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Alejandra Lara Bellator 225 Post-Fight Interview

Alejandra Lara Bellator 225 Post-Fight Interview

okay this fight was it ends as I was
expecting to do it so it was perfect that way I was expecting to finish it
and yeah I feel great with this I really didn’t care about the result of that
it’s something that just came from me like I go out dancing it’s it’s
something that I feel that I have inside and it’s just my way to be with the
world is what I do is why it’s my way to really for relation with the world so
it’s something that goes to the people who can accept it and that’s it yeah
actually my nickname it’s Azul it’s it’s like blue the colour and have a meaning
related with art it’s something that I feel that sensibility and yeah it it’s
it’s that the sensibility of feelings and of being yourself like I said I could note that some
people react with with some hair hate and it’s well you can give what you have
inside you so I don’t feel like the bad reactions
I just I’m glad that is some people said thank you for for that thank you for
thinking more not just about winning and get money and say yeah look what I have
known it’s what can I do for my world for this and I felt that it was an
emergency for doing something and we are in in danger
all of us and if we don’t note and we don’t do something now it’s gonna be
late I just want that everyone knows that every single little thing that you
can do in your everyday account and I try to do it every day I try to write
use my my impact in the world I try to respect nature to respect animals and I
think that counts and that’s it no not at all I like titties I love to fight
and it was really motivating all of these but I was focused in in my fight
in doing what I was working for and I’m glad this happening today yes I feel
good in in my weight class in 125 I think for now it’s great but I felt so
strongly in this weight also we will see it it depends yeah it depends of the
opportunity depends of the opponent and we will see this is a great opportunity and is also
a big responsibility I feel really proud of being here representing my people
representing Latino people but I know it also a challenge and I have to improve
in all the the aspects I have to improve my English I have to have a better
relationship with with this that it’s really new but I accepted the challenge
and I’m ready for ya improve in every aspect yeah my team is from Mexico I’m
doing my training tab in love gym in Guadalajara Mexico so also I am living
there like a long time ago and I also feel all this part of the Mexican people
and also they all the Latino American people but I can’t have all of the flags
in my clothes but it’s like yeah thank you very much

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