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about LUSH: Boxing Day Sale Haul & Review 2019

about LUSH: Boxing Day Sale Haul & Review 2019

Hello and welcome to my channel my name
is Niamh and in today’s video I’m gonna be doing my now annual I guess Lush Boxing
Day sale haul. Now last year my video about this I went a little bit crazy and
bought a lot of things. So this year, I was a lot more self restrained because
last year I changed my buying habits to not just be crazy buy everything I like
I need it I want to get it but somehow I still ended up buying bath bombs when
the reality is I don’t really take baths. there are certain times in my life where
I do take a lot of baths but like if that’s not happening then I won’t be
taking baths so yes the bath bombs are nice they
smell good there was a good sale happening but I don’t actually need nor
really use them so this year I cut back a lot. I literally only bought 4 things so I
thought I would show you what I got this year and then review some of the things I got
last year just to make it a more informative
I guess video so let’s take a look at what I bought this year. In this tubberware
I literally I bring this to lush because if you don’t have a container you only
have the option to put it in those little paper bags and these naked shower
gels just with paper it does not work so I always just bring my own Tupperware
and put them in here and my sister was really judging me about it but they had
no issue with it they were like oh you brought your own Tupperware and I was like yes! And I
got two naked shower gels which I’m not sure I can pick them up.
I’ll try pick them up by the cap. This one is the beloved Snow Fairy scent
which in most products I don’t like it I think it’s too strong but in the naked
shower gel I think it works quite well because it’s a lot more subtle oh and if
you don’t know Snow Fairy is like a bubblegum very sweet yeah that’s kind of
all bubblegum and sweet sugar scent candy floss maybe and naked shower gels
basically you use them like you would a bar of soap except they’re I don’t think
they’re antibacterial they’re just shower gels so you can either rub
the whole thing directly on your wet body or you can just take a wet hand and
rub this and then rub your body or put some with a loofah like a scrub a
loofah on it and then put it on and the other one I got was this gold specimen
which is the yog nog scent which last year I bought a bath melt? I bought something in
the yog nog scent and was pretty good so I was very excited they chose it to be
this year’s festive flavor and look it’s so pretty and gold so I’m
wondering if it’s going to leave shimmer on my body
maybe I don’t mind if it does oh I didn’t say you nog is like a caramel
toffee scent it’s sweet but not sickly it’s more rich I guess just think
caramel you know according to my receipt so the Snow Fairy one was 5.50 originally
11 euro but the yog nog was more expensive it’s originally 14.50 and it
was on sale for 7.25 7.25 and 5.50 I don’t think are bad I don’t fully know how
long one of those shower gels lasts I know it definitely lasts like at least
three months but this year today’s the 31st of December starting the first I’m
only gonna use these I’ll start with one then use the other if I go away I’m
bringing a chunk anywhere I go I’m only using these no shower gel so I can truly
see how long they last and if two will last the whole year which I’ll let you
know in next year’s haul so that was those the next thing I got which I did
plan to buy where some toothy tabs these I think this was the only flavor on sale
the dirty toothy tabs are loaded with cooling spearmint and feel-good neroli
oils for superbly herby freshness on the go and if you don’t know how you use
these is you just take a tab put it in your mouth, bite it, wet your toothbrush and
brush your teeth as normal and the reason I got these I don’t use these
everyday but when I travel I think they’re really good because they take up
so much less space because you can just take the tabs out and put them somewhere
else so I wanted to get some of these because
I’m running low on the ones I already have it says this bottle is made from
100% recycled plastic whenever lush post these on their Instagram
people always ask or suggest they should be put in a reusable container which I
agree cuz you know every little helps but yes I have not tried this yet so I
don’t know how offensive the flavor is because the ones I tried before are
quite offensive so we’ll see how those go
the toothy tabs were 4.50 originally 9 euro no way would I ever pay 9 euro for
this I just think that’s way too expensive there’s approximately a
hundred tabs in it so sometimes well most of the time because the flavour so
strong I normally just use half so in a day I could use one you know morning and
night so it would last 100 days which is just over three months which I think
nine euro for three months three euro on toothpaste per month isn’t actually too
bad I think 4.50 is okay but nine I don’t know about all that and the last thing I
