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Anderson Silva’s Top 10 Rules For Success (@SpiderAnderson)

Anderson Silva’s Top 10 Rules For Success (@SpiderAnderson)

– He’s a Brazilian mixed martial artist, and former UFC Middleweight Champion. He holds the longest title-defense
streak in UFC history, with 16 consecutive wins, and 10 title defenses. UFC President Dana White and other experts have called him the greatest
mixed martial artist of all time. He’s Anderson Silva,
and here are his top-10 rules for success. – I love my sport. I love my job, and I strive my focus, all the time, in my life, for training, because fight is my life. Sometimes, everything’s changed, because you have the good working, bad working, and good experience, bad experience, but I love my job. And I talk to my family, and I say I go back to fight, because this is me. (“Born to be Wild” by Steppenwolf) – [Commentator] Silva looking
to overwhelm Marquardt at the end of round number one. Oh, caught him with a big shot. – That might be it.
– Marquardt is in trouble. – It is all over!
– Wow! – [Commentator] Anderson Silva remains the Middleweight Champion. (speaking in foreign language) And it’s all over! Just like that! (speaking in foreign language) – [Announcer] Weidman! (speaking in foreign language) (“Old Time Rock and Roll” by Bob Seger) – [Commentator] And Franklin
goes down momentarily. – [Commentator] Rich has
got to be careful here. – [Commentator] Jumps on
him, and lands one again. Silva with a big knee. Franklin is in trouble.
– Nice right hand. – [Commentator] Silva
trying to finish it here. Another knee. And down goes Franklin,
and it is all over! – [Commentator] The right hand hurts him. – Boom.
– The knee to the head – [Commentator] Hurts him, another knee. – [Commentator] That right
knee caught him flush, Joe. That was it. – Nick is the great fight. Nick fights for the, for a long time in the same category. So, I go training hard, because older fighters,
when they go to UFC, is the best fighters in the world. No me, no Nick, all the fighters. I need to training hard, because they they go, when they start the fight, Nick have good training,
have good jiu jitsu, have good boxing. And it’s the fight, it’s the great fight. All the people in the
world are waiting for this. And, I’m prepared for this. I go for fight for Nick, because I respect Nick. Nick is danger. And, the same position, Nick no fight for a long time, I no
fight for a long time. I think it’s the great fight. (“Working For the Weekend” by Loverboy) – [Commentator] Anderson
holding on to the arm, and he takes him down. – [Commentator] Swarms him. Looking to finish the fight right here! It is all over! Anderson Silva defeats Stephan Bonnar. – [Commentator] He is the first guy to ever stop Stephan Bonnar. – I’m very happy, because my family give me the sport, and help me, for back, because my sons and my wife say that this is your time. This is your life. Go. Keep going. (“Rock n Roll” by Led Zeppelin) – [Commentator] To finish the fight, with some of the best, if not the best I’ve ever seen in MMA. Nice leg kick by Irvin. – [Commentator] And
Irvin’s in trouble already. Silva trying to finish it.
– It’s done. – [Commentator] It is all over! – [Commentator] Irvin throws
a kick, Anderson catches it, right on the chin, takes him down. It looked like Irvin was done
already, from that one punch, and just a few punches
more, and that’s it. – I remember my life, and the start, the training. And, the more difficult is the training, because my step-mom say to me, no martial arts.
– Uh-oh. – Because this is danger.
(laughing) You are need to pick it
up, you focus for school, and the same professional, your dad, your brothers. My family in Brazil, my whole family, my brothers, my dad, is cop in Brazil. I talked to my dad, no, I no go for school for the academy, for cop. I go for training, because
I love martial arts. My dad and my mom say, you crazy. Why? – That’s funny.
– Your brothers, your dad is the cop. Why you go change? Because, why? Why is your problem? I say, mom, dad, it is my dream. So now, it’s very good.
– Yeah, it worked out. It seems to have worked out. It seems to worked out for everybody. – Yeah. My dad talk to me now, my
step-dad talked to me now, oh, good job man.
– We were so wrong. We were so wrong.
– Yeah. (“Beds Are Burning” by Midnight Oil) – [Commentator] Leben is
rocked, he was stunned. – [Commentator] He was rocked back then; I thought it was over. – [Commentator] Oh, he is in big trouble. Chris Leben goes down
again, and it is all over! – Wow!
– It is all over! – [Commentator] He gave Chris every chance he possibly could, to recover. – Bam.
– Bam, and that is the end. (speaking in foreign language) (“White Room” by Cream) – [Commentator] Try to protect what seemed to be damaged ribs. – Oh, right to the face.
– Caught him again. – Rich is in trouble.
– High kick by Silva! Rich is in trouble!
– Rich Franklin’s in trouble. – [Commentator] Anderson
Silva, and down goes Franklin! And it is all over! – [Commentator] That shot
right there broke Rich’s nose, and that was the end of the fight. A high kick, another
high kick to the body. Tried the big elbow, another
knee right to the head, and Rich goes down for the last time here. John McCarthy saw enough. – Boom!
– Flush on the face – [Commentator] With that right knee. Rich staggers back. – I don’t know. I don’t know, sometimes I think in my mind, so
when I stop, Anderson? I talked to my master,
it’s my first master, and why? Why is the time for stop, master? My master say, you no have time for stop. You time in your heart. When you heart say no more, no more. Because when you come to here, is young, I train you, no for fight, I train you for life. And martial arts change you life. You was in my technique in martial arts, for fight, but I no show you for fight, I show you for your life. And, I think when I finish, my heart give me the sport for say, Anderson, done. (“Take Another Piece of
My Heart” by Janis Joplin) – [Commentator] Look at Silva. I mean, that’s just amazing. – He’s out, he’s out.
– And it is all over. – And here we see–
– Look at this, Joe. – [Commentator] Anderson
shows complete disdain for the striking ability of Forrest. Look at that right hand, look at that. I mean, that was just like a paw. – When I fight the first fight in UFC, and when I got the belt, I stay on
the belt for seven years. Now, is no new one for me. So, I’m working for UFC. UFC is my family. So, my focus now is the
fight for Nick Diaz. When I finish the fight for Nick, I’m win, I go training for next fight. (“Kashmir” by Led Zeppelin) – [Commentator] Silva
asserting dominance here. Oh, what an elbow. It is over.
– A vicious elbow. – Superb.
– This was one – [Commentator] of the
most amazing, look at this. He throws it from here, watch this. – [Commentator] Oh, what a shot. – [Commentator] Beautiful. (speaking in foreign language) (“I Fought the Law” by The Clash) – [Commentator] I don’t think
that would be a good idea. Oh! No way.
– He’s out, he’s out. He’s out, he’s out!
– He’s out. (bell ringing) – [Commentator] Oh, my God. That was, wow! That was a knockout, folks. – When you go to fight, this is you; no have people, no have fans, no have nothing. When you go inside the octagon, you need you take it off, all the people in close together, you, and go inside, and put in your mind and
your heart for fight. Sometimes I have the bad energy, good energy, but the more important, is you happy. When you go to fight, you go to walk in for octagon, you happy, everything is good. (“Mrs. Robinson” by Lemonheads) – [Commentator] Like we
said, second to none. – [Commentator] Oh! He front-kicked him in the face! – [Commentator] Absolutely
rocked, trying to finish. It is all over! – Kick to the face!
– Anderson Silva – [Commentator] Remains
the Middleweight Champion. – [Commentator] A front kick to the face. – Thank you so much for watching. I made this video because Jeff
Lian Xiao Ming asked me to. So if there’s a famous entrepreneur that you want me to profile next, leave it in the comments below,
and I’ll see what I can do. I’d also love to know which of
Anderson Silva’s top-10 rules meant the most to you. Leave it in the comments;
I’ll join the discussion. Thank you so much for watching. Continue to believe,
and I’ll see you soon.

