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Advanced Judo Techniques : How to do a Side Throw with Leg Block in Judo

Advanced Judo Techniques : How to do a Side Throw with Leg Block in Judo

On behalf of Expert Village my name is Richard
Acuna from Champion Martial Arts in Miami, Florida, today we are showing you advance
judo. Now this next clip is a another throw to the front and it is called taiotoshi it
is a throw to the side with the blocking of the leg and here is how it shows. Grab my
opponent from the sleeve and the lapel and this time my kuzushi is not to the front but
to the side. Notice how I do a complete move to the side, I slip my body in without not
doing kuzushi, my arm in the back is right underneath his armpit, my leg now extends
to the front and I throw. One more time.

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28 thoughts on “Advanced Judo Techniques : How to do a Side Throw with Leg Block in Judo

  1. Not necessarily. The Tori should maintain space and use this throw in a series attack to the same side. My opinion.

  2. Almost all Judo techniques are taught in the first 6 months but but but the quality of performance is important. I should say the quality of what he did is very very poor. the other side should rotate 360 degree no falling off his leg. Poor performance.

  3. well this is a teaching video, be as picky as you guys want but i can tell by your comments you hve not studied jujitsu before judo, you guys forget to fight the man. it was a good tai otoshi, the proof is in the fight its self. and no it wont be an osoto gari in the direction he is standing,if you try that to me i would take you down with an easy gaieshi,(jujitsu thing)so dont be so picky till you fight the man

  4. don't be so suprised it was only tai-toshi not kile anything good like ippon seoi-nagi( if u haven't gessed i do judo i have one nationals all over britian

  5. @zyx8125temp That's why Judo has grappling techniques. You should always be ready to pin you're opponent or in some cases plan to on purpose. Anyone doing wrestling or any style of martial arts (especially Judo) should know how to win a fight on the ground.

  6. @4everfizzy i dont think thats what xxAlexLoces183xx ment i think what there sayen is that its better to get pracice at it b4 u try it like there are sum throws that if you do them wrong ull jus hurt yourself and yes judo is simple and amazing been doing it for awhile now and i love it

  7. @4everfizzy aww dam ya bro judo teaches you hella self control and respect. i think its a gud thing to learn and it wld also keep u in really good shape as long as you put the effort into training 🙂

  8. @zyx8125temp if your still hold person arm you can go for an arm lock or just land on them and choke them or pin them

  9. Good throw but you need to also explain and demonstrate the importance of the thrust from your hips while transferring the heavy weight from you left foot to your right foot. Do it right your left foot will be on its toes and your execution of tai otoshi will have a nice slam

  10. Thanks I've always wanted to do a Judo throw in one of my MMA fights now I'ma try it when ever I spar and when ever I go to practice

  11. @pielord12445 he wasnt talking serious. anyways all judo thecniques ar based to defent not attack so I dont think he beat up the bully LOL

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