn god bless your grandmama teach
killed by Molly lover so nigga James McCullen Smith once a Glasgow University
became the first doctor now he also opened the first pharmacy and home in
New York now we all know we don’t hear nothing about James Nicole Smith and
when you look at them is James McCune MC see you and eat Smith there’s a whole
bunch of white people that’s gonna come up and I’m gonna tell you about that but
B just look for you look like a chalk town it looked like Frederick Douglass
cousin you don’t I’m sayin like this some did I take notes
I should have no see so anyway James McCullen Smith this I want to find out
some more specific notes just look them up you’ll find them but what I wanted to
tell you was so he’d go to Glasgow University in Scotland his his
descendants in an Irish state Irish straight European down white people
whatever you know they’re Irish but um pale face like they don’t even know that
they have India relative they try to act like you’re African American but we know
he came home from here and when you see him you gonna know his phenotype he
definitely had Indian so he don’t win over there to to Scotland went to the
University got his three degrees you don’t come about so you already know
he’s indoctrinated and snake religion then he came over here open the pharmacy
and this uh I got the screenshot on here though
but I don’t want to mess up the life but he opened up the pharmacy and they put
him in charge of some colored some school for colored kids what is he
called man I think I got it up on my laptop but
anyway long story short though he’s completely washed out so if you go
to to Ireland even got a little restaurant for me and everything it’s
like one video up on him I was gonna do a video about the truth cuz I think
people need to know but these people now who are his
descendants they all the way white fur like baby they say that one of the Irish
ladies was doing on her genealogy and she found an old Bible with his name in
it and it’s like her great-great-great grandfather four times of five times you
know I’m saying but they I retain oh is they Irish but kind of find out they’re
the descendants of the hinges she loved saying that they tried to wash all the
way away first doctor how we don’t know the first so-called black doctor his
name James McCall Smith well they didn’t teach you that in school is Black
History Month nigga clock running out what day is this like the 22nd when they
gonna tell us about this dude yes so look that up let me see if I can find
out what I got up already on my bill my phone
in the Bible my bad y’all probably can’t hear me I’ll be on two minutes a bunch
of his shit so I’ve been forgetting where I was looking at what I got the
music going man cuz I’d be to live on the lives you’re gonna come up so you’re
gonna scramble it up a little bit for the box see what I fire real quick here
we go right here I’m gonna read this to y’all real quick I wish I could screen
share but trust me I ain’t lying you could go look it up it says James McCune
Smith born in 1813 was a graduate of the New York African Free School
now see now be careful with that because now they trying to know y’all know
that’s a lot of so you know it you know it’s a big wash going on so they say
he’s a graduate of the New York African free school but that ain’t where he
became a doctor they didn’t want to give him no education or more I think that
must have been like a high school or something because they won’t let him go
to the University you know I’m saying they uh he had to go to Glasgow and I
think is one of the uh it talked about somewhere by him giving a speech to some
French do when he like eleven you know I’m saying so he connected some kind of
weight you know I’m talking about and then they get him over to Scotland and
you already know what’s up in Scotland around that time cuz they say he born in
1813 but anyway let me read this it’s a James McCune Smith born in 1813 was a
graduate of the New York African Free School hold on man I got this venom and
I’m gonna turn it off real quick hold on yeah cuz this we might just call this
James McCullen Smith yeah they washed him all the way out mr. Peterson alright
so check this out James McCune Smith born in 1813 was a
graduate of the New York African free screw you say and I’m reading this from
New York history dot-org you know talking about African free school BIOS
James McCune Smith so this is New York history or peace and blessings Blackfoot
all right so we’re talking about James McCullen Smith this this he looked like
a chalk to our Indian to me straight up we I wish I had a picture so you just I
mean it’s off school you got to do a little homework you look here Indian man
when you see him alright so we talking about him James McCullen Smith MCC you
and east Smith say he was born in 1813 let me bring this over here me y’all
know I’m big country with it you know I’m saying
alright told you I was country with you alright James McCullen Smith born in
1813 was a graduate of the New York African Free School
it is clear from the fragments of his school work that survived that Smith was
an exceptionally bright student Smith was chosen to deliver a speech to
General Lafayette on his trip to New York a great honor from say a great
honor from other samples of his work we can glean his prodigious talent in both
writing and drawing see they know all about him they talking about how
talented how talented he is but we ain’t never heard of him you know saying cuz
that’s what they do they try to grab him up you know me as soon as they see it
nigga thorough they say Smith was chosen to deliver a speech to General Lafayette
on his trip to New York a great honor from other samples of his work we can
glean his prodigious talent in both writing and drawing perhaps it would it
was his undeniable status as a star student that inspired Charles C Andrews
the school’s white schoolmaster to cast him in a dialogue performed in 1822 so
okay they got this nigga school plays and everything you know
and this say 1822 well supposedly nigga is supposed to be getting kicked all in
the teeth and shit you understand it’s all the hoax man alright so anyway let’s
go boom it’s a in this skit Smith plays a good
student now pay attention in this skit Smith plays a good student who
reprimands his classmate for persistent tardiness when Smith learns that his
friends lateness is due to hit to the negligence of his parents he is
indignant and extolled the virtues of Education and the rules that undergird
that education at the new that undergird i think they misspelled it the education
at the new york african free school so now they got him in the play and even in
a school play they got him playing you know saying the hater for real he talked
about all you didn’t go to school education is important you should be
going to the New York African free school where they you know so here real
no Sam what’s the word for cuz I almost be Gila today especially nobody that’s a
thorough Indian cuz he family you know I’m saying but you know it is what it is
man he was scholarly type Nicki you know so we named most high said don’t speak
you know I mean like cuz he’s still thorough you know I mean no matter how
you know we look at it you know cuz if he was manipulated you know I mean it’s
a you know we got to really start having more mercy on our people man niggas be
getting manipulated in the situation’s just trying to make life good for a
family you know I mean and getting tricked you know I mean but anyway so
boom so they got him doing the school plays
and all that 18:22 so that’s 18 13 to 18 22 year he was 11 years old
you know man and he performing he said it’s inspired Charles C Andrews the
school’s white school master so here we got in 1822 the New York African free
school he got is Charles C Andrews was the schoolmaster Dwight man you know me
alright so bunk because what happened was he a star student and they want to
send him on him and put him you know put him in the mix
and watch what happened and where this leads to and then you go just people
they say after his graduation James McCune Smith became the first African
American to receive a medical degree you hear that
remember that man you know we are oral tradition make sure your kids know that
Indian name James McCullen Smith the first Indian to receive a medical degree
no sense so called Negro so called african-american of course they put
African American and is because this front of New York Historical Society so
but it’s a although we do not know how this skit was received we might imagine
that parents and the audience might have found the exchange offensive so
obviously he was going in on the parents you know I’m saying but you know it’s a
place so he’s reading a script and the schoolmaster white and is 1822 so as say
after his graduation James McCune Smith’s became the first African
American to receive a medical degree unable to attend college in the United
States because he was black Smith entered Glasgow University in Scotland
and earned three academic degrees including a doctorate in medicine if we
started this out as the you know Hawk talk lab but you know I had to drop a
jewel man I just don’t feel like wasting your time man with you know just talk
talk all right so boom he and Glasgow University Scotland he received three
academic degrees including a doctorate in medicine now I remember the doctorate
in medicine is separate from the the three degrees you know they talking in
cold you know somebody went over there he got his three degrees in Scotland you
don’t and including a doctorate in medicine bumped and he came back over
here Smith returned to New York his intellect and energy made him
instrumental an instrumental figure in an emerging black community a prominent
evolutionists Smith worked with Frederick Douglass to establish now this
is what I be telling y’all and I really he researching like a researcher money
get his really Hawks view so we don’t found it’s really Frederick Douglass big
homie this is who he
no sir he was putting him up on game now you can go do the research and people
are that out but check what it say we’re gonna rewind because my live part is say
it’s a bone a prominent ablution is Smith worked with Frederick Douglass to
establish the National Council of the colored people he also maintained close
ties to classmates Henry Highland garnet as Garnett with one C so looked at up
the classification african-american is a double entendre is a title given by the
indigenous Indians by Democratic slaves and we already know who started the
Democratic Party to Kate Kate Kate we know who started a KKK
Albert Pike and we know who Albert Pike is shaitaan nephew his little salon a
song oh boom now where we at they say he also
maintained close ties to classmate Henry Highland garnet praising his incendiary
speech urging slaves to rebel even when other members of the ablution is
community objected strongly to garnet sentiments okay so you got some of these
sang shit you got some old black live matter tightening his back then you know
I’m sayin he say he maintained close ties to his
classmate praising his insignia speech urging slaves to rebel even when other
members of the evolutionist communities objected strongly to Guarnere sentiments
okay so he like anything good you know Sam but the whole time he got a more
fucking doctorate this could upset like that is you know very like those be
crazy bad like me yawning should go out there
burn the whole shit down but uh I gotta work on my paper all right it’s a summer Smith’s
published works include alright y’all get y’all pen and paper man see I can
look this dude up James McCall Smith you can see a line this is Frederick
Douglass big homey summer Smith’s published works include a lecture on the
Haitian Revolution I want to read all this 1841 a lecture on the Haitian
Revolution 1841 and the destiny of the people of color
I say circa 1843 the destiny of the people of color damn those books are
written by James McCullen Smith that’s what that’s for home school homework you
know Elmo and then build on that say as well as a biographical introduction to
Henry Highland garnet a memorial discourse ok he all he wrote
the intro on the other do book but the other dude was supposed to be ablution
is too and he’d more militant with he telling
