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Anderson Silva vs Derek Brunson post fight review and highlights

Anderson Silva vs Derek Brunson post fight review and highlights

welcome to Drod’s MMA & Boxing last night Anderson silver squared off against Derek Brunson and basically here’s my breakdown. Pretty much everything went the way I thought it would go except for Anderson’s chin that held up very well. I was very shocked by how his chin held up. I thought if he got hit, he would have hit the ground, but he didn’t. His chin actually held up pretty well. against Derek Brunson but for the most part what I did like about the fight was I did like Anderson’s jab I think that if he used that jab more often he’ll be able to set up more attacks. He’s an older fighter who has become slower and more concerned about being countered. They mentioned that in the fight that he was slower and how slow he has become compared to these other guys. I mentioned in my previous breakdown anderson Silva has been slowing down for a while now and people haven’t been able to see that he has slowed down and were unable to see his age because he was winning fights and because he was so effective in capitalizing on people’s mistakes Now we’re seeing him at 41 he’s going to be 42 in April so we started to obviously see his age kick in and a lot of people are talking about it but for me I’ve been seeing it for a while for example in the Demian Maia fight he got tired in that fight that’s the reason why he wasn’t really going all out he actually got tired, but he has a poker face. The thing about Anderson Silva that makes him a great fighter is that he has a poker face when he’s hurt you can’t tell he’s hurt he doesn’t have any expression when he’s exhausted you can barely tell he’s exhausted because he doesn’t show any expression. I think he hurt his knee in this fight but he didn’t show any signs of being hurt at all it’s just that’s the way Anerson Silva is and he’s got something that these young fighters can really learn from far as learning the psychological part of fighting so basically the fight was to me I mean I guess it was closed you can’t complain whether it went either way I gave the fight to Anderson Silva and the reason why I gave him the fight was because he was the one in the center of the Octagon dictating the pace that to me that’s ring generalship and he’s the one pressing the action whereas Derek Brunson he’s the one is backing up you the younger fighter at 33 years of age you’ve been more active and you’re the one that is literally running from Anderson Silva and I know that with the punch stats and this is my issue with compute box numbers they don’t tell the full side of them of the fight it’s like NBA basketball when you see someone win of you look at someone punch that sheet and it’s all look this person got 36 points well you didn’t say that 12 his points came when the game was decided the game was already over and everyone was sitting on the bench and then that’s what he got his 12 points the stats don’t really always tell you what really happened in the fight I mean Derek Brunson probably landed some shots but it was after Anderson Silva had to dictate the pace this is prize fighting I’m not going to give you credit for for running the entire round you know you got a 41 year old getting ready to be 42 year old man who is chasing you around the ring that’s ridiculous and a lot of people were giving him credit I heard the commentators giving him the round based upon how well he didn’t look you’re a professional fighter you expect me to give you kudos for for lasting a round even though the guy is an elite fighter you are a professional fighter if you get to the point where you need brownie points that you might as well just pack up your bags and go home he even text Dana White complaining about how I felt like I got cheated and I this is how I feed my family. Well if this is how you feed your family then you go out there and actually win the fight I don’t know what kind of fight you were trying to win you know taking these wild shots from a distance I mean it’s embarrassing for me here’s my issue 2 with wrestling I like grappling and I like takedowns only when you are advancing your position if you’re using it for the sake of avoiding getting punched in the face or because of fear the motivation for the grappling is different it’s different for someone say hey I’m a grappler and this is what I do best my best attribute is to try to get the fight to the ground well then you know what? I’ll give you credit for that but if you’re afraid to get punched in the face and you’re just trying to hold on that’s no different than a boxing match when someone gets hurt and they hold someone for 12 rounds do I give you credit for that no because the reason why you’re holding on is because you took a punch that hurts you or because you’re afraid of getting hit the motivation is different so I’m not giving you credit for that and I’m watching the fight and I’m seeing this guy run around the