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Agni Chakra (2011) – Charmy Kaur, Subhash, Pradeep Rawat | South Indian Dubbed | English Subtitles

Agni Chakra (2011) – Charmy Kaur, Subhash, Pradeep Rawat | South Indian Dubbed | English Subtitles

Hail to Lord Shankar! Swami! Time is over. He won’t be cure
with my powers. A powerful hermit like you
is saying such a thing? Black magic done on this child
is not ordinary. Very powerful black magic has
been done on him. Hey! No! He is dead.
-I know it. How?
-Like this. It is not good to play with
anybody’s life. No. It is not good to play with
anyone’s life. Never come here. Come. Have food, dear.
-I want money not food. Take this money, now eat. Eat dear. Eat! You take as much money
you want. Take, dear take. What you will do with so much money?
-I love someone. Who is she?
-She stays in Mumbai. Oh!
-I will go and meet her tomorrow. As the ember has erupt in my body,
I’ve become restless. Beautiful is my body,
my color is fair. As the ember has erupt in my body,
I’ve become restless. Beautiful is my body,
my color is fair. A glance of mine makes
people go crazy. If I touch anyone with love,
I make him delightful. Come sing, dance, take
me in your arms. As the ember has erupt in my body,
I’ve become restless. Beautiful is my body,
my color is fair. As the ember has erupt in my body,
I’ve become restless. Beautiful is my body,
my color is fair. Sir, say cut camera is on. Sir, say cut camera is on. Sir, reel is wasting, cut it.
-Pack up! Sir, why pack up? What happened sir?
-What happened? I am the number one director
in the industry. You knew it that’s why you
chose me as director, Isn’t it? Yes sir. What’s his problem? He is being just
as assistant director,… …and he is telling to say cut?
That’s why I said pack up. Sir, sir! Oh Shakti!
-No. -Sir! -No sorry. Sir, listen! -Manager! -Sir, what are
you doing? -Let’s go. Sir! Sir, listen to me at least! Sir!
Sir! What shakti? You know that he is arrogant, why you
need to say cut? Sir, I was just thinking to save
the wastage of reel. I will ruined, in the matter
of saving. Hey, listen manager,
come here quickly. Sir, shall I go?
-Yes, go. Say sorry to him. Sir, sir, sir I am waiting since
morning, sir. Sir, I have come from very far
off village. I want to gift a car to madam.
Please sir, allow me to meet her. Please sir, let me meet once.
-Which car have you brought? That one.
-Have you purchased it stolen it? I have bought it sir. Sir, if you want
take money, sir. Let me meet once. Please sir. One arrogant director is sitting inside,
if I let you go inside then… …he will come to know and he
will fire me from the job. Sir! Sir, please sir. I will meet
just once sir. Sir, sir, please sir. Go, go. I told you to go. Sir, sir, sir I touch your feet
just once.. -Oh you came again! Sir, sir, please. Sir!
Go. Sir, I beg to you.
-Go. Hey! What happened? Say, something! Have all your men come? Who is this short man?
-Hey! Don’t say like this. I have to give money to him.
-Hey you! Hey what are you doing?
Hey , leave him. You scare our man for money?
-Leave him, otherwise it will be a fuss. He is so short, if we blow at him,
no clue where he’ll fall. And you talking about giving
him money? Is comedy is going on here?
-Boss, please don’t feel bad he is mad. You please sit on the chair.
sit. You mad, you don’t know
about brother. Hey, you keep quite. Take this boss.
He is mad. Boss take this. Hey, you!
-You keep quite. Drink boss. Drink. Drink. Drink. Boss, give me some time, I will return
your money. Please boss, please. Boss! Boss! No Boss. Take the beer from dickey. We have boozed out enough They thrashed so you so much that
you will need beer again. Go and take it. She is right, we are so much beaten
as many beer we drink that is also less. Okay, go and bring. Go. Is there any need to borrow
money from anyone, Jaggu? I give you money for your expenses. Whatever money you give is spent
on such kind of people and on talisman. Who is he?
-He is numerologist. He is an expert. If he sets any film’s release date
then that film is super hit. Then why is he roaming
with you all? According to my numerology I have to
stay away from film industry for some years. Then you also stay away from me. You don’t consider my numerology
to be ordinary, madam. I will show its power right now. What is your date of birth?
