Armed And Dangerous: Meet Canada’s Strongest Arm Wrestling Family

DEREK WILSON: This is the strongest arm wrestling family in Canada. Hands down. COMM: Led by matriarch Joyce King, this Canadian family contains some of the world’s best
arm wrestlers. DEREK WILSON: You could put Joyce up against a 250 pound guy, a body builder, and if he
doesn’t have good technique, forget it. She will pummel him. Every time. MAN: I just come here for a nice meal and they whooped my butt. COMM: Joyce is a 13 times World Champion, and her children and grandchildren are following in
her footsteps. JOSIE KING: Arm wrestling is like a family thing. It brings our family together a lot
so I guess that…and it’s not like other sports. JESSICA KING: When I first started arm wrestling I was 11 years old. We are having arm wrestling
practice in mom and dad’s house. Something that we do every Friday night. And it’s
super fun, always. COMM: There’s a friendly rivalry between the generations. JESSICA KING: I can probably only beat Josie at this point. Yeah. Mom is pretty jacked
right now, so not touching that. JOYCE KING: I presume my daughter will beat me some day but I’ve always told her, if
you are gonna beat me, you are gonna beat me, I’m never giving it to you. COMM: Getting to the top requires a gruelling training regime. DEREK WILSON: So, I’ve been training the Kings for almost 2 and half years. She comes
in hungry every time we train, and that’s exactly the type of athlete I like to work
with. I don’t think at this point that there is a limit for her. JESSICA KING: I am no cheerleader, no. I work out. I like the big biceps on myself. I think
it looks good. Different strokes for different folks, I guess. JOYCE KING: When you are training, you lose your boobs. It’s just the fact of life.
If you are putting on muscle, ‘cause all they are is a fat so…but it’s all good.
My husband doesn’t care, so I’ve been married almost 30 years. It’s all perfect. ALAN KING: Oh, yeah. I find big muscles sexy as long as they are on a woman. I love it
because I know how hard she’s worked to get them. Like a woman works out that has
muscles, to me it’s attractive because I know the work they put in the gym to get where
they are going. Joyce can beat me in arm wrestling because she trains hard. I am not embarrassed
that she can beat me, ‘cause she beats a lot of guys that are a lot bigger than me. JOYCE KING: I was a tomboy growing up because I am in a family of seven, there’s three
boys and three girls besides myself. I actually never arm wrestled at all till I was 30 years
old, and I arm wrestled in my first tournament in Fredericton in New Brunswick. COMM: Joyce went on to win a host of titles including 13 World Championships before she
retired in 2009. JOYCE KING: One year I was the best female arm wrestler in the world because I am the
only one that has ever beaten the heavy weight champion from Russia, Lilia. That was the
most memorable match for me. It’s just one of those feelings, I still get chills right
now just talking about it ‘cause it was an exciting match. COMM: Joyce came out of the retirement in 2014 but her hopes of a further world title
were shattered during a contest last year. JOYCE KING: I broke my arm. It just, I was in the middle of a match and I had brought
the lady up back. She was in the losing position and I had brought her clear up to straight
up and I had brought my wrist in a round to bring her to the pin pad this way and as I
did it, it just snapped off. DEREK WILSON: The way she trains, I’m sure that there is nobody out there training harder
than she is. She is extremely strong, she is extremely resilient, and she is extremely
stubborn. JOYCE KING: Hey what’s next? JESSICA KING: Ready? Go! DEREK WILSON: I wouldn’t be surprised if she decided she wanted to do the world championships
this year. MAN 2: Why did she do that? That hurts. No, didn’t hurt my pride at all. When you get
beaten by a world champion, there is no shame in that.

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