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Alexa Bliss y No Way Jose en la rueda de prensa de WWE Zaragoza

Alexa Bliss y No Way Jose en la rueda de prensa de WWE Zaragoza

so first begin with Alexa and the beginning sterically this was next step for Alexa bliss on Monday obviously I want to create girls in the championship and become a three-time champion five-time champion and hopefully eventually maybe beat up to Stratasys a lot of them there’s also competed in the woman some media she came here and bill to London what can you tell us about that much to begin with that structure in that match at first when we were told is Elimination Chamber match you know I had all these ideas and everything that’s like what I’m talking about it to me as soon as I got to the arena and actually saw the chamber yeah all my all my ideas in that window and just kind of had to play around the structure and see how high it actually really goes and it’s very intimidating it’s very it’s a very scary structure there’s no give and especially the pods they were extremely high up but it was a lot of fun and a great moment for our definition how do you feel about this is your best you look down to it fully of the all these I’m excited that’s the simplest way I can put up signing I’m very happy to be here Travis applause what do you drink up you know you want to travel the world and do what you love to do and and poor Alexis our education right now those other speakers in the division are coming from MMA which are under RC antenna Bisleri the next II and I want to know as a wrestler how did you feel about this crossover or passion from MMA University I think it’s great I think it’s because you know people respect you have seen it and amazed so much and I feel like if people see you know the top women and you have seen anime struggling to do what we do and going through the grind and doing what we do would happen to learn the process it gains more respect for what we do you know we have former football players NFL players baseball players cheerleaders we have athletes from all over so I don’t see them as any different than any athlete we’ve ever signed do you feel that you have come to one now raw with unfinished business in the next no whatever happen actually have the next my business done and it’s time for me to sort of grow and become you know someone completely different than what everybody they’re gonna go out have fun be a little more serious at the same time because it’s now somebody tyrol actually every week and so the conga line party every place that I go all the way to the top

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