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  3. Actually they were both so called black and brown. I say so called as no one is really Black, they are just very dark brown. The Nubians , Kemetians were what would be considered Black. Ancient Egypt had upper and lower Egypt. The Kingdom used to be ruled from Lower Egypt , which is Sudan today. There are still small pyrimids in Sudan. Then the kingdoms HQ moved north which is modern day Egypt. So they were so called black and brown.

  4. you said karate is bullshit, why don't you enroll yourself into a kyokoshin tourney. your a fuckin joke bro, your funnier than the funniest racist joke out.

  5. hahahhahahha, you didn't study any art your a peice of shit, I could tell rite off the bat your poser because a real martial artist would not be so fast to tell people he trained. a combate87 why don't black men have dreams? cuz the last nigga who had one got shot, hahahahahaha

  6. Where is this school? I think this is great!
    I'm an AAm who has studied several styles of martial arts and would be honored to study something made by one of my own people!

  7. According to the famed Grandmaster of the Kyokushinkai Karate system Masutatsu Oyama in his book "Advanced Karate" published by Japan Publication, Inc., Tokyo pg. 13 and i quote " The oldest known records concerning combat techiques, hieroglyphic scrolls from Egyptian tombs, dating as far back as 4000 B.C." Now what references can you produce to dispute one of the greatest Karate Grandmasters of all time.

  8. Fighting arts are prevalent in all cultures brother. But is true for egypt, from the writings on the walls. The oldest martial art in China, still prevalent today, is Shuai Jiao, which is approximately 5000 years old.

  9. lol its really good to see some more black martial artists, and ones thatre actually good! gr8 video man and thnks!

  10. I beg to differ brother. Chinese martial arts are used way differently from others with its round circular movement & unorthodox methods. Even if China was started by black people (although it is theory at present), it is distinctly different and unique in its own right and bears no resemblance to any African fighting style I ever seen.

  11. If you are trying to accuse my knowledge to be seperation on bias, you got your facts wrong, brethren. I stated it was theory based on the fact scientific evidence can not fully tell a old tale fully true. Buddhism has little to do with the trivial things that we partake in capitalist society, which are class & power. Some buddhas do have curly hair, but i am saying, Zen is about acceptance and peace, so there would be all sorts of monks. We were made in the image of God, so we all gods.

  12. is this the martial art,
    black people created to defend themselves,
    when they where enslaved?
    whats the problem with you people…????
    why don' ch' all get civilized and start respecting one another for what he is.
    sorry about my english i am hellene.

  13. According to the famed Grandmaster of the Kyokushinkai Karate system Masutatsu Oyama in his book "Advanced Karate" published by Japan Publication, Inc., Tokyo pg. 13 and i quote " The oldest known records concerning combat techiques, hieroglyphic scrolls from Egyptian tombs, dating as far back as 4000 B.C." Now what references can you produce to dispute one of the greatest Karate Grandmasters of all time.

  14. Martial arts was probably practised in Africa long before anywhere else. Some historians theorize that much of the East Asian (Chinese, Japanese, etc) styles originate from South Asia (India, etc.) but probably went there from Africa. Native martial arts have been destroyed or hindered by colonialism in many parts of the world. It's good to see so many native MAs being brought back by finding people who retained the knowledge, and when impossible to do so, recreated.

  15. Europe is not the most "advanced", white people simply exploit the entire world. Africa was hundreds of year ahead of the rest of the world at one time in terms of development of society, but do to climate changes and then colonialism they were brought down. Read "How Europe Underdeveloped Africa" by Walter Rodney.

  16. Don't forget that there can be white allies, just don't trust them 100% because they can always change their mind and join the establishment. However, there are plenty of uncle toms out there as well.

  17. We also know that Egypt is the oldest civilization which makes things coming from there the original for further research study the teaching of Herodotus (The father of European historians) P.S. Not speculation historical fact!

