Advice for Freshmen [CC]

Hello people of the internet! My name is Emma nice to see ya, and if you’re new here nice to meet ya! Today I’m going to be giving some advice to some niners, freshmen, ninth graders umm… who are just entering high school and are super duper nervous anyway, i have a long list of things to give you some advice about from an upper classman so yeah let’s get started Firstly, don’t stand in the middle of the f*ucking hallway unless you want to be shoved. i mean it I have no problems walking through a group of niners who are taking up the hallway I will do it… other people will do it if you don’t want to be a pest and hated by everyone in high school don’t do it, simple as that Next! you should befriend your teachers you have no idea how many times i’ve only passed a class because the teacher liked me and also felt bad for me crying all the time next one – pretty obvious, don’t do drugs don’t do the vape uhhh, do your homework especially your math homework I am officially done with math for the rest of my life but you never know, if I had done the homework in ninth grade maybe i would have taken a twelfth grade math do not skip two days in a row.. like if you’re going to skip a class you know alternate and make sure you have a friend to take your notes just in case you could also join a club! i highly suggest it looks good on college applications um- it gives you something to do you know, you’re probably not that busy if you’re watching my youtube video so join a club! band is a great club a very good tip for the first day take a photo of your schedule put it on your phone, that way you don’t have to constantly be pulling out your schedule and being like ‘hmm okay where is this class?’ you know>so you look less like a nerd uhh, don’t leave food in your locker that is disgusting it is disgusting IT IS DISGUSTING talking back to your teacher doesn’t make you cool. it makes you annoying don’t do it what is the point of it oh hey! heres a good one! don’t stand in the middle of a hallway not alone, not as a group. Just don’t do it promise? the only drama you should be involved in is the class drama kids… (I’ll never say it again) they’re pretty cool now heres one for the boys out there but don’t worry, I’m not- I don’t discriminate this one goes out to the girls and the non binaries out there too you lose nothing from taking a shower and putting on deodorant just do it, especially after gym class thank you. anyway yeah, I hope you enjoyed this video I hope this gave you some insightful advice as to not stand in the middle of a hallway, you know? If you liked this video – let me know, hit that like button! uhh, comment down below if this helped you you know i just- wanted- hopefully I helped someone if you like this video share it with a friend, family member total random stranger just be like this random person on the internet made advice for us sad lonely niners who have no idea what to expect on their first day if you want you can see my last video up here and you can click down here to see another total random video you never know don’t forget to subscribe! and i will see you next week for another video Goodbye!

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