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Aleksandar Rakic MMA – A day with the UFC Filmcrew – UFC Connected (EN Subtitels)

Aleksandar Rakic MMA – A day with the UFC Filmcrew – UFC Connected (EN Subtitels)

Bro, now it’s in the jungle! This really is Aleks’ element here.
This is simply the confirmation of the theory of evolution. What a pisser. Morning, guys! The UFC film crew is here and will accompany Aleksandar all day today during his training and everything that’s happening in his life. So a little insight into his
everyday life. Morning run – I have not done that for 20 years. This is the Manuwawa kick! We are now on our way on the Wienerberg. They want a few shots in nature. City nature. Jungle-Aleks. So now Aleks has to catch a chicken and then grill it and – Like Rocky! Aleks is now doing his morning run. And we are here at the Wienerberg pond. And the guys have brought a drone. That is, they are now filming here from above the run of Aleks. The whole thing is recorded for UFC
Connected, for this series. And now we have just heard that it is then broadcasted in September. That is, there will be another episode soon. And the two filmmakers have come from Ireland or
England to film us. So it’s a strong network, which the UFC
has here. Really great thing. Quite an honor to be here in such an episode. It think it’s pretty cool. The task now is: Aleks has to catch at least two ducks now and, well, that’s no problem at all. And afterwards will have roast duck. The guy has just put on my backpack. I mean, this is a great advertisement for Pitbull. Brother, what are you doing with my rucksack? Oh, this is yours? Yes. Looks like two animal researchers who are waiting for a leopard or something like that. There he is, the Lion. In the wilderness. There are the gazelles. They are a bit too old for you. So MILF Gazelles. It’s a good combination, isn´t it? They are a lot of combinations. But I mean the sun, water, sweat – what more do you need? They have come here with an awesome equipment. Really only the best. So that really good promo videos can be made. Nice! So this combination here is really great, right next to the water and with the sun in the background while he is shadow boxing. Really cool. If you put that on the front part, you could go fishing. This is a how-to video on how to make a fishing rod. There is again the Yugo. First part done. We’re done here and now we are going to the gym for the favorite discipline of Aleks. 2024 we are going to the Olympics. – Yes, baby! The greatest weightlifter. There still have to get a bit fatter, we want you to have about 160 kilos. That’s not so bad, so a bit – More body weight? Yes sure. What did you think? 160. Well that’s easy. Snatching 160. 160 kg body weight and snatching 195 kilos. OK? More! 2020. 2020? I like that best, of course, when Aleks knows Weightlifters from me. That means he is really interested in the sport and you know how important Olympic weightlifting is to me as athletic development for MMA and Martial Arts and generally in all professional sports. And of course it is great if the athlete knows a lot about the assistant sport, the accessory exercises and so on and even knows the current top-athletes who are really strong. And we also recently had these two show-trainings with Oleksiy Torokhtiy, with the Olympic winner from London 2012. There are a few videos online in
the channel about that. That is, this is a training where Aleks does Olympic weightlifting with Torokhtiy. So Torokhtiy trained Aleks. Has given him a private session. So pretty cool. and then Aleks hasreturned the favour and did a MMA Session with him. Now it’s time from the gym. See you soon! Now we have arrived at the gym 23 and are doing the next shooting here. In any case, Olympic lifting will now be filmed and it is particularly important to me that people see what Aleks does here and how good his techniques are. And then a little bit of other fitness stuff. And then afterwards RobertoPastuch, Aleks’ MMA coach, will join us and, of course, there will be a bit ofground fighting. They will do technique drills and the like for the
camera. So certainly quite nice. And then naturally there will follow a few interviews. Focus Bitch. This is the formula. That is, if you have mastered the formula, then you know hot to do snatching? Exactly. And then the PR is better. The PR is better. The killer brigade. Morning! Wave into the camera. – No, it’s just a tripod. You have to be careful that nothing comes out from your backside. – Uhh, too late. – Hahaha. This is a classic Roberto warmup. Roberto goes to the mat, turns on the clock and begins. Folks, we are now down here in the gym for strength and endurance training and we show people here how to get fast as a
Light Heavyweight and we want to show them the snatch. Snatch clean and jerk – Olympic lifting. So this is certainly going to be nice. We are already right in the middle of it, we are already at the clean and jerk, now at 80 kilos. That is, still easy here. For him, it’s still a bit like warmup, but now will soon continue with something else. We want to show something about bodyweight. Weightlifting finished. In the end,Aleks has quite easily done a 100 kg clean jerk – you can see that in the main video – it’s like nothing for him. Super easy. And of course I’m extremely glad about that,
because that also shows his potential. I have just said that to the other people in the chamber: 150 to 160 kilos he will be able to do easily in the future. So my name is Richard Staudner. I am the performance coach in Aleks’ team. So I am responsible for the strenght-conditioning part, for the nutrition, the supplementation and also for body condition and for division things. I’ve also given my Interview just now. This is, for now it was about my ideas and to get information about why we train like we train, because it is true that our differs from trainings of other atheletes in this weight division or in the UFC or
generally in MMA. In other words, hardly anyone does Olympic
weightlifting at this technical level. That’s number one. And the
other thing is that the snatch for example, is hardly usedbecause it is technically very difficult to learn it.