got is something I’ve never actually tried before and it is the Jersey Bounce
shampoo pot I guess I’ve used a Lush naked shampoos but never any normal
shampoos these are originally 20 euro for this pot and it is 300 grams so it was on
sale for 10 euro I thought I’d try because my luck with solid shampoo bars
is going downhill I want to try get rid of all plastic in my routine but
sometimes like I really tried with the solid shampoos I think the lush ones
were okay but it took a while to adjust and then I ran out and I found this
cheaper alternative online and it was absolutely awful I tried for so long so
many ways my hair just always looked disgusting so here’s me somewhat trying
again I thought this shampoo would be slightly better than traditional plastic
shampoo since it’s part of Lush’s campaign where if you bring back five empty
pots they will recycle them and give you a free face mask and I also thought this would be
good since it’s a pot you could literally scoop every single last drop
of the shampoo out now to be honest I couldn’t tell you if they actually
recycle it for all I know they could take the pots throw them in a skip
somewhere and that could be the end of it but I’m optimistic
and hopeful that they do actually recycle them because I was thinking
about it and if you put a shampoo bottle in the
recycling bin does it actually get recycled since there’s probably still
bits of shampoo in it so they’re like not clean refuse cuz aren’t they super fussy
but anyway yada yada yada besides the point this has a lot of scents going on I was
trying to determine because it says on top plumping sea-salt moisturizing honey
and fresh new citrus sound and then here it says packed with linseed, salt and juice
and then on the back it says coarse and fine sea salt and also
aquafaba, fair trade olive oil so there’s a lot happening though I was really
impressed that it has aquafaba cuz that’s the juice of chickpeas I honestly think
this smells really good to me it smells kind of like when I made these
vegan lemon bars it really smells like that smells like a tiny bit lemon but then
there’s a stronger scent of like slightly bananay, my nose is getting in it. I do think what the
scents I have called out it does pretty much smell like that I’m also gonna see
how long this lasts based on number of washes since buying this I have used it
twice and honestly I really like how it’s working with my hair unfortunately
though as many people complain about the lush solid shampoos it does contain SLS
sodium laureth sulphate if that’s how you pronounce it sodium laur-rate?
laur-ret? sulfate which people have issues with and I was
googling to try see what is actually so bad about it and it is the chemical I
guess used to make things ladder up and form a foam and from what I can gather I
think it takes away some of your essential oils and apparently I think it
strips color from dyed hair I don’t dye my hair so I’m not really
concerned about that but obviously stripping the essential oils wouldn’t be
the best though pretty much every shampoo I looked at in my bathroom that
other people use have SLS so I don’t think it’s dangerous it’s just not the
best thing to be using I believe so anyway this was that. 10 euro 300 grams really
nice smell so now I’m gonna give a quick little review of some of the things I
got in last year’s Boxing Day sale whenever I say that I have to think about it
cuz we say Stephen’s Day so I’m always like boxing day sale yeah anyway that’s
totally random. last year I got this guv’ner deodorant powder that I was very
intrigued about and I must say I’m enjoying it it was not on sale this year
so I could not repurchase it I mean I could have for full price but no thanks
so this basically right I talked more about this in last year’s video and
actually described it so if you’re interested you can watch that
but I’ve used this quite a few times I won’t say it loads but I have used it
quite a bit and it still looks like super full so I think this will last a
long time so might be worth the full price but I’m not sure what full price is
let me have a look okay full price last year was 10.96 the first time I used this
I hated it I thought it was terrible because I used it and like went out
somewhere and then I came home and I was like right my armpits just smell as if I
didn’t put deodorant on so like not bad but just like they’re doing their
natural sweating so they just smelled sweaty but then I used it a few more
times and I was like wow it’s actually working because I would put it on then
cycle into town and I’d be going to the gym so if they did smell it wouldn’t
matter because I’d be having a shower in anyways and I would smell and there was
just like no smell at all like there wasn’t a smell of this, there wasn’t a smell of
sweat there was just no smell I was like oh my god maybe it does work so now we use a
quite a bit I will say I don’t think it lasts incredibly long and if you were in
heat it would probably last even less but I do
think it does just kind of take away any scent so there’s just no scent under
your armpit which is pretty impressive so I do really like this and I will
