100 thoughts on “All of Kofi Kingston’s championship victories: WWE Milestones

  1. You have come a long way bro. Great achievements u have made, greater ones u will achieve. Soar higher for the Lord is with u

  2. Watching kofi finally win the big belt was truly amazing. I fell out of love with wwe a few years back but Kofi was always a favorite of mine. And it was well deserved

  3. Why did Michael Cole said that was kofi first time winning the intercontinental title when he beat Chris Jericho for it

  4. In wwe 2k14 I always used to play as Kofi and my friends thought I was crazy when they would pick John cena or undertaker and now they use Kofi from time to time

  5. WWE Seth Rollins 👑 1 Time nxt champion 5 Time tag team Champion 2 Time Universal champion 1time us champion 2time ic Champion 2 Time WWE Champion

  6. is it possible to bounce off the ropes and perform a back flip and a kick without someone giving you a clothesline from hell?

  7. Hey Kate is your birthday and a birthday dinner for your birthday and I want you back to come join us and we play a couple hours and get some dinner at your place for a little bit I want you to join me and I have dinner and dinner with dinner and then I have to pick me and I go home 🏡 was that dinner and I was going to come pick you up I was just going home to get your stuff ready for you to pick up your dinner 🍴 I didn’t know if we had a good night 💤😘 was the day we had dinner 🍴 is that I

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