-16th July 1988. It means, your lucky number
is seven. Six and one, Seven is connected with
Aishwarya Rai. So your favourite hero is
Abhishek Bacchan. No, his father. And your favourite cricketer,
Sachin, isn’t it? My favourite cricketer is Dhoni. This month you are going to
get a very good gift. Your parents will give you
that gift. Unnecessary you made her
remember her parents. Two years ago while saving madam’s
parent in a car accident,… …even my father died. Madam, never considered me
as a driver’s son. She took care of me as
a family member. That’s why I consider madam as god. Tell me, when sister will come?
-She will come just now, dear. Madam! Green tea is ready. Why did you wake me up
so early, jaggu? Please Jaggu, let me sleep
one more hour. Fans are waiting outside.
Please madam. What, jaggu, just for a day,
I get leave from work.. Madam. It is not good to make
fans waiting. You know they come from very far. I know jaggu. Okay. Switch on the geyser
and let me sleep for 15 minutes, please. Impossible. I knew that you say
something like this. Okay, day before yesterday
I had bought grey and black… …matching with grey flower dress, I have
kept in the cupboard on top. You get that till then I sleep
for ten minutes, please. Yes I knew that too, that’s why I have
kept everything ready at night. Now hurry up. No excuses, get up.
-Okay. Tea is very bitter. Just like you. Stop! Stop! Madam has come. See, sister has come. Hi! Oh stop. Stop. Greetings.
-Greetings. Hello! Greetings. What is your name?
-Kavita. Very good name.
-Madam I want your photo. Okay click. Madam, you look beautiful
without any make up. Thank you. Madam, when you are going to
do a film with Salman Khan? Even I am waiting for that opportunity.
-I am very big fan of yours madam. Thank you.
-You are really beautiful, Madam. Thanks. Yesterday night, I was dreaming
about you, Madam. Tonight also come in my dreams,
please. Move! Move! Move! Move back!
Move back! I am your biggest fan, madam. I have seen your last film 200 times. 200 times?
-I anoint your poster with milk. I have brought that car for you madam.
As a gift. For you madam.
-For me? Slowly! Slowly! Autograph madam.
Autograph madam. Madam please, give me also.
-Please madam. Madam, give for mother too.
-One photo? Thank you.
-Madam, give here. Madam! Madam! Stop! What were you doing?
Wasn’t it your fault? I didn’t do anything. Hey!
-Hey! Will you misbehave with Madam?
-No. No. Sir, I didn’t do anything. Leave him. Leave him.
Leave him. Will you misbehave?
I will kill you. Leave me.
-That’s enough. I didn’t do anything.
He did. He did. He misbehaved not me. He misbehaved. Enough now, how much
will you drink? This all has happened because
of me. What did you do? One day I took madam with me
to become a hero. Director liked her and offered a
chance to become heroine. Madam didn’t like this. I said
this is a good opportunity. And I managed to convince her. Good and bad everything is written
in our faith. But it shouldn’t happen with
our madam. I should have killed that person
there only. You said right.
-Hey you shut up. This is very common thing
to happen with heroines. Yes, where are you?
Come inside. Who is coming? Lady of Amulets. How are you dear?
-Yes I am fine. Have you brought it? Yes. I have brought after worshiping
it for 20 days. Take and wear it. Now you will not face any difficulties. I have seen people wearing gold and
diamonds… … wearing so many amulets I seen
such a person for first time. Before he used to wear more than
this. Now he has reduced it. Hey, he is our hero, whatever he will
do will be right. Listen dear after a week time this
amulet will start doing it work. And after two weeks you will
become hero. Many, many thanks.
-No thanks I want my fees. Yes, son. Son! Son! Son, what happened?
Son! Oh! Son! Son! Son! Son!
What happened, son? Tell me. Say! Say! Say something.
-What happened to him? Brother has drunk poison.
-Poison! Why? To commit suicide.
-Doctor! Doctor! Doctor! Doctor! Anyhow, Save my son.
Doctor! Again and again he is repeating
and says,’ I didn’t do anything. Until Madam will not come here, I won’t
take medicines. He is repeating this only. You.. you drank liquor for me? Cut! Cut! Cut! Cut! Cut! Cut! Actually do in comedy style. Okay, sir.
-Ready, ready, ready! Clap in! Take three!
-Sound, clap! Action. You drank liquor for me.
What Shiva? Cut! Cut! Cut! One more.
Clap in, sound. Rolling! Take four!
-Action! You drank liquor for me.
