Airborne assault vs Pro MMA Fighter !!!!

The fight without of rules So Well, it’ OK. This korean will announce you You are next This bottes are dry, you can sit down Here and there You can see everything from there And fight will be more interesting So,Ilya Vitaev is here And Korshenkov Max is here Come on,guys IIlya Bread is called ”Reshek” Korshenkov Max is called ”Izhoris” Welocme to the sand We are glad to see you Hey,guy. I’ve noticed you’ve got a sea cap Tell us a few words about it Go to the corner Well, the holiday was recently and yesterday I saw that TV present who I’d hit the head. Get away from he,please So, tell us smth while your opponent is absent What is what I’m from the Urals Look at Max I’m from Kolkon Hi mom, I love you Hello to everybody Thank you for you work I’m here a second time First I came here by chance Then I arrived next week and won Have you got shorts? This guy is in underpants. Are you OK? Won’t is break? when you’ll be jump naked. Have you got shorts? It’s OK OK The manufacture of underwear didn’t pay us for advertising. OK? Men’s briefs I’m here a second time I haven’t been here before When I was 14 I was banned from doing sport Why? So…it happened What about your health? I’m fine What do you mean? Are you talking about bandages on his feet? Yes,yes He’s an old thai fighter If we cut it his feet can come off because massage is firbidden to him Go to the corner Give me it Hey,guys. Sit on tha stands so everyone can see Tell us smth? No,later Ammonia! I’m not timid but I’ll try So Come to the middle of the ring Show your grin So,guys Let’s remember the rules and don’t break them.Respect each other and fight fair. There are no judes and time thay’s why you decide who is able to become a winner. Shake hands with each other and proceed to your cornes. Judging by the handshake this fight will be hard Corner,corner Corner! Are you ready? Yes! And you? Ready! Are the viewers ready? Fight! Ladies and gentlemen,here are heavy weights more than 80 kg Don’t ask for it! Let him jump Well Yes,yes. You hit Raise your hands Raise your hands Continue! Why are you stanting? Don’t fall! Head,head Hold on! Punching! Punching! Wow! Grab his hand Yes,yes,yes! Come on! Squeeze it! Hand Yes, help yourself Press him and don’t let go of him sweep,sweep,sweep Bend It won’t help I see professionals in the stands Wokr harder Let’s suppot the guy in cap. I hope he will cope with it. Yes, come on! You can! Stop.Stop! Go to the middle of the ring. Stand up ang go to the middle Lie on back Where are you going? Make a starting position Ready? Fight Come on! You can! Get away Raise your hans up Raise your hans up Don’t hit the his nape! Throw his back. Catch his leg! Stop Well done! Cool! Hurrah! Are you OK? What happened? I aslo served in the Airborne Forces. Hurrah! However you can stand and he can’t He was hit on the ribs It’s OK. Have a rest Give another round! No no Well,guys, come to me We have a winner! Let’s appaud them! Hurrah! Cool! Well done! This fight was better. You both are cool! Tell us smth,please It was good fight Good afternoon! Come to STRELKA! There is a good atmosphere. You can make friends,see your old friends and fight! Thanks to the organizers for the opportunity to fight Thanks to STRELKA Have a nice day! Thank you! Congrats! Thanks to everyone. I see. I’m glad to be here. I’d like to fight because a had a failure in hockey. I didn’t have the opportunity to fight but now I want to do it. So, I’m ready! Yes, come to us. Thank you! You are from Kolpino. You are near us.

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