This is of course perfectly understandable for me and, in the past, I have repeatedly said, skip the snatch, concentrate on the power clean, but I have changed my opinion. So the Snatch is definitely part of a good
athletic development and the advantage is: in order to
lift the weight this long way from the ground up over the head, you have to invest a lot and you have to move really fast and that is onereason why the snatch has a significantly higher impact on explosive strength development than most would think. And if you watchOlympic lifters, then you’ll immediately see that. They are the fastest guys in the world. Highest jump performance in long jump, high jump and so
on, in the sprint initiation action on the first few meters and that’s what we need for MMA: high speed on the first few meters. They are just the best at that.
And so we can take them as a good example. And the other thing is the mental part, that is, the mental influence ofOlympic lifting is gigantic. People are just really stable in the head as well and manage to cope with really intensive and stressful situations and especially to me that is reallyimportant. The next thing we do is to film and interview Roberto, the MMA Coach and to present his role in the team. That is, what he does, the grappling part, the MMA part of course. And then will go over to Aleksandar’s home. No, you have to work with the head. Oh, that looks gay. Yes. But that’s okay. Gay is okay. I did a short weightlifting session. Like short, fast 70 kilo snatches. Clean and jerk. Really fast. It looks really like an activation. I took like 25 minutes. We warm up with the fast rep. For other people this is their lifetime maximum. In Cross Fit this is great, when you do that, everybotdy says: Hey, that’s awesome! The have already continued filming.I treat myself in the meantime with a banana break. SimplyKeto Style. What are you doing, kids? Playing? Show me again, a heavy hit. Look, the sandbag is still moving. Yes, he still has real power in his fists, this Isaac. Let’s see what MMA coach Roberto is doing with Aleksander. They are filming again. The two are simply doing a normal training session. This means, this is now no serious sparring, but they are using the time to roll together and now they are concerned with strategic things: Take-Down, defences and now also work next to the fence or wall. I’ll show you in a minute and MMA-style, so not only ground combat, but Aleks has now put on gloves. I will now get a microphone and am allowed to contribute more comments. So this is the moment where I now feel really important. Coming down. Relax. And brief. This was the win after my second knee injury. It was an 18-month layoff from surgery to this day, so I went through hell in these months. A lot of physio, a lot of pain, not only in the body, also mental. So this is the picture after I won the fight. And after this fight, I started with the UFC, so pure happiness. What did it mean in that moment, when you won that fight with a finish, wasn’t it? Yeah, it was a finish in the first round. I was like, everybody just came to watch me fight again, like a come back fight because I was really thinking to quit with MMA after my knee injury because I injured my knee two times. Two times ACL, two times miniscus. So it is a hard injury and it was like a dream come true. You know, seven days after this big win I got the UFC contract. I was so happy. It was the right choice to stand up und fight and do what I love. To be the best fighter. So when you look at this foto, what do you think? To never give up and that I made the right choice in my life. To not quit this sport, to push forward and now everything is possible. In the UFC and climbing the ladder to the top. Everything is possible no matter where you come from. Everywhere you can get good training and trainingpartners and quality training. So, nothing is impossible if you show disciplin and your dreams will come true. A nose guard, so that the nose is not broken.