-Cut! One more! Clap in! Wait sir. I was changing number. Sound! -Rolling! -Take five.
-Clap! Action! You drank liquor for me, Shiva? For me? Liquor? I don’t believe it. Cut! Cut! Cut! Cut it! Cut it! Marvellous! Okay! This shot is okay. One..
we will do one more scene. By changing expression.
-Sir, wasn’t this shot good? You are a producer. What you know?
You go and do your work. I am here, you are not needed
you can go. Actually.. how do I make her
understand? That..over, do over acting.
-Exactly like you, isn’t it sir? Do as you do. Exactly like you, isn’t it? Do as you wish but do it. So ready?
-Clap! Take seven! Action! For me.. you drank liquor, Shiva.
Drank liquor for me. My picture is ruined.
-Cut it! Okay! Super okay! Did you see? This is called shot.
What do you know? I am director. For from here.
Came to make a film! Yes, yes, very good baby. Very good,
okay. Ready for action. Mathur, what do you say about
our film? Sir, it will be a super hit. -Hey stop.
Who allowed you to come inside? Sir! Sir! He is Mr. Omprabhakar.
He is big shot. Oh! Glad to meet you sir.
-He has come to meet madam not you. Meet. Go meet. You will be assistance director whole
life. You will never learn. Go and order coffee. Go. Hello, I am Omprabhakar.
Meet my friend Mr. Shambhuraj. I have been supporting my son
till now. But now he is dying. You can save his life.
-Who is your son? You got him beaten on misbehaving
with you. -What? Actually he didn’t misbehaved with you,
he likes you very much. He remained hungry for a week,
just to meet you. You are God for him. He was beaten, he couldn’t bear that,
and he consumed poison. Oh no! Now he is fighting for his life.
You only can save him. Shall I talk to him on phone?
-If you come to our village… …and talk to him then only,
he will take the medicines. He is insisting that. Okay. I will try. It will not happen, I said once.
Don’t you understand? Go.
-Madam, please make them understand. We are doing shooting here
not time pass.. Why are you standing? Go and
ask them to go from here. Listen madam you go and
make them understand. Hey, give a match box.
-Go and refuse them. They were disturbing but you
could have lighted the cigarette. Don’t be so worried.
Situation is serious. I tried a lot, sir. They are not
not agreeing. What shall I do? He will die, dear. Take it, there is phone call for you. Hello! Papa, bring her quickly, Chandu’s
condition is deteriorating. Yes, I am talking to her. Save my son. Save my son. I will try again. Go move. -This shot?
-Yes this one is done. It was closure.
-Next shot is this, sir? Yes. Sir!
-What? What happened now? That..
-Let us concentrate on shooting. Are we doing fun here?
It is impossible, said once. Sir, at least meet them.
-Impossible I said. Why don’t you understand?
Don’t spoil my mood. I have to finish shooting in two days
and have to go for outdoor shooting. Sir, he is very serious.
-Send them from here. I beg you, sir.
-Hey, read again. You go prepare for the scene.
Go from here. Go quickly. What is the scene? Hello!
-Papa! Papa! Have you left? I am just leaving.
I am bringing them. Are you coming dear?
-I tried a lot sir. Our director is arrogant, he is not agreeing. You have to come dear. If you wish I will finish the shooting
and come immediately. Please! Try to understand.
-Come quietly with me. I said come. Come. Come.
You have to come. Leave me. I won’t leave her. There my son is
dying and she is refusing to come. I won’t leave. – Yes, yes, Shamburaj
please phone for you. Papa! Our Chandu died.
He is dead, father. My son! When I am saying no still
why are you doing, father? I am doing all this for
our Chandu’s happiness. Because of whom our Chandu wriggled
and died … …until I kill that girl,
I won’t be at rest. If you awake Shakochi again and again
then there will be danger to your life too. I can’t wait. I can’t wait till
6th moonless night. What? Is this like this?
-Yes sir, its bridal scene. Okay. Prepare everything.
-Everything is ready sir. Okay.
-No tension, we are ready. Hey you. What a look! Hey Mathur, see
giving such a get up to … …a small time heroine looks great.
-You are very talented, sir. Did you listen? What? Look I will
make your life, you don’t worry. Now this scene is very emotional.
Okay! Get ready. Go. Ready! Camera man!
-Sir! -Yes. You made a bride wear black sari? Listen, are you assistance director?