  18. hahaha……..one word capoiera ( named partly becuz of where run away slaves lived ) ……….. aside from that …. the Sand Tribe in Sub Saharan area has a DNA match to all of mankind on earth…….. a Scientist recently did this study for discover channel……….first man, first martial art, cool?

    do the research or google research

  19. ….wow do you know what someone from Nazerene looks like…………according to the Bible Jesus (pbuh) was from Nazerene………….and according to the Bible THEY were as Black as COAL……SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO go figure……… Nazerene, likely to be Ethiopian and the Ethiopian Kingdoms reached extended into Yemen, North into Iraq/Iran/Turkey/ Jordan / Israel ……. you get the point ……………. do some fact check please…..or just read something!

  20. u should start reading, it's relaxing and you learn………….oh yeah, slaves arrived in the new world with these martial art skills buddy…..why do you think that slave masters used this those fuct up torture devices. oh yeah, whips and guns………THEY HAD ALREADY FELT THE WRATH OR ( AT LEAST THE JAWBONE BREAKAGE )

  21. You do realize I'm black right? So your attempt to insult me that way was COMPLETELY irrelivent. Racist people like you need to be banned from youtube.

  22. Oh plz wake up from your stereotype paradise. But if you wanna talk stats: Most of the molesters and rapist are white. Most of the drug users are WHITE. Blacks don't do em as much cuz we know what they do to the brain. So come back when you have something I haven't heard before.

  23. Why do you act like the white race is the best thing to ever happen to Earth. Are you Hitler's son that he didn't know he had. Do you know that white is a mutt race? I don't think you do.

  24. You are absolutley PATHETIC! All u racist people do is say the same shit. I've heard all of this b4. You can't stop the change bitch. Soon white won't even exist because of interracial relationships. It's happening a lot more now. I know it must disgust you but people are starting to see the light…skin color means nothing we are all the same inside. I can only pray you'll see that eventually…I'm done talkin to you your not worth my breath.

  25. your a hypocryte cuz back in da day if u even had one drop of blood in ya you were black. Now your goin all "oh he's only half black" nah son it don't work like that.

  26. Well not really cuz half the white kids in my school are bordorline retarded. I'm smarter than most of em. I'm more mature than most of em'. Then they say I'm too 'white' to be black and that honestly pisses me off to no end. I'm just being myself, i'm not tryin to act any race. That's a stereotype in itself.

  27. wow pretty funny you say that since my family have a farm and yes im black
    We just bought last month a farm of a white family in debt after their father died as well most of the kids left the tending to their mother and uncle .
    ive also had food drives to help the homeless and from what i seen many i would say for ever y 4 white homeless person their were 1 black homeless person.
    Its a shame that you cant see beyond your ignorance.
    Also my sister who is 18 has a IQ of 134 so does my aunt.

  28. are you serious half of the white men in their were vietnam and gulf war vets
    Bogus numbers are you serious .
    1 of out of the 4 were strung out on either coke ,meth or simply pill poppers and alcoholics.
    Maybe you should come down here some time and see for yourself .
    Think about this blacks are say 11 or 13 percent of the population it would make sense since the majority of America is white that they would be a bit more white homeless people

  29. Also ummm i have to break this to you but
    we dont oweee the white man a damn thing we done business strictly with asians and native americans in my area.
    My mom isnt even african american she is of haitian descent and very dark complected woman .
    The private school my sister attended was full of asian ,arabic and latino
    most of the teachers were asian the prinicple was asian i believe japanese american.
    So please cut out owing anything to you we worked hard and we love are god he blessed us.

  30. Also want to add as well my cousin steven who is older then me was a honor student since twelve .
    He attended hofstra university on a full scholarship.
    My sister does'nt even wanna go to school in America she is heading for Oxford University in england if she chooses again later on well she can always take harvard up on their offer.
    Also 134 is ranked as gifted not average my friend it is'nt decent its wonderful get it right.

  31. My family actually i will say it was on welfare after my dad died .
    He made some bad business deals and it crashed my mom was a housewife so while she had to go back into the workforce work two jobs we still needed assistance .
    The after she got done with school with got off assistance .
    I'm sure you would like to make fun of that .
    On the population lets check out the CIA website

  32. I wont lie
    yes they have been mention of my great grandfather and his family being of mulatto heritage on my mother side .
    But most african americans are of either white ,native american or latino decent .
    Hell my blonde hair blue eye girl friend is of native american ,latino heritage from her father and her mother is polish and 1/3rd asian of korean decent .
    Everyone who lives in the americas is in some ways a mutt .
    I wont dispute my heritage with you .