– That’s a pretty big nose guard. It’s for people who have a big nose. – May I? – Yes gladly. I want to try that. This is really … well … does fit well, but it stunk a bit. It seems training comes very easy for him? Yeah, well I belive that MMA ist one of the hardest sports you can train you know, it´s like, you have to be an allrounder. A few years when I started it was like one or two things. So it was not like nowadays, everybody knows everything. Everybody is a good at striking, everybody´s good at wrestling and on the ground game. But what happend with Aleks, I see many people people that are very strong, fast an athletic, but the difference with him, is his mindset. He can, like you say, his mind into a thing and he will become really good on that. And he can´t let it go. He will work, work, work throug all the adversities you know, like he says he had a couple of injuries, kneeinjuries and that stuff and that of course puts you down but he came back stronger. So all these adversities made him stronger. So it´s a huge difference he has to the rest of the fighters I ever met, that his mindset is the strongest one. So he is able to rebuild and be reborn in every training. He rebuilds himself and becomes a new person ervery time. You will never see Aleks in one sparing and next week it won´t be the same, he will always add something and it will take something off he didn´t like. He is like an artist, he creates is own view of this. So that´s why he makes it look really easy. And for the rest of us normal humans it´s really hard. But when you see him, it´s like – uhh, that´s not so hard. – We´ve seen a couple of UFC light heavy weights retire recently, so like Alexander Gustavson and his last opponent Jimmy Manuwa. Was that his last fight a bit of a changing gard, so you think for european light heavy weights, that Aleks is now going to step into that position as one of the top european light heavy weights in the UFC? Yeah, absolutely. These two guys you named are ledgends. They have done a lot of things for the sport and thanks to them, I was living in sweden bevore, I saw the changes Aleksander Gustavson made in sweden. People didn´t know about him at that time and when he came out, not only with good technice and a good sportsman, but also the way he behaves and the way he approches the sport he showed that it´s not just a brutal sport, but that there are a lot of things behind it. You can become a better person throu this and you can help other people. So Alexander showed that and he´s for me one of the ledgens of this sport because of that. As well as Jimmy. Theses two guys are amazing. So I think Aleks will bring also the same thing for this region of Europe, in Austria. And that´s what we want to create here. Gary, are you just working for the UFC, or do you also do other things? Other sport productions? At the moment mostly MMA, so either for UFC or for BT sport. But sometimes I do premiere league football so the english premiere league. And some documentaries and things like that. – For sportsmen and athletes?
– Yes mostely for sports, football and MMA. – And premiere league, that´s also very interessting. That´s the same like in combat sports, UFC ist the highest – Yeah, only the best! – So you have to be a good one in your job!
– I´m alright, I can´t say, I don´t know, but we are here in one of the best gyms in Vienna, so probably that speaks a lot to the quality we are seeing around here. – So you are a traveling a lot around in Europe?
– I travel a lot for europe, we´ve got Copenhagen coming up.
– Oh yeah, so you will be there at the UFC event in Copenhagen in September.
– Yeah, at all the events. So we interview a lot of fighters and the coaches and we film the fights aswell backstage. And we walk with the fighters, so we were with Aleks in Stockholm, so we have all the footage from backstage before his knock-out of Jimmy. So we can tell that whole story, what is really nice. To follow a fighter like Aleks you know. So we´ve got all that footage, if we need it down the line for something else. We will always have that footage of him. So for any documentaries that´s always good to have that stuff. – Nice, so you will follow Aleks througout his titel.
– Yeah, of course. All the way to the titel and beyond. – Deal?