they just kick up dust as Henry Highland garnet as Garnett like his sound what
one Tito and his book is his car is a biographical introduction to Henry
Highland garnet a memorial discourse of memorial discourses dead book say he
also wrote the introduction this what I’m telling you man this the big homie
they say he also wrote the introduction to Frederick Douglass’s my bondage and
my freedom James McCune Smith died on November 17
1865 this one saying this duel was hella important but at the same time I bet
they don’t want you to know that he went over to Scotland got his three degrees
came back and I bet you they don’t want they don’t want you to know that all of
his descendants are an Irish and look like just regular what niggas would call
white people snob says so they took the Indian the Thoreau nigga you know I’m
saying remind me of myself you know I’m about but he’d uh
accelerated all their school boom got sent to the good school – white
headmaster like no there’s nigga to throw we gonna let him go to school in
Glasgow we gonna vote put him in a snake religion hidden hand shit no I’m saying
he’d come back with his three degrees cuz you gotta remember was only three
degrees anyway so he go to Scotland to get
three with his doctorate come back you know it’s a lot and you become an
evolutionist you know I mean I start kicking up dust but I haven’t read his
books you know me but we already know what’s up so that’s that’s a jewel come
on man who knew Fredrick Douglas being homie just was saying this is we are all
old G shit over here man big honking you know I’m Sam big honking you know
talking about we’re gonna we’re gonna take you to the big home I mean we’re
gonna be wasting no time so yeah that’s that’s the jewel I got you know me when
hey get y’all sneak preview I think I should steal peace and blessings
Aboriginal power what up I I still want our home I probably upload a video you
know make it a little more concise put it in a face so that you can share it
you know me and make sure y’all hit that light you know what I’m up go check out
the other videos like like I say man I don’t be trying to venture off in and
research some things that you know you may not know I may not know it like I
said I’m going all the way back oh so much as Frederick Douglass big homie
James McCune Smith he came back from Scotland and put him up on game but the
whole time you know you know you’re real Indian cuz he over in Scotland you know
talking about dripping you know of someone like you baby girl you know I’m
about to be a doctor I’m about to open up my own you know New York City so now
it’s a whole bunch of white people over there that’s his descendents that don’t
even know they granddaddy was an Indian tomorrow these white people are so smart
they’re smarter than most they risk from their great great granddaddy here Indian
but just look how mixed up that shit is though cuz now you got the Irish was the
first slaves over here so that’s what I mean like these people heavy on his
bloodline shit they know who was who you know somehow everybody’s not everybody
white you know me ain’t related just like everybody black you know
me ain’t related burn like that’s just a hole your mind fucked up anyway man like
to even view the world like how fucker you know I mean look you know many
people be hiding shit you know Tomo said him Injuns knew about them Scottish
rites to Confederate Cherokees that’s a fact well that’s because they was
rocking with them because you know the UH the Scottish was coming over here and
they was being enslaved with them you know I’m talking about they was they was
on I was just building with Aboriginal power about that they were colonizing
Scotland at the same time that they was colonizing here where is that book we
what is that book we were just reading you know I’m saying because and did
y’all see what’s this guy named uh the governor of Virginia they’re trying to
get him to resign cuz he don’t snitch but look I’m looking at what he’s saying
I’m all over the place but we still gonna connect all the dots when it’s all
said and done right did we tell my James McLean Smith Glasgow Scotland that’s why
they was rocking with them you know I’m said it wasn’t no big deal cuz they had
already been slaves with them you know me you can look up the Irish Jamaicans
and all that uh King George took them over to Barbados Jamaica West Indies no
mean brought them over here but the governor and they go I’m talking about do a background check on this boy Ralph
something man what y’all know mr. what’s the governor of Virginia name
well right now they trying to get him to step down
no talking about just write no book they’re trying to get him to step down
but what happened was I guess some pictures came out and he was in
blackface this was been like February 10th I think
and so he go on CBS Morning News to try to save face for getting caught being
just a regular Clampett you know me like what else he gonna be but um he got
caught so he tried to come on CBS News and make a mince and he snitch on itself
and uh and say that the first indentured servants came here yeah Ralph Northam
that’s right Ralph Northam he talked about the first indentured servants came
from Africa he didn’t say they would he didn’t even say they was Africans but
see you know he he you know how he got there he snake religions so he got the
real books too you know the real history and he slipped up and then you got this
boule ass interviewer and she’s talking about
also known as slavery you know I’m talking about trying to depress a nigger
my last name McMillan yeah this what I’m trying to tell you brother look bruh
all right um we’re gonna get into it look up the flatheads I got a picture
with some these Indian tribe and they was calling the flatheads and these
niggas got on some Scottish hats saying like this shit is all mixed up also fuck
shit so you can’t even know where the Warriors at who gonna fight who you
don’t talk about like they just got you all in a trick bag but anyway he done
said indentured servants from Africa now I’m tripping off a relating artist
together with the Moors at Ripley video because it says that the barbers done a
mosaic people that they are under the Islamic flag was going to Ireland and
Iceland and they was grabbing people up you know talking about him bringing them
back to Morocco so even if they come down Africa and get some slaves ain’t no
guarantee that they gonna be so-called black you know I mean because they
grabbing this is from if you watch the video I’ll just upload the Pirates of
the Atlantic do so called you know so called we all know
you know everybody be lying but to do got what do they call that shit they
call it on a good come on most high don’t have me looking crazy on here you
know it so much man what is the word for but anyway man that nigga got proof no
I’m saying people writing letters and all this kind of shit you know I’m
saying and that was being kidnapped you know I mean and Dutch people they had to
one dutch dude i forget what his name was but he he was enslaved and then he
he think accept islam and become one of the pirates with the moroccan hey john
see take your age and ass on somewhere you know I’m talking about Hawks don’t
fly with pigeons that’s why I’m going live so I can address y’all flat out
that’s why we’re gonna go on IG lie but look I got a magic power right here I
can just boom hide you you know sir and then I can remove you you know Sam yeah
welcome to hawk school now you can go start another channel you know me after
you could watch this letter start another channel and then you could you
could do the spam shit on that so let’s get back to the white slavery man and uh
and the Scotland connection because there’s a book that I’m trying to pull
it up called I’m lit man so I might be you know just
talking a little extra shit you know what I’m saying but anyway um it’s a
book called white people Indians and Highlanders and it’s talking about the
connection and showing how they were on and they were colonized and Scotland
simultaneously as as they were colonizing the Indians here you know me
let’s see if we could let me see if I could find I’m gonna pull this book up
right now I got too many books over man if I read every book I’m read
yeah man I’m sure we just chopping it up Joe like that’s probably some old nigga
who wish he was from Africa mad at me peace and respect black India mad at me
cuz I’m light-skinned telling them he from Africa nigga don’t be mad at me
don’t say cuz you was lied to you know I mean alright let’s see oh mama look this
book up is called white people just so I could just read a little bit out of
there why people highlight Indians and
Highlanders everybody else be no chopping this shit up so much I’ll mush
it up but if you come in here with like a Salam tea you come up in here without
that I don’t have no moderator I’m gonna be watching the screen and I’m just
gonna eject Oh weak ass you know what so much all right now this book I found a
PDF nine times out of ten you could find a PDF man let’s see I got it I sent it
to the UH Hey look and then it come up under Oxford Oxford of scholarship calm
like this ain’t no no man like no made of shit like people know this you know
saying people woke to this it’s just not being told to us and that’s how old boy
that that governor slipped up cuz he could he got them real books I wrote an
entry I’m gonna just see if I can read the introductions see because they’ve
been using they being using all types of people against each other you know I’m
talking about cuz the Scottish you know date they would it was fighters you know
until much so they had to find fighters to put in the front line cuz the British
are you seeing them niggas teeth you know I’m saying like you can’t even true
a sandwich good so they can’t go to war with nobody so they had to wrap them up
and slave them you know sad then trick them into getting in the snake religion
and then BOOM same way they pitting Indians against Indians Europeans you
know against Indians and all this shit like everybody being here they go look
at a ivana go for a don’t you know when you
name your channel that we already know you were troll yeah yeah I’m highest
legal weed is legal so you can eat a dick
about that don’t be coming in my class with all that extra shit we gonna hide
you so now only I see your dumbass talking yeah hidden by high school so
you go ahead and ramble on stupid I just found something on Ireland got to do
more research what’s the name Oh check out this book Oh Pharaoh it’s called on
white people Indians and Highlanders oh I’m trying to find I’m gonna give you
the exact place where you could get it for the free you know tell mo you
already know we ain’t tryin to be buying all that shit man they just couldn’t
Johnny the point of trolling is that they just well they let me know you do
something you’re doing something you know I’m from st. Louis so if niggas
ain’t hating on you then you ain’t making no noise it’s real absurd so
clearly we kicking up some dust we got niggas making fake pages this
Friday night you don’t himself and Friday night you makin you making a fake
fake page to come over here and talk some shit to me cuz I’m dropping Jews so
you you you holding the hell you ain’t gonna make me look crazy because at the
end of the day I know you ain’t gonna pull up if I if I seen you a Walmart
you’d be off holding your girl hand and shit you know I’m saying thinking I want
her probably still absolve us worry about that shit I’m really I’m really
out here man people really know me you think I survived this long light-skinned
ass nigga boy and I’m some kind of sucker I come scarier song no baby fuck
you me boy you better check the zip code we in st. Louis were murder capital
everybody know me know my name know my face look at me nigga I’m like Michael
Jackson it’s only one of me nigga no somehow you know it’s me and I’m really
out here I really ain’t scared of shit you know too much so but we ain’t gonna
get distracted by them that’s what the trolls is for they’re distraction so now
let’s get back to this building man yes – show me stay and they go I had to pull
up I’m trying to find a PDF man they distracted me yeah it might be on
another when I got too many Chows over I know I I know I got this book of I know