-Yes, sir. This much only, right? Okay tell me what
is name of this picture? I know sir.
-What is it? Dulhan Ki Jindagi Andhere mein.
(Bride’s life in dark). Yes sir.
-Isn’t it? Yes sir.
-Scene should match with this title. But why black sari, sir? Hey because of this ordinary people
like never progress in the life. You won’t become director in this
life. Go and get the coffee. Go. Go, this man is trying to teach me.
-Let it be. Come. Hey! Bring the scene. You know that this director is mad,
why you meddle in his work? Does any bride wears black sari? You know in between your both feud.
I get crushed. And getting beaten after the release
of the film is also for sure. Will you keep doing make up till
evening? Come, come, ready. Shot is ready, madam. Madam, autograph. Thank you, madam. Ready, ready, ready! Mood,
mood, mood! Clap in! Sound!
-Rolling! Scene 11 take one!
-Clap! Action! Your groom has eloped. My groom! Ran away! My groom, ran away!
My groom, ran away! Ran away. Ran away. My groom!
-Sir cut it. Cut it. This seems to be too much
of over acting. This is emotional scene, it is good.
-Will public like it? They will like for sure, sir.
-Don’t know what will happen. What happened to him?
-Okay I am leaving, sir. Okay. I will always take you as heroine in
my all films. No one else will work. Now you can go.
Go, change the sari. You only will be heroine of
my all films. Don’t take tension. Hey producer, do you know,
you are very lucky. It was a great emotional scene. It was so great scene that I cried.
It means film has lots of emotions. Public will cry so much in the theater
that you’ll need to send buckets. Even I am feeling like crying sir. Listen, you don’t worry at all. I assure you that this film will do
silver jubilee. Yes silver jubilee. Yes it will do silver jubilee.
Yes silver jubilee. It seems this idiot will ruin me.
-Let’s thrash him, sir. Yes. Let the shooting get over
then we will see him. Madam! This is for you and this
is for me. Wow! It is very tasty.
-Thank you. You won’t get such a taste in any
five star hotel also. We will open a good hotel for you,
is it okay? Madam! -What happened?
Why are you getting angry? This Jaggu will be tomorrow’s
super star. I am tired of hearing this dialogue. That time I didn’t had amulet, that’s
why time was not favorable. Now amulet lady tied amulet in my hand
and said I will become hero. What is this amulet? No one gets work by just tying
such amulets. One has to run behind producers
and directors. I will this amulet’s power after
one week. Listen, I am saying right now, on one
side your song will be going on… …and on other side my fight will be
going on. You just wait and watch. I am getting bored. You finish that quickly and
go off to sleep. Even I am getting sleepy,
I am going to sleep. Good night!
-Good night! Hello!
-Be ready at five. We have to go at six?
-Director has called you early. Okay. I had set alarm for morning,
how alarm is ringing from now. Why have you come here
so late at night? You go home now dear,
I will come tomorrow. These branches are dead. Flowers don’t have fragrance. Some dreadful power dwells here. That’s why I have called you, if I could
do anything with amulet, I would have done. Call them here. Were you talking about him?
-Yes, dear. He is very big Occultist. How powerful the ghost may be, flees
away with the chanting of this Occultist. What is all this, Jaggu?
-All this is for you only, Madam. Nothing has happened to me, Jaggu.
-Yes it has happened. Nothing has happened to me.
-Please madam, heed me. I said, nothing has happened. Oh you don’t know madam, please
heed me. I touch your feet. Please madam, please.
-Jaggu, please, Jaggu. Madam please , just for once.
-Jaggu please. If you will not listen to me then
I will kill myself. Okay, what I have to do?
-Sit in the centre of colour designs. Chant the mantras. Madam! Do as I say. Keep your hand on my hand. Look at me! What happened? Peace will come only after
the death. This is soul of Sakochi.
-Sakochi? Sakochi?
-Sakochi? This dreadful power has surround you,
it is trying to dominate you. No one can say what will happen if
it dominate you. Be alert before something
bad happen. Who is that Occultist who woke up
Sakochi, find him. Search him. Go search him. You help us, money is no problem. Other than the person, who did this,
no one stop it. Other than the person, who did this,
no one stop it. Where ever that Occultist is, find him.
Go! Is this your new film’s scene?
-No, it is my home’s scene. Home’s scene?
-Yes. That Occultist made me sit between
colour design… …told me say thu thu thu, and
spoiled my mood. Excuse me! Autograph please.