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44 thoughts on “Anderson Silva’s Top 10 Rules For Success (@SpiderAnderson)

  1. I normally don't watch fighting but I can learn the intense training part. fighting is his life. Thanks. #BTA2

  2. Thanks so much for these videos, they help alot.!!! Can you please do "Steve Harvey" He is a talk show host.. thanks

  3. 3- Respect your opponents. From the guy that has mocked every single opponent in the octagon. The only reason he lost his belt was due to his nonstop clowning to Weidman.

  4. Hi, thw video was amazing. You´ve got a new subscriber.

    I was wondering if you could make a video about Shakira or Pacquiao, would be awesome.

  5. #7 is a great point. Especially as one who takes martial arts, the training is more than its application in the ring or the street. It teaches principles for life and success. The lessons are there if you are paying attention.

  6. My favorite one is #5 Follow your dreams. It's so important, we dont follow our dreams if not we will end up working for someone who followed theirs. #BTA18 #teammotivation #Believe

  7. Just love it!! Awesome video as always! The next brazilian that I think you could do is Pelé, can you do it? He is widely regarded to be the greatest soccer player of all time.

  8. Man I love these videos have been binge watching them. Sucks that I couldn't watch the one on Dwayne Johnson due to it being blocked.

  9. you should definitely do one on Connor Mcgregor he has alot of firm foundations that have made him the UFC'S biggest draw

  10. I meant can you create Thierry Henry his own youtube video just like you did for Cristiano Ronaldo top ten rules for success? Please

  11. for once, I admire Silva for his greatness inside the octagon. It is easy to admire a person when he/she is at the top of his/her game. But after all his consecutive loses, his injuries, and the hope of becoming the middle weight champ again fades, you can see him full of gratitude that he is still able to do the thing (which is fighting/MMA) he loves. And for that he earns much respect. As a young and aspiring entrepreneur, being grateful for all the blessings, chances, and opportunities means a lot to me. Thank you Evan for this video. Thank you Anderson Silva for inspiration. #BTA

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