I do that’s another thing I’m studying y’all know anything about Scotland and
all that shit man we all mistake scalping the ass and we’re making so bad
at scalping come from the white man well you know if they want it they could get
it you know I’m saying just have my have my money ready you know me when I pulled
up with all them ponytails no homo big honking you already know it all right we
learned something no you know I mean a they talking that shit and I found a
book here we go most I just didn’t want them agents on her soaking up all this
game y’all got to watch this shit later or
let’s see alright cuz they was talking about how the Highlanders had a lot in
common so it was easy for them to manipulate dumbest shit you know I’m Sam
let me see cuz they date that’s what I was telling us how to do were mean dark
cuz the UH the English were calling them the Highlanders the Scottish knew today
was calling them dark that’s like Dublin that’s me that mean Blackpool you know
me so they looked down on I wanted to see the part how they were showing
improving how they were simultaneously on a global level colonizing people you know I’m saying it
was colonizing the Scottish at the same time y’all can garner you know me talk
amongst yourself in a chat let me find this like I said man we just freestyling
like I just came over here just you know me talk with everybody and it just amped
up to boom I got some information to share and then the trolls came in here
they had to get there as tomahawked up you know I’m saying and now we back on
track mmm and see it was interesting to me because it was talking about how
autumn Scottish was dying from smallpox and shit you know I’m saying so I’m
thinking like damn he’s got to be some different kind of white people you know
because they did Europeans or should I say the English having the same effect
on them today is on the Indians and it was Thomas smallpox live right here say
smallpox in Scotland was also a hazard for Indian visitors now look how far
back this go I know some Scottish claimed to discover land in North
Carolina Scotland that they mix with American Indians you had a been mixing
that’s what I’m saying check this out to say uh is she kind of
born but it’s a smallpox and Scotland was also a hazard for Indian visitors in
1768 John to buy a shock to Nair in Narragansett is it Narragansett
Narragansett Indians who traveled to Britain with a petition for the King to
prevent the selling of tribal lands fell victim to smallpox while they were in
Edinburg you know I’m saying so this is like back in the 1768 and that was a
that’s another thing how I want to bring it all together because did you know
Garvey you know Garvey is our own that’s an Irish surname you don’t talking about
he that’s how Irish surname that he got and then he done went over there where
did he go to school man damn is that him on the phone but he don’t went over
there he doesn’t studied uh these Irish revolutionary ass niggas Irish Republic
they say that’s what got him jammed up was his connection to the Irish Republic
cuz he was fuckin with them did you know there was a green star line
my nigga before there was ever a black star line there was a UH nothing to let
don’t talk for a minute so y’all can see what I had to put up with I’m not even
gonna block you yet so go ahead and say some all hatin ass asian ass you we
could tell you European just by the words you choose so you know nine times
out of ten your agent you know I mean cuz you know y’all break easy
all right but uh and man you distracted and shit out me man
you fucking devil let’s see Indian country yeah that’s what I was talking
about Garvey and all that and how he was studying
Irish shit and that’s how he came with that uh with that home with the Black
Star Line and even they say that the green on the flag is supposed to
represent Ireland cuz the nigger was so 100 with him like when you read his
books he like he talking about the Irish and all this kind of crazy shit you know
I’m saying what they went through because they said it was a going home
joke during a civil war-era debt that the so-called Negro slaves will complain
that they were being on they were being worked like the Irish you know Sarah
hold on man let me find this motherfucker lame motherfucker remove by
Bob yet the Irish were banished to those islands for fighting to clean yeah and
um that’s another thing Scotland that’s supposed to be to a daughter right a
fair old land or some shit you know I’m talking about it’s just a lot of a lot
of dust to connect me and I’m still working on it but like I said it’s just
a freestyle bill man we we was just talking about James McCune Smith what up
Shawn the creator peace and blessings brother glad you’re here man
yeah man I got rid of him man I don’t even true all had a matter of fact here
I’m about to I’m about to put you put you on the team hot cuz I know you rock
with me and I’m putting you on the team too huh you see any don’t make it
stalking that reckless shit man just get him out of there dog you know some about
I saw you I trust y’all judgment uh you know man yeah that’s cool you know I
mean they know it’s just the real deal right here that’s what they know they
know this ain’t no agent talking that’s because we live and we gonna keep going
up you know I’m talking about we’re gonna keep going up and they helping the
algorithm because you got niggas who’s supposed to be us and they probably
snitching on me subscribe to my channel and some oh shit and they tell a man and
they going there live he talking about the first doctor was an Indian and he
was a freemason all that shit you know talking about what ah nobody Kurt no sir
oh go tell Ronnie tell boy I’m too old to care about y’all
snitch you know I said we ain’t selling no dope over here so I could take down
little weak-ass charges to court you know me or whatever you talking about we
talk about the Scottish berry we talk about James McCune Smith we talking
about the first the first slaves in 1619 supposedly European man that’s one for
the go here I think I know where it said y’all got to understand man nigga be
reading fo hundred more fucking pages of all these books and I need to be more
thoughtful the hyewon researching and writing shit down but I just be uh I’ll
be on my oral tradition shit that Last King of Scotland with Forest Whitaker
mmm that’s a good question I ain’t never seen the movie I saw the name and I
ain’t gonna lie threw me off on lockdown Forest Whitaker the Last King of
Scotland in this bitch Oh bye bitch yeah how about that
talking that shit now motherfucker want to act like is some problem with me that
you got this many people that’s like what five six people that created pages
just to come in here and talk shit what niggas know I’m high niggas know how
hide niggas talk y’all I could eat a dick I’m still thorough you talk about
straight up straight up talking about get you at right up out of her or than find out some good shit to read
man acknowledgments I’m gonna pull up some we’re gonna get a Jew for us I said
yeah I’m thorough I’m real and I’ll be I’m kind of funny I’ll be fucking people
look yeah go let that week a bitch go start another page you know it’s on beau somebody mad I’m going up hey lockdown
how does nigger going up he ain’t no agent yeah nigga cuz this shit real
could the Most High real what would you tell me about mr. Johnson you already
know what are we doing alright now this is now see cuz this is written by I only
want to scroll back up but it is we’re just gonna read a page out of this book
you know tomorrow and say I have used the terms Indian and Native American
interchangeably neither is adequate and both are
problematic in some ways see he kind of 100 peace to the Aborigines he kind of
want hunter but you know you know meaning it still was it’s a First
Nations is the preferred term in Canada but would stylistically complicate a
work like this one in which the same native groups often feature on both
sides of the international border my preference is to use Indian people in
referring to particular groups I have employed the tribal name most
commonly used in English rather than the names tribal peoples called themselves
in their own language so he already letting you know to wash his own butt is
so they can identify it now look they say I used Scots look how they got
everybody divided up you know Elmo is say uh they say I use Scots to refer to
people who lived north of the English border distinguishing between lowland
Scots who lived in the South in eastern part of Scotland and Highland Scots
Gayle’s who inhabited the highlands and western highlands of Scotland you know
talking about now Scotch which is usually avoided these days as a
pejorative term still not pronounced at work enjoyed
common usage in earlier centuries and appears frequently in quoted material
Scot Irish or Scottish scots-irish refers to people of Scots descent who
settled first in Ulster and then in North America and who might more
accurately be called Ulster Scots Scots differ from scots-irish who differ from
the Irish and of course they all differ from the English British refers to
English and other people who constitute Great Britain all English people are
British but not all British people are English you know that’s just like
anywhere it has been conquered okay so are we doing is putting a little
identity identification on these people you know I’m talking about it’s a boom
it’s safe for people of Indian and European parentage now this is what this
the part I’m glad I wanted y’all to catch because I want you to see how how
they differentiate between people you say uh you say uh for people of Indian
and European parentage generally I use the term matisse or Matisse y’all know
what it is matey’s em et is rather than mixed blood for the descendants of
Scottish and Indian parents I use Scots Indian rather than gayland which would
refer exclusively to children of Highlanders and using Highland surnames
I have followed the form McLean McLean McLean and on that all he did was he
spelt it ma see with a capital L you know then he spelled it MC L EA n you
don’t talk about so he’s showing all the different ways that you could spell this
but when you see that Mik on there nine times out of ten but now look it’s say
okay there’s a blank check out ben franklin’s peopling over the nation’s he
wrote his seventeen city nine says all Europe is swarthy yeah that’s what I’m
saying I’m thinking like you know I mean they been they’ve been colonizing and
washing people for a long time you know I mean like because this is supposed to
be basically two blood lines at the end of the day you know me so they know but
we don’t know now look at this right here oh now this is a good book I want
to read I saw I sauce over Morocco I’m talking about
our Indian people was taking their yeah they probably was that’s what I’m saying
them imma zigged and Barbara’s that’s where barbarian come from they was
grabbing up everybody who sailed from North Africa to Iceland just to grab
some niggas up you know I’m Sam and then they said uh they asked them was on
what’s crazy is one of the barbers pulled up you know I mean they said that
they were uh they told the people they was Germans you know I’m talking about I
don’t this just look like I had a so I’m gonna just remove you anyway
even if he wasn’t a hater too bad I’m doing something all right it says they
were routinely uh described as wild savage barbarous primitive lawless
removed oh my bad yeah yeah soon as I see a comment come up I’m getting a ass
out of here I was wondering if he explained in places before fully
conquered by barbarians yes he didn’t barbarians those are two barbers that’s
what the AMA Zig people said they was mad that people called him barbers
because it was related to the Barbarian and they felt like it was a disrespect
to them and they say any indigenous from North Africa but see these the people
who was flying under the Islamic flag you know I’m talking about and they was
going and grabbing up people in Iceland people in Ireland and this is when you
studied a barber wars you’ll know that there wasn’t no slave trade for these
people cuz they fighting wars over here with the Indians 24/7 you know I mean
and then as soon as they get they ass in the Atlantic Ocean
then there are barbers you know me the UH they grab an Aes up so how you gonna