  33. A. "white" blood doesn't exist.you should be
    glad too cuz your mouth could land you in the hospital getting blood from ghetto people who sent you there.
    B. on "par" ???with who???
    You are a perfect example of the ignorance a lack of education or abundance of mis-education leads to. I represent a multi-racial outREACH group here in Japan that may be able to help you with special therapy.WE THROW LEATHER EVERY TIME YOU TALK.auction you off…

  34. The boxing training was pretty hard core. As for those that would criticize the guy for calling this African American, well, the Gracie family took the ideas of Judo, reinterpreted it and, called it Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. Russians took a lot of Judo ideas and, called it SAMBO. Although Sambo is very Russian as well.

    If you can back it up for real, you can call your art anything you want. This guy seems to be able to do that.

  35. I tend to think that the entire nature of public schools (American, Asian, European) isn't to educate, but to train people to become good consumers and, workers. Those that do well in the system get rewarded with college offers to become what are essentially clerks and, "professionals" , all under the control of some bureaucracy. In essence, wage slaves.
    Real education is something other than what has ever been given out in most schools.

  36. i wonder why some blacks and whites are stupid enough to still fight with each other, if i ripped off the skin and hair of a black and white could you tell me the difference from simply looking. dont stay retarded give it up.

  37. In Graeme Kent's book "A Pictorial History of Wrestling" pg 10. "Egyptians knew virtually every hold practiced today". "Both of the upright and ground varieties". In Borkowski and Manzo's book "The Complete Idiot's Guide to Martial Arts in murals on the Beni-assan Tomb, "In Addition to hand-striking techniques, kicking maneuvers are also depicted. they're saying that the Martial Arts originated in africa so thats why what you see is called KWA ASILIA AVITA SANAA (THE ORIGINAL MARTIAL ART).

  38. What bull shit. These are the same techniques used in Karate and other japanese martial arts. The only africian americian martial art is 52 hand blocks.

    In the end fuck all that shit, join a boxing gym

  39. African the original martial art that all others came from what part of original don't you understand !

  40. African American Shadow Boxing (School of Mixed Martial Arts) Is proud to have 15 competitors participating in muay thai, no gi grappling & sport kickboxing at the Long Beach International Karate Championships Aug 9th

  41. I wanna see African martial arts in MMA – not karate, jiu-jutsu, or muay thai, or western boxing, that you call African martial arts. Also, NO ONE knows what ORIGINAL pacrase looks like – Jim Arvinitis studied Asian and western martial arts – made his own version, and called it pankration – complete bullshit!

  42. I don't know where you got your info, but it is absolutely incorrect. Egypt and all other so called "North African nation" have nothing at all to do with Europeans. There is no place on the African continent or the African/Asian sub continent. where white people could be found before 1000s. Don't try to still our heritage. Find your in the cave of the Caucasoid mountains.

  43. i would think Egypt is much closer to Arab culture than European. The flow of Africans from the south (esp. Ethiopia) up to Egypt has existed for a long time.

  44. i agree totally with your point on Capoeira. I think it's pretty much the most popular martial art today that has African roots.

  45. It's a cute style, but I am unempressed. he Obviousely doesn't know how to handle a katana, and the Egyptian arts theory is wrong, seeing a how asian martial arts did not come from Egypt.

  46. wrong. The egyptians and greeks have been trading culture ever since they wer into this world. Arabs went into egypt a thousand years ago. Muslim egyptians are arab descent, Orthodox (christian) egyptians are pharoh descent.

  47. I created the African American Martial Art of Kwa Asilia Avita Sanaa (The Original Martial Art) to honor our ancesters and take nothing from those like the creator of Vita Saana in Philly who came before me. Furthermore, schalors at major universities who host my lectures on the authenticity of the African American Martial Arts do not see me or my art as a joke. Only the unenlightened would even make such a judgement! I wonder will you still feel this when we're world wide. Amani Na Upendo!!!