-Yeah, sure. Thank you.
-Welcome. Tell me more, why did he made
you sit between colour design? I don’t know. He was saying that
some Sakochi soul has awaken up… …and it will kill me.
-And believed it? I don‘t believe in him. Come let’s go from here.
-Let’s go. Sakochi! Even after becoming such a big star you’ve not
left sleeping outside in open on a full moon. What if I’ve become a big star?
Do I need to give up old habits? And if every day is a full moon then?
-Then I will sleep every day outside. What happened? It seems something has got into
the ear. Don’t know what it is. Sleep on the bed.
-There is no need. I will adjust here. Sleep on the bed quietly.
-You go to sleep. When bugs will enter your ear then
you will be called deaf not hero. Oh God! It is better to sleep
on the bed. Madam! Madam ! What happened to you, Madam? Nothing. It was just a bad dream.
You go to sleep. Hey assistant director where is heroine?
-She is getting ready sir. Today anyhow we have complete
three scenes. Go, go and call her.
-Go, call her quickly. Sir, she is coming. -Is she coming?
-Yes sir. -Okay listen. Yes. Say. -Tell to prepare
the entire scene. -Yes sir. Hey Mathur, pay attention.
-Yes sir. Good morning, Madam.
-Good morning. Sir, has written this scene completely.
Asked you to prepare it. Will it be done in single shot?
-Yes, yes we’ll do that only. Hello. Good morning, madam.
-Good morning, sir. Yes good morning. How many more days will it take, sir?
We had contract of sixty days. It is already ninety days. May be ten days more, don’t worry
I will talk to your manager. Please adjust little bit.
-Okay, sir. Sir actually this director is totally
mental. I know that but his first film was
super hit that’s why I hired him. Now I am suffering. But he keeps repeating the same
scene again and again. You are telling me your problem,
but whom should I tell my problem? What happened, Madam? Nothing.
-Shall I call the doctor? No let it be. What is this madam, blood? Madam! Madam! Madam! Madam! Madam! Madam! Madam! Are you alright?
Call the doctor. Doctor! It has started. Dreadful power that
means Sakochi is dominating on her. It is impossible to escape from it’s
dreadful eyes. her whole body is burning.
-Then what will happen now? Death is confirmed.
No one can do anything. Beg for forgiveness from that
Occultist. Go quickly. Quickly. Even in doctor’s report everything
is normal, Jaggu. Doctor’s report doesn’t tell
everything.. You keep thinking nonsense. I don’t understand, how do
I tell you the reality. What Shanta madam and Occultist’s
said is coming true Who is that Occultist, don’t know. We’re also unaware
about will happen in future. Why all this is happening
with you? Madam! Madam! Madam! Jaggu didn’t come?
-Don’t know where he must be roaming. He believes in prayers more than medicines. This all are black magic, ghosts,
chants.. Is all this true?
-You are also talking like Jaggu. If nothing has happened to me, then
why I am here? If there is nothing like that then who
made me jump in air suddenly? In few moments so much happened. Good morning.
-How are you? I am fine, doctor.
-Okay. Greetings, Madam.
-Hi. Sit. Now how is your health?
-At present I am feeling better. I am very worried since the day
you vomited blood. I hope you will be fine. Doctor has said I have to rest for
seven days then I will be alright. Actually I have announced
release date. Only one song and some scenes
are remaining. Try to understand my problem too,
please. Do you know what is the problem
with her? We have done everything blood test,
X ray, ECG… …but couldn’t find what has
happened to her till now. We are worried that what treatment
we give to her. And you are talking about shooting.
-Doctor please, it’s not his fault And what about your health? Doctor, whatever is my condition,
professional commitment is very important. Sir, you prepare for shooting.
-Thank you, Madam. Thank you. Sir, they are eating the ice cream which is
supposed to be used in the song. Oh he has eaten everything of mine, money,
head, let him eat the ice cream. Sir, greetings sir.
-Okay, okay. Tell me, can you say the dialogue?
-Yes sir. Will you say it nicely?
-Yes sir. So show me the sample.
-What do you consider yourself? If you will cross horns with me,
it will be bad for you. I won’t leave you so easily. Not only this life, for the next seven births
I will be punishing you. Because I am one, who can
do all the impossible work also. Why? Understood? Burning flames is called fire, after
burning what is left is called ash … …and who is sitting in front of you
is called Vishwanath. What did you think and return that
the boss will be very happy… …and he will praise you? In a village fifty kilometers from here …
when a child cries in the night,… …then the mom says, sleep my son.