make it to West Africa if it’s some niggas in North Africa grabbing you up
you know I’m talking about like you just got to be logical logical about it once
you study enough history and see how everything relates to each other you
gonna know they they had no time to be going to get know 100 million niggas
from Africa you don’t talk about yeah they was getting robbed you know I’m
saying they trying to pull up in the hood telling ya we’ve got to go kidnap
some niggas that’s like white man pulling up in the trenches right now you
know I like they from the kidnapping nigga
let’s say the police it’s all about unless they the British no I mean but
nine times out of ten it ain’t gonna go like that dog and that’s why you just
got to be logical so here’s a good book to check out that I want to read it says
a collection of voyages and travels is published in London 1745 a collection of
voyages and travels 1745 it says the year of the last Jacobite
rising contained a front piece caption description of habits of most countries
in the world and then si had depicted the address of the Chinese the moguls to
Persians to church to Tatars to pose the Muscovites Laplanders hungarians
dutch spaniards now watch this they go had three the shit is three kinds of
three kinds of niggers basically they say hottentots
Negros Moors and Mexicans that’s that’s folk you know sir
so then they say Scottish Highlanders rather overdress shared the bottom page
with the Indians from Virginia and Florida so what he was saying was how
much how despised the Scottish Highlanders work by the UH by the
British that even in the book they put out in London they had dumped down there
they said Highlanders was down there on the bottom of the page with the Indians
because you know that’s they stupid like that they try to pull but what you’re
supposed to think is the top on top you know I’m saying like so they had what he
basically saying author is saying that the Indians and Highlanders is down
there together you know I’m Sam so I say some authors identify mutual
respect and deep affinity between the Highlanders and Indians based on a
parallel warrior tradition a clan based social structure and above all the
profound independence of spirit although this is overstated there was something
to it according to an account from a Jetta
blah blah blah but I say they had this shit called the Black Watch regiment
they say I arrived in America at the start of the Seven Years War now this
sort of I was saying they had to go get mercenaries basically
you know it says so they got they people you don’t something about colonized over
there so they pop Tammany’s up like boy you don’t come fight this war we killing
your motherfucker aunty your kids your wife all that so
boom or they could have just been in the Brotherhood who knows we still learning
it says when the Black Watch Regiment arrived in America at the start of the
seven-year wars Indians reputedly flocked from all quarters to see them
and from a surprising resemblance in the manner of their dress and the great
simul tude of their language the Indians concluded that they were anciently one
and the same people and most cordially received them as bredrin John Campbell
Earl of London and commander-in-chief of the British forces in North America said
the Black Watch were more likely than any other troop to get along with the
Indians because the Indians have an opinion that they the Black Watch are
kind of Indians what so you put on the Indians with a whole bunch of white
people and they like man yo India’s y’all talk like us y’all dress like how
do we be dressing like you don’t say like what the fuck I’m just taking what
the book said I’m not making no assumption or none of that shit I’m not
trying to get you to think no certain thing another proof of them taking us
from here is Liberia Monrovia they were trying to make a nation for our deported
ancestors yeah my Rovio’s Monrovia is the capital and it’s named after James
Monroe you know understand the the President or the United States or the
Corporation of America like what the fuck why is it a country in Africa named
after this paleface dude with a wig you know I’m talking about like that’s what
I mean rub I think some of them African niggas ain’t on the hoax – oh let’s see
where were we yet Oh boom we talking about the Black Watch – Highlands boom
they say General John Forbes referred to his Highland troops in his Cherokee
Eliza’s cousins to Cherokee chief Arcanist oda or standing turkey was
inducted into st. Andrews Club of Charlestown South Carolina in 1773 and
their part became in honorary Scotsman so now the Indians
are on to Cherokee chief yeah I cannot stop rockin Oscoda or standing turkey
was inducted into the st. a drew clubs of Charlestown South Carolina in 1773
you know I’m saying so boom they’d have made the Indian in honorary Scotsman
British Indian but they probably just wanted to soak up game off over most
Warren hunter shoots you know I’m saying so let’s say South Carolina 1773 say
thereby became an honorary Scotsman British Indian agent Alexander Cameron
lived with the Cherokee so long to see all the white boys wanted to hang with
us they came to the hood you know saying we smoking good everybody dressed fresh
you know us and the the sisters got that hair done looking flight evening like oh
never want to go home I want to come live with Charlene this what happened
and now we all wash down and that does a 360 to where it seemed like I might be
rambling but boom now we back at James McCune Smith you know I’m sir – do you
day in Ireland and they fucking Indians you know I’m sound like are they or are
they not they fuckin Opterons or whatever the fuck it take say American
Indians sailed across the Atlantic and saved Africa Oh Don yeah yeah yeah say
Africa let me go back to that hold on saved Africa with corn dread ahead
Indian showed up adorned with gold teeth gold rings gold chains and a heart made
of gold yeah yeah that’s what I was gonna say too in um in Ireland they got
a 20-foot statue or all feathers you know I’m saying dedicated to the Choctaw
Nation because the Choctaw Nation is supposed to save them during the Great
Potato Famine of 1858 or some shit you know I’m Sam
so this one I’m saying like they even gonna trick you like a nigger be like oh
man he wants you know this ain’t no light-skinned shit dawg you got allies
out here that you don’t even know cuz you ain’t left the country you don’t
stand these people got 20-foot statues erected for the Choctaw Nation because
they say they fuckin life you don’t say the same way them ohmic hairs over and
for in Ethiopia and niggas want to try to hide you don’t stand people rock with
us bro you don’t say like our ancestors put in work you know I mean and now
niggas like oh you all by yourself you’re just a lowly nigga in America
don’t nobody care about you man that’s all bullshit you don’t say
anything you got these niggas but not ya come join our group because we care
whole Tiny’s niggas just spinning the shit out you you won’t never know who
you are you won’t never know who fuck with you you know I’m saying and then
you wonder why oh well the Moroccan say they white of course
they said a white on paper nigga day white in person y’all but like duh they
go because all the Moors put white you don’t talk about they white niggas go
look I’m a Z North African they white you know saying same way the
Arabs when the Arabs come over here and get they uh get that green cards and all
this shit they white you know I’m saying y’all looking at the census all the
white people ain’t even white on the census hopes about you got Native
Americans Arabs you know I’m saying all these other Europeans you know I’m
talking about talking about they white on paper now you got some niggers here
that’s Indians telling you oh yeah with a Moroccan Empire put white on paper you
know I’m sad that’s because they white my nigga she just deep man so I might be rambling
on a little bit too much man but let me see if I can find one more little part
from this book like I said man go read the book man it’s just some it’s just a
crazy man just showing you you know how people been fuckin with us you know I’m
saying and been rocking with us um cuz the English didn’t fuck with oh you know
they enslaved um you know I’m sayin so passage describes the purpose
hold on man y’all give me one minute we’re dis a smoke break
okay Weezy I’m with it man I’m just freestyling man we’re gonna you know
like I said I started out doing it on IG so other people could tap in and I was
just freestyle it but I think is kind of cool you know talking back and forth to
the chat you know saying once we get rid of the trolls and shit like that
and we just we just building you know I mean and dropping some tools as the
shake on this out my brain be everywhere mad trying to keep track of this shit
you know I’m saying they kicked me off the UH they kicked off I G so should I
just brought it over here man let me get us some old thingy music man man these
trolls but one thing about them trolls man they really teach the nigga like
patience and humility man could like I’d be one you want to beat they ass but I
know it’s just an internet you know sound like I really want to beat that
ass though right on brother yeah right on Johnny peace and blessings
to the tribe I appreciate y’all man like I said I’m just freestyling this man
just trying to find the best way to you know bill bill with everybody you know
I’m saying see what works man but I figure out here app niggas be on here
doing clown shit you know sense oh shit I’m on well beyond her and you know drop
us from Jews oh man I’m too hot for pizza to fly man
I walk on the water and live in the sky you don’t tell mom we ain’t worried
about them motherfuckers man like I say but the sad thing is it’s probably some
nigga you want to be from Africa the book is called white people Indians and
Highlanders and see I was studying the whole oh we could get this going
I was studying the whole long the Scottish shit you know saying I was
studying the European slavery that’s how I got down this rabbit hole I’m saying I
was studying the European slavery then I seen that the Irish was a slave by the
UM by King George name and he brought them over here as the first slaves made
them work – uh-oh the sugar the sugar cane shit whatever y’all know it better
than me Barbados to make our debt and in first I
don’t believe it I’m like man it wasn’t no slave but if you go look now you
don’t say you’ll see that it’s two Irish Jamaicans over there shooters what I’m
saying like is but niggas ain’t giving you real history man niggas are sending
you down a motherfucking daddy enrolled I’m not for them you know it says so
anyway I found this book and it struck a chord with me just because he said white
people Indians and Highlanders and already knew the Highlanders was the
Scottish warrior niggas but unlike them they separating them for white people
you know mean like on their own white people separating up so don’t look at
seaworld wise they separate now because they didn’t want to be indoctrinated you
know sir we definitely gonna look it up yeah and see what that let’s start
connecting all the dots you start wondering how do all these people have
this information I have Irish in my lineage but they were marinated from
Dublin Ireland exactly don’t mean black Dublin means Blackpool love says this
what I’m saying like uh the original list persons of quality are you gonna
lose screenshot there man ain’t no telling oh that’s the moderator you talk
to him okay check it out you say some native societies like the plains Ojibwa
zoom Highland settlers met at Red River in Manitoba with patrilineal like the
Highlanders themselves however many of the Indian nations with whom Highlanders
interacted traced kinship through women the clan was the basic unit of Cherokee
society all Cherokees belong to one of seven matrilineal clans
and all clan members supposedly descended from a common ancestor Klan
membership gave an individual a place in society no tomorrow you see how
important this is you know I mean and that’s why they tricking niggas into
being everything else because this gave you a place you know me and clan ties
bound autonomous Cherokee towns together as one nation in one people kinship