  48. Did you know that China had martial arts before Bodhidharma, traveled to China. or that Gautama Siddartha also practiced martial arts. The Greek historian Herodotus wrote that wrestling and boxing was introduced to Greece from Africa. Acorrding to Masutatsu Oyama's book "Advance Karate" Japan Publications 1969. "The oldest known record concerning combat techniques, hieroglyphic scrolls from Egyptian tombs, dating as far back as 4000 B.C." "Ya Asilia A Vita Sanaa" a reorganization of this.

  49. Did you know that China had martial arts before Bodhidharma, traveled to China. or that Gautama Siddartha also practiced martial arts. The Greek historian Herodotus wrote that wrestling and boxing was introduced to Greece from Africa. Acorrding to Masutatsu Oyama's book "Advance Karate" Japan Publications 1969. "The oldest known record concerning combat techniques, hieroglyphic scrolls from Egyptian tombs, dating as far back as 4000 B.C." "Ya Asilia A Vita Sanaa" a reorganization of this.

  50. everyone is focusing on the wrong stuff. we all know this IS NOT african martial arts. even folks who dont practice african warriorship can see that. and to add an insult like "grandmaster"…. wow. but the real question is who was this retarded ass "NIGGA" (yes sadly he's a nigga) who let the cop wrestle him in cuffs? dont' black people deal with that enough without you helping them get better at it??!!! you sir are the dumb ass of the whole video.

  51. @ratonL The answer is that i am blessed to be African American and for the purpose of answering this emphasis on American, America is blessed to have remnents of the best of every culture on the planet and as the founder of Kwa Asilia Avita Sanaa i have taken creative license in many areas, although i have uniforms from Ghana and my royal uniform was traditionally made from authentic African terry cloth by my mother, to save my students money we use regular uniforms that are easy to get.

  52. @MfalmeBwana I know you posted this like a year ago but really you created kwa asilia avita sanna, all I saw was some taekwondo some boxing and some poor excuse for judo and I must admit not bad silat knife technique.

  53. @SudanCarib As in africa or by africans?

    Capoeira technically originated from africa, but was commonly developed and popularised in brazil

  54. Wrestling is African and it's still practiced till this day.
    Egyptian : HPL
    Kikongo : KiPuRa / KiPuLa
    Tshiluba : TSHiBuLa
    Black-Bresilian: KaPueRa which of course came from the Kongos deported to Bresil

    All those words bear the same Bantou roots (KPL)
    In bantou languages R – L are interchangeable as well as Ki – Tshi – Ci and P – B.

  55. Funny how I see a whole bunch of "comments" questioning the originality of AFRICAN Martial Arts systems. he same people who degrade, and exploit Africans for being dumb, savages, etc. When in FACT, we AFRICANS are the ORIGINATORS and INNOVATORS of what's called "Martial Arts"…REAL NAME MONTU Systems. You hate on us, becasue of your FEAR of us. "You steal everyhing from US, you hate on us. But yet you try to be us, but you CAN'T BE US, because you AREN'T US". GTHOH.

  56. For All To Know. There is a Real Martial Art call Vita Sanna it comes from Philadelphia Pa .It was created there. And this is not it.

  57. I see maybe Tae Kwon Do, Boxing, Hapkido and Escrima (or Arnis or Kali-one of them) and except for the Grandmaster all the students are wearing the uniforms of Asian martial artists. If this African martial arts (African American?) being taught, I would think Grandmaster Rogers should have his students in the appropriate uniform (?) to distinguish it. The very last (whoever he was) was a demonstration of Iaido just with a different presentation. I do not dispute the Grandmaster's skill just the name he uses to refer to the martial art. The origins of martial arts are really only of interest to scholars whose knowledge may not include their skill in any of them. For most people it comes down to how useful it is in my life.

  58. so they have reduced martial arts into colour barriers too…never been ashamed of martial arts but I am now, I thought that martial arts was above this bullshit……

  59. Terrible grappling skills!!! Got to be humble and study under a master before you try to create your own system. He should stick to Kumite. His Jiu-Jitsu techniques look very amateurishly executed. Compare him to Grandmaster Anthony Muhammad and the difference can't be emphasized enough. Sheesh!

  60. The African American Martial Art of Kwa Asilia A Vita Sanaa teaching the concept of slave rebellion translating into African-American Martial Arts since (1980)

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