We will not break this friendship. We will die but won’t leave your
friendship. When this two and half kg hand will fall
on someone then he won’t get up… … he will go straight up Hey stop it. Hey Mathur! Who is he?
Sir! Sometime he shouts, sometime he dances,
sometime he laughs, what he is doing? Sir, he is versatile actor.
Give him a chance. He said the dialogue very well.
-Yes sir. Say. Say. You said the dialogue well. Your
acting is also very good.. Whatever you said was perfect.
God bless you. God bless you.
-Okay. He said so lengthy dialogue.
-Yes sir. Shall we take him as hero in next film?
Sir, why not. Even I dialogues very well, sir. You are taking so much time to open
the mouth, how will you say the dialogue. Greetings.
-Yes greetings. Do you know to say the dialogue?
-I know sir. Can you say it nicely?
-Very well. Do you have any work experience?
-I will shake everyone. Will shake everyone. Come
show me something. What inspector, what do you
think yourself to be? What harm can you do to me?
Do you think me to be pests of gutter? This terrorist knows everything from
all the directions. Enough. Enough. Are you original
terrorist or an actor? I am an actor, sir.
-Then okay, continue. Greetings, sir.
-Yes sit down. My name is HMT Hanuman without tail.
I will show you first snake walk. After that dinosaur. Hey, you give me or
shall I shoot myself? What nonsense is this? I have come here after facing
lots of problems. And I have reached here after
lots of troubles. Acting is my life sir.
-It should be. I left my parents for it.
-My parents left me. Sir, I have come to you with
lots of hopes. This boy’s acting not bad. There are many
such talented actors in our country, sir. Just you have to recognise them. You also change your name like your
director, your work will be done. What sir, anything you say.
-These three lions are … …symbol of law, religion and truth.
-We have already done character casting… …for our film. Then,
why is this audition? Where are you, sir? This is audition
is not for our film. He is conducting audition for his
other project. He is wasting my time for
his other project? What else sir.
-Thank you sir. What Mathur? One calls himself a
terrorist and other police… …what is all this?
-Both are original, sir. Oh it is like this. Come say dialogue.
-Sir I am producer. Yes. Say what is it? Heroine is not well, she is here on
my request for shooting. -Okay. Unit is waiting and half day is over.
Please sir start the shooting. Don’t when we will be spared from
such director? Now we have to do shooting?
We have to shoot song? Ready! Sound! Ice Ice
Eat it. Ice Ice
Do disco. Days are lovely
ice is it. this my dance, tell me
I love you. with my twist, with my whirl ,
world gets shaken. this my dance, tell me
I love you. Listen, I walk like this,
I talk like this I dance like this,
I cling like this. My heart yearns,
my body shines. Come..come…
hot moonlight Burning sensation. Come and
walk with me Come..come and cool me. this my dance, tell me
I love you. Listen, I walk like this,
I talk like this this my dance, tell me
I love you. Listen Ice is cold
Ice is sweet Life is sweet, come
lets talk of love Listen my beloved now I shall
shower love on you. Everything is fine in love In your talk I’ve
lost my heart. When color of love is on you,
no other color can color you. I dance like this,
I cling like this. Ice..Ice
Eat it.. Ice Ice
eat it eat it. Beg for forgiveness from that Occultist. One young man who loved an actress.
He is that boy. He wanted to gift a car to
that actress. He bought the car but after that
what happened to his love? That affection and desire became
reason of his death. How? What Mathur!
-Yes sir. Tell me one thing. What does our
heroine say about me? She tells everyone that you are a
mental director. What did you say? She calls me
mental director? Give coffee to Mr. Producer. Now I will show her how big
mental I am. Listen Shakti.
-Yes sir. What are the reviews of this
week’s new films? What do I tell you, sir.
Fight is good in one film. Then set is good in some film.
Heroine is good in some film. So there is nothing about
director and story. You know sir.
-Okay all are ready? Okay. Are you also ready?
-Yes, I am ready sir. Okay. So what you have to do now is,
groom runs away as I said it earlier… So now eloped groom dies. Now he is dead so you will be sad.
So what you will do in such? You will cry. You have to cry. That
is without glycerine, understand? Bring emotions from inside. Grief
should be seen. Looking at your tears, not only
theatre’s audience… …all people on the set must cry.