ring you’re not getting credit for that not at all especially when you getting changed by a counter-puncher who again it’s 42 years old so Derek Brunson can complain all he want as far as I’m concerned you You have no one else to be mad at but yourself I gave the fight to Anderson Silva 2 rounds to 3. I gave the last round to Derek Brunson because he did initiate the take down and he took Anderson Silva down. The first round Anderson was dictating the pace he and the only way Derek Brunson was able to get Anderson Silva to the ground was because Anderson trying to go for the kill jumped up and threw a flying knee and fell on his own and then at the end of the round you it was you know the fight ended with Brunson being in Anderson’s guard you don’t get credit for that there’s no credit for someone falling and you just happen to be on top there’s no credit for that not at all second round I gave an answer only because like I said once again I mean come on dude He did take Anderson down but Anderson was able to get back to his feet there was no you didn’t pass the guard there was no strikes landed kudos to you you got punch if we’re going to say oh he get credit for takedowns because of his wrestling but also in wrestling you also get points for turnovers and escapes I mean so if you’re going to do it that way you You gotta use Wrestling scoring all the way as far as I’m concerned second round I give to Anderson Silva because he is the one dictating the pace now what i did like my Anderson is that I did like the jab and then sometimes he does things that make me wonder like man this guy can still fight. He’s light years ahead of this younger fighter for example that whizzer when Brunson went for the takedown and Anderson just got back to his feet using the whizzer beautifully. I’m like this guy he’s older and he still has a skill and he’s ducking he’s dipping his dodging Brunson’s punches to me I’m like okay he still has it he has a beautiful jab what I would like to see him do more is use that jab to set up things because he has a slower fighter however I believe if he used that jab he’ll be able to push his opponents back a little bit more He would also forced them to fight a little more because they would get tired getting pump with the jab think if he he got a nice jab and Anderson’s jab is like a right hand it’s equivalent to a strong punch remember when he knocked out Yushin Okami with that jab I believe he has a strong jab and he can continue to utilize that jab in his game and you can see him you can see him really it would help involve his counter a game I believe the other part I like in this fight I definitely like when Anderson was on the ground the second round and he used his own I couldn’t really get a view of it I don’t know if he had butterfly hooks at all but he was able to get back to his feet it was pretty much a mark was beautiful the way he did it it’s things like that that says man how much this guy has in his arsenal I mean he knows so much techniques to see him at this age still incorporating stuff that I haven’t seen him during his career is amazing to me but like I said he is older I was shocked at his chin held up and Brunson did what I thought he would do utilizing the same game plan he used against Uriah Hall by tring to stay away and try to grapple and clinch but I’m not giving you credit for that I’m not giving you credit for basically fighting scared. I’m just not. this is prizefighting you’ll not getting credit for that the only thing that shocked me was how Anderson’s chin held up and a lot of people gave him credit for the shots he (Brunson) landed while in the clinch But I’m not giving you credit for that either because once again Anderson is dictating the pace and you’re throwing shots what’s amazing to me was that some of those shots did land but Anderson was rolling with the punches so a lot of those weren’t landing And many of those punches weren’t doing anything to Anderson Anderson does this a lot in allowing his opponent to hit him in the face and sometimes when I see that that showed me that he’s getting back into the swing of things after the Chris Weidman fight he was kind of fighting scared. He also fought scared in the Diaz fight. I don’t like to use the word scared but conscience is the word. He was more conscious with Nick Diaz. He was conscious with Michael Bisping but now it seems like he’s getting more comfortable in there the only thing is I Would like to see him use his jab to probably set up things and improve and his cardio His cardio is not there either but once again to me you got to take it like he’s 42 years old he’s not taking testosterone or any other stuff a lot of 40 were able to take products and other things to be able to stay in there longer it you know it is what it is I enjoy watching the skill set as far as the fight it was uneventful but whatever this is DROD’S MMA & BOXING If this is any value to you hit LIKE button and subscribe and y’all have a good day

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