relationships determined both personal and social relations and clan members
were obliged to care for protect and if necessary avenge the deaths of clan
relatives Ganga gong-gong clans have a deep history in
the highlands but the plans most prominent in Scottish history the
Campbell’s McDonald’s Frasier’s cameras and others these sound like all niggas
are known eggs emerge from the Middle Ages when Norman Lords moved north and
established feudal patterns of land holding that fused with Gaelic tribal
traditions to produce a feudal tribalism originally based on kinship clans came
to revolve around land distribution and defense a Highland clan was a group of
extended patrilineal families held together by the paternalism and
patronage of the elite the clan chief in the gentry blah blah blah
so I say smaller class sometimes put themselves under the protection of a
larger clan thirteenth-century for instance the chief of Clan blah blah
blah we trying to get past this right here it’s um well a bunch of white
people shit in ancient times the Highlanders like the Indians added
prisoners of war into their tribes carrying off children whose parents they
had killed tribal chiefs on both sides of the Atlantic were expected to act for
the good of their people so what do you talk about on both sides of the Atlantic
you no sense so they over here posted up with the Indians you know I’m talking
about and even nowadays dude the coolest white people you meet gonna be the Irish
more focused esters real-life Native American societies lacked for feudal
aspect of Highland clans bum ba-bum I have service have ancestors that came
from surname carobs and an Inca hmm man this shit is deep man
you know I’m Sam she’s deeper so that’s just some of them names they just
sounded like all niggas names you know I’m Sam and North Britain let me see let
me fine I wanted to find a boom okay this is it right here
he’s Shawn I wanted to show how he was how they were using everybody against
each other here right here he’s say in the late
18th the global the global colonisation going on you don’t say how they like
even like right now they’re using us to like colonize somebody else cuz we buy
like you know saying oh no and then get probably some motherfucker don’t
fake-ass Gucci belt something like that’s a motherfucking Filipinos or
someone got down ain’t no telling Africans you know says some somebody in
South America you don’t mean somebody wanted them eyelids and she just like
sprint every time I called sprint goddamn me day in day in the Philippines
or something to Dominican Republic so what they doing is they undercut numb
people you know I’m saying it colonizing the shit out of em you know mean instead
of paying us are just do but at the same time just by us won’t in the service
we’re helping them colonize them people if that makes sense
yeah man y’all doing too much talking Inhofe’s cool man peace and blessings
indigenous realest was going on alright so right here now the global
colonization is saying that late 18th and 19th century clan chiefs and the
Highlands of Scotland turned their estates over to commercial sheep farming
in what became known as the Highland Clearances people who had lived in the
Glen’s from time Memorial were relocated to crops on the Seacoast
to factory towns in the lowlands or to immigrant ships bound for America
so now King George is shipping the ass out of Scotland you know said he say
boom cuz he I’m wondering you looking at like damn these Europeans just flooding
over here you know I’m saying like why was they flooding over here some of
these people were slaves and that’s why the slave story ain’t our story all
these white people came over here all ships up said it wasn’t the biggest we
was already here man you don’t sound like what the nigga Dane say the slave
trade okay we’re here the slave trade told in Reverse you don’t say like this
ain’t our story exactly Joe this is their story of how they got here knowing
about this what niggas don’t understand bro and the more niggas some of them oh
I’m talking about the morons from 1787 nigga so don’t get mad but dumb niggas
with some police ass grab you up as niggas you don’t saying they was agents
of Morocco and we know them niggas are some barbarians and a blond
hair blue eye red hair pale face people by majority my nigga no saying they said
it that imma Zig make up 65% of the population and it’s 30% of them you know
I’m talking about over there you know me so I just jumped on here man and now we
going in okay so people game is say boom boom boom
okay saying what became known as the Highland Clearances people who had lived
in the Glen’s from time immemorial were relocated to cross they did the same
shit to them that they came over here did to the Indians but they did it to
them first you know I’m saying and instead of putting them on a reservation
they could be watching Pharaoh you don’t tell him about let him watch that’s all
they could do cuz most high got me man we untouchable and we eat mortal fuck
they gonna do we gonna live past all they hate just like this message you
know I’m talking about so uh boom so they clearing the Scottish out the
British is clearing the Scottish out of there and that’s how they all come over
here you notice a so boom they was relocated to cross on the Seacoast to
factory towns in the lowlands or to immigrant ships bound for America it’s a
sheep were brought in from the south to graze the lands these people vacated you
know I’m saying while mutton and wolf from the new Highland flocks were
shipped south to industrial in England Indians in the North American fur trade
war woolen blankets made by children in York Shire textile mills from the wool
of sheep grazing on the lands of displaced Highlanders some of who made
careers in the North American fur trade so now they got these white people got
them yeah man they got the Irish people did so the Scots the Scot Irish then the
British don’t sent them either over here to America or what to say or to the York
Shire textile mills you know I’m saying they got them working in the factories
to make what I say what they said it was making in the textile mills and they
said hey they making the woolen blankets and say the Indians in the North
American fur trade war woolen blankets made by children
York Shire textile mills from the wool of sheep grazing on the land of
displaced Highlanders so they you know they’re coming over here giving it the
India’s blankets but they got the loo enslave Scottish kids you don’t observe
from the low layers of shit working in the factories in York Shire to make the
blankets that they trade with the Indians
so they colonizing two continents simultaneously that’s what I’m saying
this shit heavy it’s a lowland Scots who invested in
sheep farming in the highlands and later in cattle ranching on the Great Plains
that’s a fact help eradicate tribal pastoralism on communal land on both
sides of the Atlantic sea they was on that communal land shit too
you know I’m saying it’s a sheep replaced cattle in the highlands of
Scotland and cattle replaced Buffalo on the Great Plains you know I’m talking
about so they run in a game and they I’m gonna see if this is the book where he
talking about it because he was talking about how the Indians was too strong to
fight so they had to kill the Buffalo to starve starve the Warriors out because
they couldn’t kill us you know so they killed on a buffalo and niggas start
eating McDonald’s gotcha bitch all right it’s a UH as Highlanders and Indians
endured assaults on their lands resources and cultures and experienced
massive economic and social change colonial divide and rule strategies to
say colonial divided rule strategies and competing tribal interests undermined
tribal struggles for independence see if you read this whole book once you get
into it he gonna they show you how they start turning the Scots against niggers
and you know I’m saying like started pitting everybody against each other and
you know they own that snake religion shit so they probably had that planned
out the gate I could see them having to do Joe say I could see them having to do
that because they was kidding they asked with yeah they had to they had to get
them on the team you know it’s that same reason they same thing they did with us
they had to get to India’s on a squad what they tell him oh you’re part of the
Brotherhood Wow yeah go fuck them up you know saying
and meanwhile they and lund is somewhere sipping tea with bad ass teeth I’m sorry
and got everybody there been colonised fighting each other you don’t send they
grabbing niggas I’ve got us fighting each other cuz they gonna fight just
like now they’re gonna make us fight each other
you don’t say no matter what even if it’s niggas I shop with the Moors –
Indians – pan Africans the Muslims the Hebrews they’re gonna make us fight each
other you don’t stand well are you dumb niggas you know I’m sayin
but this Hawks cool so hopefully this all hawks you know talking about in the
session and you know we know we know what it is let’s see boom
alright let’s let’s get a little more into a theater they’re gonna snitch a
little bit more I’m trying not to make God you know me had to read the whole
shit bone colonizing powers tried to replace traditional loyalties see they
say colonizing powers try to replace traditional loyalties – clan and tribe
with loyalty to the nation you know I’m talking about some Chiefs cozied up with
colonial authorities to bolster their own positions and some readily embraced
new commercial values and economic orders in Scotland as in North America a
united people was able to conquer a disunited one you see what he said a
united people was able to conquer a disunited one that’s the whole jewel
right there bro you know I’m Sam niggas disunited and they got all these
agent ass niggas put in a place to keep us disunited but come on over here to
Hawks cool and we’re gonna keep it all the way 1,000 you know I’m saying like I
say we don’t had no no objective ain’t which on an induction I didn’t go with
nothin man we just putting the facts out here on the table and I’m talking about
it’s like given the works of colonialism it would be unusual if parallel
experiences did not emerge imperial powers produce similar conditions and
responses among very different peoples in various parts of the world in the
18th century for example Scotland and the American colonies occupied similar
positions and endured comparable peripheral experiences as cultural
provinces of the English core you know I’m saying like I said that he
was simultaneously conquering more for colonizing motherfuckers on the sea now
now we get into that’s right Johnny we learning together now we get into you
know saying they put niggas into power you know boom P game you say finding
opportunities rather than oppression in the British Empire many Scots became
avid colonizers themselves so now the bully
he was getting bullied now he’s gonna start bullying moreover not all Scottish
immigrants were Highlanders or poor farmers Scottish merchants form
commercial cliques and dominated the Indian trade in the southeastern United
States and Canada see now they got to eat niggaz in the snake religion and
boom they probably already got the inside connect you know say his cousin
probably married to some Indian or some he’s staying with the Indian he like
yeah what’s up man faking like he with the shit but he’s snake religion it’s a
Scottish etiquette educators were prominent in colonial society Scottish
and Scottish trained ministers dominated the Episcopalian and Presbyterian
churches and more than 150 Scottish doctors migrated to America in the 18th
century and we know one of those Scottish doctors who migrated to America
oh that was well that’s 19th century ain’t it he was 18 20 something his
mother fucking James McCune man that’s right
almost a whole lot of colonial medical profession was Scottish and Magritte or
Scottish trained hmm say Highland soldiers fought for New Territories and
Highland settlers then occupied them Scotland itself became an imperial
nation within the British state so not a an imperial nation within the British
state I exactly miss you now you’re connecting
the dots it’s a a whole nation I’m skipping down a little bit but like I
say could go get the book and what I’m gonna do is I’m gonna go find the PDF