What did you understand? Do it. Cry and show me. Bring out
your hidden feelings. Go, feel there. Go. Start. Feel it.
Cry loudly. Now I will show her. She called me mental director.
Now I will show her. That how big mental director I am.
Ready? Scene four take one!
-Clap! Action! Huh! That eloped groom is dead.
-Cut, cut, cut, cut. What is this? I told you to
bring emotions from inside. Okay. – whatever you want to do
do properly. Yes, okay. Action! That eloped groom.. is dead.
-Cut, cut. What are you doing? Do natural acting.
-It is looking natural, sir. You must be seeing, I want
absolute natural acting. Into tons of tons.
-Mental, okay, sir. What kind of heroine have you brought?
She calls me mental director. Ready, ready, one more. What? My eloped groom.. died?
My eloped groom.. died. He died. He died. My groom is dead.
Poor fellow had run away. He died1 My groom is dead.
he died. Cut it, sir. Our heroine will die. Cut..cut…
How many times I need to explain you? I want natural acting but you are
doing same thing again and again. See, such things happen with
such heroines. It would be great if you had brought
from UP, Bihar, Now you face it. Okay. Okay. We will do again. Wait, we will change the scene. You do one thing coming
running from inside Shall I close the door and then
come from inside? -What else? You have to come from inside it
means you have to close the door… …and come. Close the door and
then only you come. Did you understand?
What a problem! Action! Say it loudly, you have sent her
inside. Action! Such things happens when you hire
such useless heroines. Don’t call her useless again and
again. This ruins our image too.
-Action! She won’t come like this. I will
go and bring her just now. Then she will come to know
what is director. Don’t you hear, I have been saying
action, action since when? You know to take money from producer.
Will take lakhs of rupees. But don’t know to act. What are
you putting in your ear? Tell me the name of the person
who made you heroine? Hey Mathur! Why this mad director
shouting so much? Is he being beaten? Madam, what happened? Where are we going? To evade the coming
destruction. We were waiting for you. It was not madam fault.
It is all my fault. I have come to beg forgiveness.
Where is he? Have you come to ask forgiveness? Come with me. Madam! Madam! Who has done this deed, beside him no
one else can stop this deed. I am very scared. Will I die? There is no need to be scared.
Nothing will happen to you. For what mistake I am being punished? What happened, Jaggu?
-It seems car has broken down. Wait, I will check. It will be done in five minutes. Oh God, film heroine has come.
She has come to my hotel. I am so fortunate. What do you
want, Madam? Coffee, horlic, boost, Bournvita,
tea? What do you want madam? Water.
-Water. I will give right now, Madam. Take this. Take water, madam.
From where have you come, madam? Where you will go, madam?
What are you going to do? There will be shooting here? Madam, I am very fortunate Madam.
I am very happy looking at you. Hey man, do you have chicken?
-No sir. Do you have mutton?
-No sir. Alcohol is there?
-No that is also not there. Then what are you selling? What will I sell here, sir? I have
samosa, laddu, pakodas. What did I asked you and what
are you replying? I asked for chicken, mutton. Hey, did you get chicken? There is nothing over here but there
is a beautiful girl here. She is very beautiful. Come, let’s go.
-Sir, let it be, sir. Madam.. Hey don’t meddle, go from here.
-Sir I beg you. Hey, shut up. Beautiful!
Come, come, come. Sir, don’t do like this.
-Come come. Sir, don’t misbehave with her.
-You speak a lot. Sir, sir.
-Come partner come. Sir, please. Sir. Sir. Sir. Sir,
don’t do like this. Sir. Sir. No sir. Sir, stop, sir.
Sir, I beg you. Sir, sir, sir, sir, sir, sir. Sir, don’t do this, sir. Sir madam is
new here. Don’t misbehave with her. Hey shut up.
-Jaggu! Jaggu! Jaggu! She is heroine that’s why
she is doing acting and showing us. Stop acting, open your eyes my dame.
Stop acting, open your eyes. Open your eyes. Open your eyes.
Open. Open. Open eyes Please. Somebody tell her to open the eyes.
Open your eyes. Sakochi! Time is very less. It is impossible
to take her to Shiv temple. Mother, we have come to you
with great hopes. You have to walk 600 miles
from here. You have to travel through forest.
