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Aleksandar Rakic UFC – Weightlifting for MMA – Find the Power Position for Snatch

Aleksandar Rakic UFC – Weightlifting for MMA – Find the Power Position for Snatch

It’s a backwards movement.
This may not be the correct biomechanics, that we would like,
but it is important to set the impulse, so that the hip knows where the anchor point is.
And for snatching it’s the same anchor point. And look at the T-shirt. Another one. The T-shirt is pulled upwards. This means, he has body contact. He is quite close to the stomach. Why are you doing this? I do that – That’s what Torokhtiy said, right? – Yes, Torokhtiy. He explained to me, that it is for having a better feel for the power position, so that one touches the bar in the right moment. When snatching that would be about here. You have to imagine that this is the body, that arm. So this is the head, the hip, and these are the legs and feet. That’s the hip and there you have to catch the power position. And if I now lift something up and I want to catch it here, then I am sometimes here, sometimes there, sometimes too late, So now I activate the power position. It tingles a little bit. Now you have more feel for it. And then if you do that, you have the right power position. So firstly, you have the right spot and, secondly, the right track. Exactly. And that’s the same with the barbell. If I tap here a few times, the body remembers that and then it is easier to catch the power position. Aleksander has now shown us how to fix or find the catch position at the hip in weightlifting warmup. That is, in principle, we know how wide to grip, so that the bar is at the correct height, which
is at waist level, and the grip width is fixed anyway. I hope you know how to grip the bar, otherwise we can show you in another video. But the important thing is to inform the hip, that you want to catch right there, because
what happens when I grip correctly but when I try too early to establish pelvis contact, then I have no complete hip extension and hit, for example, the tigh. We don’t want that and that is why we use this pelvis anchor point as preparation. And from the outside it looks a bit as if the rod moves inwards from the front. And actually it does. But it’s all about the momentum and if you then watch Aleks’ reps from the side, you can see the impuls in the hip but also that the bar is nevertheless moved upwards closely to the body.
This is immensely important. Try it out!

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  1. excellent scientists are behind the Rakic’s success and progress… A perfomance coach is an incredible benefit!

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