Here we stand with a tough guy representing Evil Empire Drift Team And they want to set a special reward for the one who stands against their top-fighter We know him as Achilles
And he has 0 loses The prize for the winner of the fight is 500USD So, who will face Achilles in a battle and take the prize? Here is Jura “The Achilles” Kalinichenko
60kgs Wow, and our infamous PitBull wants to try Achilles
Maybe he finds his weak spot Well, Alexander will take a pre-fight interview of these two fighters of Arrows Alexander:”Achilles, why there was no opponent to face you?”
“Why do we have to choose random fighter for you?” Achilles:”I’m afraid I was late for the draw, that’s why!” Alexander:”And Pitbull, what was your motivation to challenge Achilles tonight?” PitBull:”I like to take a fight!” Announcer: “Ladies and gentlmen, get yourselves ready for a superfight!” Alexander:”Any last words?”
PitBull: “We’ll show you a good fight!” Ok, ladies, gentelmen, we have a superfight tonight Kalinichenko “Achilles” Jury, his style is fighting sambo
His weight is 60kgs and he is 21y.o. Against him stands PitBull, who is 70kgs
He doesn’t have a part of one lung due to injury But this guy is desperate to win Remember, last fight he lost it to Python who choked him
PitBull was unconscious for almost 30 seconds Now this guy seeks revenge and victory And please welcome our fighters
Pitbull and Achilles Here is a famous MMA coach – Edik Shirobokov
PitBull trains now under his command By the way, this is PitBulls second fight tonight
That is a true fighter You can see a cut near an eyebrow
This was from last fight tonight …nice rap from Method Man playing in the background Achilles steps into the ring
Notice that this time there is no sand pit I can say that all our fighters love the idea of fighting on the sand It brings us to old times of gladiators, Rome and coloseums Achilles stepped into the ring in his lucky sneakers Slava Kiselev explains the rules of this superfight
Fair play is a must here on Arrows Street Fight And here we go with the main event of the evening
Achilles vs Pitbull Good start with leg kick exchange
And a takedown attempt from Achilles Achilles tries to crush PitBull in the ring
Wow, what an energy Even though Achilles is lighter by 10kgs then Pitbull Nice defence from Pitbull
Holds Achilles and blocks his attacks Now PitBull makes counter moves and counter grab
Maybe an armbar attempt It seems Pitbull is going for the figure 4 leglock Can he choke Achilles Now Achilles is in a bad bad position PitBull is not letting go his leglock
Well, he learned something from Python I am sure Now Achilles tries to do the same leglock on Pitbull Achilles arm is in Pitbull’s disposal
He wants to bite it off I think Luckily referee pulls them up and Achilles is free Slava Kiselev makes a warning for leg strikes to the head while fighters were on the ground Both look tired a bit
But a nice takedown attempt from Achilles
Achilles is very agile and has a great stretch
A young but skilled fighter
And Pitbull takes Achilles arm
Armbar attempt
Looks like no escape from this
And Achilles taps out
A perfect armbar from PitBull
This is very unexpected
Pitbull is more puncher than a submission expert
It is great to see that this fighter works on his MMA
Pitbull earns his money prize and huge respect from the crowd
Many do not love him
But he is a bad guy anyway
He made a very good tactical win this time
Was nice to see this fight
This Arrows Tournament was held from Kupchino, a very known district
Many criminals and gangs are in this south region of Saint-Petersburg
But everyone respects Arrows Street Fight
We can make tournaments even in favelas of Brazil
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