Adam Piccolotti’s Advice to Aspiring MMA Fighters

So, hey there much love MMA fans, we’ve got added to Adam Piccolotti on the phone today and I’m not gonna Adam What advice could he give her a young fighter? Trying to move up the ranks because you’re pretty young in the sport really when you consider all this, you know The Bellator emulative uses really recently. You’re kind of still a young kid as I would say Yeah, well, you know there’s tons of tons of different things that I that I would say to young fighters But one really important one is just surround yourself with positive good people, you know It’s really easy to maybe like find a coach who’s not necessarily In the right in the right place, you know somebody that’s kind of a little bit selfish in it for the wrong reasons And it’s really hard to maybe Be able to pinpoint that and be able to realize that at a young age So to run yourself with good people even outside of the sport that can kind of direct you in the correct ways and maybe see things that you ain’t seen is gonna Be very important but having a strong team both trading partners and coach wise is going to be huge key to success in the sport

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