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Aj Styles Talks About Retiring From Wrestling

Aj Styles Talks About Retiring From Wrestling

Hi Friends welcome to C4E Wrestling News Aj
Styles Talks About Retiring From Wrestling AJ Styles is currently busy teaming up with
The OC but it is evident that his career will be nearing an end eventually While he has
recently signed a new WWE contract it is unlikely he will be adding more time to it Styles spoke
to Busted Open Radio where he told Mark Henry he does not have as much energy as he used
to He does not want to be remembered for doing any matches where he was not performing at
his best Aj Styles said I think I am You know Mark Henry you get older You go Where the
freak did my energy go? Why don’t I have that useless burst of energy
that I had way back when You can see that starting to deplete and I’ve said this before
I don’t want to be that AJ Styles that everybody goes Wow I wish he could still do that’
or Oh wow he’s really slow I don’t want that I wanna be the AJ Styles that people
will remember It will still be a while until he retires since he has to finish his current
contract Styles is a family man and wants to live a happy life retired from professional
wrestling He has accomplished a lot in his career which has spanned many years in various
promotions Friends what are your thought about this Let Us Know in the Comment Section below
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