By then it will time for tomorrow’s sunset.. Till sunset we need such a power
that can stop Sakochi. Priest, you have stop Sakochi
till tomorrow’s sunset. Stopping Sakochi means inviting
your death. I believe on your powers. If I fail then how fearful my death
will be, you don’t know. You only have the power to save
madam. Please I beg you. We are not doing any ordinary deed.
We are tying Sakochi in chant’s bondage. Trying Sakochi in a bond means
inviting your own death. While tying Sakochi, ghost souls
will come in various forms. They will try to stop us. What I will
say is mantra for you. Whatever I say you do that only. Charkha, keep vessels of blood
on both the sides. Now give me the torch. I am going to call Sakochi by mantras.
Sakochi will not come so easily. Ghost souls will scare us to stop us.
I will send them from here I will shout, whatever happens no one
will get scared.. Dip your hands in the blood. I am giving mantra chanted
lemons. Whatever happens, don’t look back.
Even I call you, don’t look back. Go. Charkha! Get up. Get up dear. Get up.
-Where is Jaggu? Be careful. Jaggu! Madam!
-Jaggu! Jaggu! Jaggu!
-Madam! Nothing will happen to me. Time is elapsing, you go. Go madam. Nothing will happen to me.
Go. Please let’s go. Get up, that Sakochi is behind us.
Let’s go quickly. Jaggu!
-Go madam. Time is less. Go. Say hail to Shiva.
-Hail to Shiva. Speak loudly.
-Say it faster. Speak loudly. Speak loudly. Speak loudly.
-Hail to Shiva. Please Jaggu get up.
-Say dear, say loudly. What are you thinking? Say. Hail to Shiva! Hail to Shiva!
Hail to Shiva! Hail to Shiva! Hail to Shiva! Hail to Shiva!
-Chant it loudly. Hail to Shiva! Hail to Shiva!
Hail to Shiva! Hail to Shiva! Hail to Shiva! Hail to Shiva!
Hail to Shiva! Hail to Shiva! Hail to Shiva! Hail to Shiva!
Hail to Shiva! Hail to Shiva! Hail to Shiva! Hail to Shiva!
Hail to Shiva! Hail to Shiva! Hail to Shiva! Hail to Shiva!
Hail to Shiva! Hail to Shiva! Nothing happened. Nothing happened.
Come on, get up. We’ve almost reached. I won’t be able to do.
-Get up dear. Get up. Come on. Come on. Get up.
Get up, dear. Keep chanting mantra. Get up.
-Leave me, I won’t be able to do. You sit here I will get Swami.
-I want water. Take this, dear. Drink water. Take dear.
Drink water. Drink water dear. Shiva’s devotees has come
to tame you. You understand that today
your end time has come.. You will have to face punishment
for your deeds. Go away otherwise..
I will turn you into ashes. Now you have very little time. Don’t show me your scary eyes.
I will tie in a bond Where will you go escaping
from my powers? Now, your black magic will
not work. I will torture and kill you.. Yes I will
encircle from all eight sides. Enough of your anger!
No stop shedding the blood.. Now your tyranny will end. Now your end time has come. I will crush you beneath my legs. Swear of Maa kali (Goddess)
I will destroy you. Hey you evil, if you can go,
go from here. Your evil black powers will be
destroyed. Your existence will disappear
by my anger. I announce your death. Announcement for you.
Announcement for Sakochi. What do you think that you
will fly in the air? Then even I will fly with you
in the air. I will break your circle by
weapons of mantras. What do you think of yourself?
I’ll suppress your ego, Sakochi. Now you have to go away from
this earth. This is my order, you have
to obey it. You leave your ego, otherwise
you’ll turn into ash. Your ego and powers, all are
worthless in front of me. Whatever you do, you won’t be
able to win. You will be destroyed in fire of
my anger. Trident has written that today
anyhow you will be destroyed. Hey fearful Sakochi if you will fight
with me, you will never achieve salvation. Come in control. Come in control.
Come in control. Come in control. In Pushkreni from Shiv kone
Shiv ganga appears as Shivling… …and blesses its devotees. To have a sight of it, saints occultists keep
waiting for many years. By chanting name of God Shiva
no sakochi soul comes near. By the touch of Ganga water that sakochi
soul has been destroyed. You came on right time. You could
see Shiva’s power. From your life all problems
have vanished. In some days he will start walking. Leave them outside the forest.
-Yes. Be happy, dear. What is your name? Mangla.

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