definitely continue using it so this was good I would recommend next thing I
bought last year that I repurchased this year was the limelight toothy tabs that
might look super full because em it is and it’s got a hair on it I also have the what are they called? The
charcoal I don’t know what they’re actually called but boom I think they’re boom
toothy tops they’re like charcoal and Cola and I use them more because I’m like ooh
charcoal whitening but then apparently charcoal is now dangerous for your teeth
so but anyway so I’ve used these these I think taste better than the charcoal
ones and there’s not really an aftertaste so basically I like both of
these things even though they are in plastic which is unfortunate it says
it’s recyclable and the last two things I bought last year that I’m gonna review our
two naked things and they are the Ro Argan I think that’s what it was called body
conditioner which doesn’t look like I’ve used it but I have taken this chunk out
of it and it got stained from my cinders naked shower gel because they were in the same
container and the lil pot of energy I think this is called solid body lotion
which again I cut a chunk off I’ll start with this this you put on in the shower
like shower gel but it’s supposed to be more moisturizing and it has glitter in
it this was 8.25, 16.50 full price I would not pay 16.50, 8.25 meh but I wouldn’t buy again because my beef with this it feels
like I need to get my arm and like do it so many times and then it finally lathers a
tiny bit and then I can rub it in I do think the glitter effect is nice it
looks nice afterwards however it just feels so abrasive to put on and then
once it’s on and washed off it feels like they’re still kind of a residue and
I need to rinse a couple more times which I’m not a big fan of I don’t know
if that was me doing something wrong but yeah I wouldn’t buy this again but I do like
the scent and the glitter effect so obviously I will finish using this
probably for the rest of my fricking life but I would not buy it again now this naked
body lotion this was 7.47. Full price 14.95 and I love the
smell of it and I do think it doesn’t super quickly melt to the body
temperature but it’s nowhere near as bad as the body conditioner however I do
think it’s kind of a greasy feel like I rub it and then when I rub it in with my hand
there’s like definitely grease on my hand and it feels way more greasy than
it is like moisturizing so again I would not buy this again I don’t really use it
cuz I don’t like the greasy feel but I definitely will use it up but yeah if
you’re think about buying this it’s greasy
in my opinion okay and the last thing I wanted to mention in this video were
prices so I noticed this year compared to things I bought last year prices had
increased which is interesting and both years the Snow Fairy naked shower gel was
was cheaper than whatever the other scent was but after making some notes I
can report to you the toothy tabs last year where 7.50 this year they’re 9 euro
which in my opinion that’s no 25 cent increase that is
quite a big increase and it’s still it is the same thing like nothing
has changed about it other than the price like aprox 100 tabs, approx 100 tabs. you’re not getting any more products they’ve just decided to whack
the price up so obviously this was now 4.50 instead of 3.75 which that doesn’t seem like
a crazy difference but nine euro verus 7.50 interesting conspiracy also the
shower gel last year Snow Fairy full price was 10.95 which hmm so I got it for 5.47
however this year Snow Fairy was 11 euro which is only a 5 cent increase so
that’s not that bad so it was 5.50 instead of 5.47 you know 3 cents
which isn’t bad but it is going up however the other naked shower gel last
year the flavor was cinders which I’m not sure they definitely I don’t think
they brought it back in naked shower gel I’m not sure about other items that was
11.95, 5.97 sale price which was like the special festive flavor however this year
the special flavor yog nog is 14.50 originally so I got it for 7.25
which I don’t know it’s interesting to think about those increases when the
actual product isn’t changing it’s not getting bigger it’s not nothing has
changed except for the price which I know people say inflation bla bla bla
but you know people notice these things anyway that’s just me ranting and being
annoying and noticing small things so yeah that is everything I got in the
lush boxing day sale haul oh I wanted to mention the lush sale I’m
pretty sure according to the website last until the 7th or the 8th of
December I will double-check that right now oh I was wrong the sale will begin on
the 26th of December as we all know and will finish in the UK and Ireland on
the 12th (Jan) or when stocks run out you actually have until the 12th so you have
almost two weeks to go pick up anything you like so if you’re not home right now
or don’t have a chance to go right now you still have time I hope you enjoyed
this video thank you for watching and hopefully I’ll see you in my next video

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