– Until he retires. Yes, the people behind the scene, or behind the camera, that was Gary Donald, he is responsible for the UFC for the films of such documentaries about fighters and the
same thing in other sports such as Champions league football or, in this case, as he said, Premiere League in England, pretty cool thing The boys have moved to the Octagon and are showing a bit of striking here. MMA striking techniques. I tell you people that are really cool shots when the documentary is finished I can hardly wait.In September, the whole thing will be published and it really is brilliant material, what they are recording right here. Most important time of the day: eating schnitzel today. No, we do not eat schnitzel but grilled chicken with rice, that will have to do. These are the Schnitzel-Abs, aren´t they? Now on the way to Meli I have to be quiet because Gary is in the car with us and is still filming here during the trip and talk a bit to Aleksandar. – We had a good nice little training. Where are we going now and what are we going to do? Now we are going to my appartement to meet my wife. To have a coffe and a talk. I´ll show you where I live, how I live and it´s a small apartement, but I love it. Because I can relaxe there, I can get some energy inbetween sessions. It´s a quiet area, a quiet district and I have a good view. I love this part of Vienna. Guys, we have now arrived at Aleks’ home and are now going up. Some filming of private area. Meli will be there and will be interviewed. So the private part is just as important. Yeah baby, Aleks has not only an awesome, nice apartment but he also has an H&M in his flat. An own. – H&M!
– Yes, really, he has his own H&M here. Aleks? Perhaps you can hand us a shirt?
– Naturally. Awesome! Here’s a shirt. Maybe a suit with it?
– Yes a suit would be great, gray, perhaps? Blue is also ok. Damn. How awesome is that? And he also has a separate locker room and the tailor comes every Tuesday at 15 o’clock. How awesome is that? – Here are my UFC pants, in which I fought. Or the first gloves.
– Are these the first? – Yes, the first to UFC from my first fight. With whom I did not train. Or … a love Smiley. – Is that your cuddly cushion?
– Yes. – What can I expect?
– Ready?
– Yes. – Hold your nose.
– Oh shit … Fifteen pairs of gloves, fifteen pairs of shoes, head protector…everything. – There comes a smell…
– Everything, Scuba Mask, that’s why its outside. So that it doesn’t smellin the apartment. – Meli has surely forbidden you to have everything inside.
– Head protection, old weightlifting boots, wrestling boots … – Because it really smells terribly, I don’t know what that is. – Basketball, bike, winter tires ..
– Really? I thought that’s a barbecue.
– No, those are winter tires. – Do you also have a barrel, in which you make a fire?
– Yes – And then you rap?
– Yes. So when was the wedding? Was this on the wedding day. Yeah, this was three weeks ago, on 8th of July. We had our wedding. But this was the small wedding just for the papers. But next year in September, we will have a big wedding with 400 people. That was a little bit the feeling, like I would go to the octagon. It was not the same feeling, but almost. But selfconfidenz like usually. Look at times the here, what I’ve found here. Really sick dude youth photos by Aleks. This is the tomato man on his sweater and here you see grumpy Aleks. First Day of School “I do not want to
go school.” And here Action Rakic Actually, Action-Rakic invented stand up paddling, but he has forgotten the paddle at home. It was only stand-up
– I’ve paddled with my hands. – Yes, with the hands were enough, hands down to the ground. And here it is right here … here’s the Cliff Diver Rakic. Look at that. – Twelve meters.
– This is a hip-extension age, look at this! Remember that for weightlifting. And here his first bus ride but of course handlebar. Full speed. Aleks’ first car. Montenegro Style, Golf 1. Was that a GTI?
– What? – Was that a GTI? – For sure. And there he is … he has just always been a model Aleks is only in the Octagon the boss. In the kitchen, Meli is the boss. Back in the car again. Last outing. It’s off to the gym, to Malu and we will be there to juggle a bit. Hand-eye coordination training. The guys waiting there for us and we want to show the UFC what we do for training this precision and timing that Aleks shows. Well guys, that’s the last part of today’s training, which we won’t show you in this clip but you’ll see it in the UFC version in September. Aleksandar has landed a few more fat hits on the sand bag and a few jabs and a few hooks with special gloves by Top 10 . Just leave me a like and check out the
next videos. Next we will show you the video of the fight of Eva
Voraberger and her preparations the weight-cut and also the Fight Week of Aleksandar Rakic ​​in Stockholm against Jimmy Manuwa and there you’ll also see his weight-cut, the preparation. We have filmed the entire fight week. That’s going to be an awesome video. So this is coming soon. Take care, guys, see you soon.

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