most high willing and then I’m gonna put it in I’m gonna put it in the
description of the lie so if you come back and hit that like you know tell me
I’ll share this shit when you come back the book is gonna be you’re gonna be
able to download the book for the free money and you can read the whole thing
like ain’t tryin to trick you ain’t tryin to act like this some secret book
or some just I’m just reading but it says a whole nation any time any time
you say a whole nation need not be colonized for colonialism to exist you
hear that a whole nation need not be colonized for colonial colonialism to
exist that’s these agent ass niggas they know that to say that Highland Scots and
American Indians experienced colonialism is not to say that they face the same
colonialism or were subjected to it in all the same ways both groups
encountered their own brand of internal colonialism each one was subjected to
political economic and cultural integration by the dominant core and
suffered marginalization dislocation exploitation and dependency because now
you’ve got these people over here you don’t talk about and they uh they
displace they refugees job said we could be going man we looking at it like down
they just came over here like oh free land while they was already enslaved and
trampled and they don’t kilt they Grandmama’s raped a aunties and all that
so they all fucked up you know I’m saying they own a whole nother land so
they ready to bang it out they like okay well shit y’all want some land and bang
out with these Indians you notice any people playing us like chess money don’t
um well they say colony colonization worked along class and
regional as well as racial lines colonization worked along class and
regional as well as racial lines say assalamualaikum I find out Indians were
called India’s India but actually Stan’s Latin and the word Indian is
Latin for the people of God yeah this is what I was trying to tell niggas bro
nobody been calling India only white Columbus was looking for India my nigga
at 1492 is if he had time traveler cuz India didn’t exist until 1947 you know
says all or they called y’all Hindus because India brought it India didn’t
exist until 1947 that’s Hindustan so why don’t they call
us Hindustan nigga cuz we since we from Hindustan Oh
India’s are from India get your dumb ass off mum anyway it’s a whole nations need
need not be colonized all right we already skipped through all that boom
you say colonisation worked along class and regional as well as racial lines
Highland Scots fared differently from lowland Scots and Highland peasants
differently from high landlords like the children who worked listen to this now
like the children who work 12 to 14 hours a day in British textile mills
producing here go to Jules I was looking for producing inexpensive cloth now
listen here go to its global colonialism Oh nigga it’s say like the children who
work 12 to 14 hours a day in British textile mills producing inexpensive
cloth the Indians who bought the products of this child labour by
overhunting were simultaneously participants in and victims of a
colonial system that affected lives on both continents can see we buying the
shit yeah children slavery they got these kids working 12 14 hours and we
trade in them furs and shit for the shit they got the slaves making so we helping
don’t keep the slaves working and we killing ourselves at the same damn time
boy well only the devil could be that smart you know about straight up
you said colonial relationships did not always break down neatly into exploit
and exploit it as mercantile and capitalist forces incorporated people
and redeployed their bodies and their labor roles and even identity shifted
the binary of colonizer colonized does not take into account for
the development of different layerings within each group and across the two
groups it’s a notes Linda to Lee Smith the
demands and pressure of colonialism move people from one area of the Empire to
another as if they were commodities you know I’m saying because all this shit is
still the British you know I’m saying is still the British Empire and it’s some
old people is deeper behind the British you know something but I ain’t even
gonna set a name on her you know I’m talking about the British word you know
creating the new Jib geopolitical maps that going to social yeah all this
history come from him all this shit coming out of Cambridge and all this so
you don’t say I’m British shit you know I’m Sam all these all these are what is
it these orders you know I’m saying order of the knight Templar and order
Etta this and order of that you know saying that’s all giving allegiance to
the Queen you know say yeah they still doing it
today niggas still making an allegiance to the coin today David just brought her
over here and was hi siding her and shit like this her country no I’m saying like
didn’t y’all bang it out with them you know me but now y’all over here the high
side in this bitch Oh boom they say tribal people develop strategies to deal
with colonialism to maximize their independence
excuse me independence in an increasingly dependent relationship and
to manipulate colonial relationships to their own advantage
sometimes they made a new place for themselves within an empire hold on hold
on pause British high between behind different
aliases so Jesuit in America yeah man you already know what it is I gotta know
you big honking you stay put me up on game they say sometimes they made a new
place for themselves within an empire or between empires and sometimes they
restricted frustrated and reshaped imperial projects occasionally they
responded to the violence and chaos unleashed by colonialism by projecting
violence and chaos onto weaker neighbors I said to Iroquois in the Northeast to
osage’s on the prairies and the Comanches and Lakotas on the Great
Plains demonstrated that Indian people were capable of exploiting the
conditions created by colonial contacts and competitions to establish
empires of their own these native powers did not set up the structure and edifice
is associated with Roman or British models of empire but they built and
maintained they say had jump hegemony heg he mo and why expanded their
territorial control exploited people and resources utilized violence dominated
trade waged economic warfare and often incorporated other groups of
subordinates and the patterns of power diplomacy diplomacy excuse me it’s a UH it’s not like he was talking bad about
the India zone like this year it’s a conquest and colonialism entailed more
than defeating people occupying their land okay and exploiting their resources
okay now I’m gonna snitch because he said conquests and colonialism entailed
more than defeating people occupying their land and exploiting their
resources it also involved constructing representations of the colonized peoples
and separating them from their languages there’s social relations there ways of
understanding the world that’s why I’m right here brother nigga’s understanding
the world all wrong bro we ain’t never gonna get right it’s a and their
histories colonialism consumed other histories and submerge them in the
narratives of the nation-state and colonial education served as an
instrument to incorporate problem people’s into the state see they want to
incorporate problem people’s into the state that’s what all these little
fake-ass groups of these agent ass niggas is for so that he just explained
it so that they can incorporate problem people’s into the state now you got a
place they got a place for you nigga for a long time
British histories that included Scotland tended to end their courage with the
defeat of Prince Charles Edward Stuart in the Jacobites
at Culloden in 1746 as American histories ended their coverage of
Indians in New England with the defeat of King Philip in 1676 or nationally
with the massacre at Wounded Knee in 1890 so they say it’s once we get to
getting a snow lord they like fucker we just
want to quit putting them in history we write about them they fucked us up we
don’t even want to connect no dust for nobody to know about them so to say they
say scottson Indians mattered only as so long as they resisted the growth of the
nation American Indians and Highland Scots preserved their histories in their
oral tradition but in Britain and America tribal histories were ignored or
told from someone else’s perspective and written in someone else’s language and
that’s what I’d be telling it when they’d be acting like oh man we study
him oh don’t they try to tap in so they could still yeah and that’s what I’m
saying when niggas be trying to talk about oh man we studying this is the
knowledge of our ancestors and all that boy your ancestor didn’t write that book
my nigga you know saying you got to be more objective man taking this shit on
face value no saying niggas acting like they all mystical and shit reading Ellis
least or Crowley books and Madame Blavatsky’s shit tomorrow this is our
ancestors Oh science and they stole it from us well what the fuck you reading a
book for that first they took was our language yeah that’s the first thing
they took of course they got to take our language because we have an oil oral
history all the history is all see but if you notice like most Scottish Irish
motherfucker that got them songs and them poems and shit that they’d be
singing in all this shit and they’d be telling a history through that you know
what I’m saying and that’s the whole thing
nigga our history gonna be a fuckin MeeGo song diff niggas don’t tighten up
you know I’m talking about I heard all of our history is off of the
American shores you had to go to Europe to see the truth yeah went dead um in
that video too uh Pirates of the Atlantic I’m plugging my own shit uh
Pirates are the Atlantic you got a UH it was talking about that shit I don’t let
me bring it back man hold on what’d he say oh yeah they had to uh
the shit was in Vienna no sand of the book they had to uh like a book that
some artists wrote when you watch the video you’ll remember what
I was talking about but some like a painter or something had got grabbed up
by the barbers and he kept a book and like a you know niggas write in journals
and shit they had on Twitter you know too much so he writing in the book but
they got the book in Vienna you know what I’m saying you won’t never even see
the book you know I mean unless dude made a little documentary about it let’s
say let me see what else the books country so yeah it was talking about the
highlights a this book looks at Indian country as a whole but they say looks at
Indian country as a whole but only at the Highlands of Scotland see because
the Highlands was the ones who want amalgamate ain’t that the word I’m
trying to be smart as shit but y’all know they weren’t they wasn’t with the
shit you know I’m saying let me just say it like you understand it the odd the
Highland Scots they wasn’t with the shit you know I’m talking about the lowlands
they was they was with the shit you know I’m saying it’s a the lowland Scots crop
up repeatedly in the story and appear as colonizers on both sides of the Atlantic
the Highlands and western islands to her he breeds of Scotland former cultural
and other geographic region the rugged highlands are separated from the rest of
Britain by the Highland line see they was even talking about when Rome tried
to defeat them you know I’m saying that they couldn’t defeat them but they live
up in the mountains and shit and and they wasn’t it wasn’t rocking with the
British shit they didn’t want to amalgamate shit so they called them
savages same way they do us here if you don’t want to get with the shit in your
sandwich but man we don’t went in for a minute so I’m gonna just let y’all you
know saying chop it up and shit and next time I’m gonna have something a little
more plan but I feel like we learned something man I learned something you
know I’m talking about peace to everybody who you know man rocking with
us man appreciate you take your time out and like I said man hopefully we we all
got something for that like comment subscribe
shit I’m gonna be back here man Oh let’s party I said and then I have it together
a little bit better them more professionally shit you know and Sam got
a man used to try bloody nowhere to do this man
appreciates out there honey

