Andrea Ager- CrossFit Tabata

Hi, I’m Andrea Ager. I’m from Denver, Colorado,
and I’ve been doing CrossFit for almost four years. Tabata is twenty seconds on, ten seconds
rest for four minutes at a time, and I really like it for teaching classes or for training
myself because the interval training helps with go go go go, and then rest a little bit
and recover. And then you can go hard again. Tabata Songs has a bunch of different kinds
of music. If I’m ever in like a really relaxed mood I like the country, but most of the time
I like the hip hop. Um, it really keeps me going through my routine, and my favorite
thing is that you don’t have to look up at the clock, so it’s better than using a timer.
So when I’m training and I don’t want to have to like, look up and consciously be aware
of where I am in my workout, I want to just be able to listen to the voice saying three
two one stop, three two one go. Music energizes me and keeps me going during workouts. Music
helps me find a rhythm for my pace. So if I’m listening to some really intense stuff,
sometimes I feel a P.R. coming on, but if I’m more relaxed maybe it’s stuff I just need
to get through and, and be able to hang out during. Um, training’s not going to be all
intense all the time or else we wouldn’t be able to train for two to four hours each day
for, I’m planning on doing CrossFit for like sixty years. So I wouldn’t be able to keep
it up if I was like always intense, so there’s lots of different moods in training and so
Tabata Songs is good for all the different kind of moods that come with all the different
kinds of training. A lot of times I hear girls being intimidated about why they don’t want
to start CrossFit and a lot of times it’s because they walk into a gym and they see
a lot of men doing crazy things and um, girls that they feel are really experienced but
we all were there before we started CrossFit.

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