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    The 16th century English playwright William Shakespeare used the word Moor as a synonym for African. His contemporary Christopher Marlowe also used African and Moor interchangeably.

    Arab writers further buttress the black identity of the Moors.  The powerful Moorish Emperor Yusuf ben-Tachfin is described by an Arab chronicler as “a brown man with wooly hair.”

    Black soldiers, specifically identified as Moors, were actively recruited by Rome, and served in Britain, France, Switzerland, Austria, Hungary, Poland, and Romania.  St. Maurice, patron saint of medieval Europe, was only one of many black soldiers and officers under the employ of the Roman Empire.

    Although generations of Spanish rulers have tried to expunge this era from the historical record, recent archeology and scholarship now shed fresh light on the Moors who flourished in Al-Andalus for more than 700 years – from 711 AD until 1492.  The Moorish advances in mathematics, astronomy, art, and agriculture helped propel Europe out of the Dark Ages and into the Renaissance.

    The Moors brought enormous learning to Spain that over centuries would percolate through the rest of Europe.

    The intellectual achievements of the Moors in Spain had a lasting effect; education was universal in Moorish Spain, while in Christian Europe, 99 percent of the population was illiterate, and even kings could neither read nor write. At a time when Europe had only two universities, the Moors had seventeen, located in Almeria, Cordova, Granada, Juen, Malaga, Seville, and Toledo.

    To sum it up; Black people taught the WORLD everything, and then the WORLD turned against BLACK PEOPLE and used lies, distortions and PAPER GENOCIDE to hide and steal BLACK PEOPLE'S identity.

  7. Titles of Nobility Clause:

    The Secret and Original 13th Amendment.

    1.) Islam Moors, I just so happened to be doing some law work on behalf of a brother of our, and ended up digging deeper into our Titles of Nobility, (Al, Ali, Bey, Dey, & El).

    2.) As mentioned in a prior post on Titles of Nobility, there has been a Continuation of Laws that I have been able to trace back to 1493, which prohibits those in any Official capacity, including the Officers of the Court from accepting, Emoluments, Benefits, Et Cetera, from those who bear an Office, or those included in a Profit or Trust, under a Title of Nobility.

    3.) The United States cannot confer a Title of Nobility as we know that Nobles come from a Family or Nation of Nobles, and the United States is a Corporation, no Nobility in a Corporation.

    4.) I've known those well learned in the law, and have read in case law that many are under the impression that the Title of Nobility applies to the Attorneys and Bankers, as they have the Titles of Esquire (ESQ).

    a.) The Problem with Attorneys and Bankers being Nobles is that Attorneys have been stripped of their National Citizenship, when they took their Oath of Office.

    b.) The Officers of the Court are operating in a Commercialized, Denationalized Status, as “Foreign Agents,” under the IMF, and the United Nations, as required by their Oath of Office, while serving in a Public Capacity; see 22 CFR Foreign Relations §§92.12-92.30; see also Title 8 USC §1481 “Loss of Nationality by Native Born or Naturalized Citizen; Voluntary Action; Burden of Proof; Presumptions;” see also Title 22 USC Foreign Relations and Intercourse, §§610-611; see also Title 22 USC §286. “Acceptance of Membership by United States in International Monetary Fund.”

    c.) The Court itself is a Foreign State according to Congressional Mandate, see Title 28 USC §1608.

    d.) No Nobility with the Attorneys and Bankers.

    5.) Nobility (no-bil-i-ti), n. Dignity of Mind; Distinction of Family or Rank; Body of Nobles. Websters Dictionary (1877).

    6.) Article 1, Section 9, Clause 8. No Title of Nobility shall be granted by the United States: And no Person holding any Office of Profit or Trust under them, shall, without the Consent of the Congress, accept of any present, Emolument, Office, or Title, of any kind whatever, from any King, Prince or foreign State.

    7.) The Titles of Nobility Amendment is a proposed amendment to the United States Constitution. It was approved by the 11th Congress on May 1, 1810, and submitted to the state legislatures for ratification. It would strip United States citizenship from any citizen who accepted a title of nobility from a foreign country.

    8.) On two occasions between 1812 and 1816 it was within two states of the number needed to become a valid part of the Constitution. Congress did not set a time limit for its ratification, so the amendment is still pending before the states.

    9.) Ratification by an additional 26 states is needed for this amendment to be adopted.

    10.) The "missing" 13th Amendment to the Constitution of the United States reads as follows:

    "If any citizen of the United States shall accept, claim, receive, or retain any title of nobility or honour, or shall without the consent of Congress, accept and retain any present, pension, office, or emolument of any kind whatever, from any emperor, king, prince, or foreign power, such person shall cease to be a citizen of the United States, and shall be incapable of holding any office of trust or profit under them, or either of them." [Emphasis added.]

    11.) "Pasha, Bey, and Effendi are the most familiar of the Eastern Titles of Nobility."
    The New Werner Twentieth Century Edition of the Encyclopaedia Volume 23, 1907.

    see also The Home Encyclopaedia of 1895;

    See also Americanized Encylopaedia Britannica of 1890.

    12.) Some of may know about the Cestui que vie Trust, which was establish through the creation of the Birth Certificate and the SSN.

    13.) Many of us are not aware that if you're ever arrested and the court has you locked up on a Bond, or you had to Bail yourself out, then the Court has Cease Resources from your Cestui que vie Trust, and are hold you as Surety for the Bond retrieved from your Trust.

    14.) Put simply, the court has you on $150,000 Bond, means they took $150,000 from your Trust, and don't plan to give it back, and when you get convicted the Judges and Attorneys get paid off the Bond.

    15.) I still have lots to research on Titles of Nobility, and am i need of the downtown Law Library as the online sources are not sufficient.

    16.) However, putting two and two together tells me that If you have a Title of Nobility (Al, Ali, Bey, Dey, and El) Affixed to your Appellation, and you have a Cestui que vie Trust, the Officers of the Court would be in violation of Article 1 § 9 Clause 8, by Extracting "Emoluments, or Benefits," from a Moors Cestui que vie trust on a Bonded amount, and holding the Moor as Surety for the payment of the Bond amount.

    17.) My research is concluding that the Moors have lots of work to do, and we have to take care of lots of Unfinished Business.

    The Remaining 26 States Ratifying the Original 13th Amendment is part of it.

    18.) I'm under the impression that if the 13th Amendment was designed to Abolish Involuntary Slavery and Servitude, then the Title of Nobility Clause was placed their to protect the Integrity of the United States as a Corporation and its Commercialized United States Citizens, as legislation was aware at that time that there would be "Emancipated Moors," waking up to their Nationality, Names, Titles, Fezzes, and Creed.

    19.) Your Inheritance is yours, and no one can cheat you out of it, unless you agree to it.


    What's your thoughts or Insights on Titles of Nobility?

    Genesis 25:29-34English Standard Version (ESV)

    Esau Sells His Birthright

    29 Once when Jacob was cooking stew, Esau came in from the field, and he was exhausted.

    30 And Esau said to Jacob, “Let me eat some of that red stew, for I am exhausted!” (Therefore his name was called Edom.)

    31 Jacob said, “Sell me your birthright now.”

    32 Esau said, “I am about to die; of what use is a birthright to me?”

    33 Jacob said, “Swear to me now.”

    So he swore to him and sold his birthright to Jacob. 34 Then Jacob gave Esau bread and lentil stew, and he ate and drank and rose and went his way.

    Thus Esau despised his birthright.

    Peace and Love!

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