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Asian Girl Kicks Pro MMA Fighter!!

Asian Girl Kicks Pro MMA Fighter!!

Muay Thai, Tae Kwon Do, Sanshou, Kiyokushin Karate, Etc… Roundhouse Kick misses… The ground will act as a spring…
and your right foot immediately bounces up into a…….. Side Kick OR Back Kick.
Depending upon where your right foot lands.

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1 thought on “Asian Girl Kicks Pro MMA Fighter!!

  1. It's ancient Khmae /Khmer marital art predating all those martial you have mention in your video. Thai also stolen Khmer kick boxing art afterbthebfall of Khmae/Khmer Empire. They captured over a million Khmer slaves and taught to the 8 limbs arts. Khmer existed thousands of years before Thai first kingdom !!!!!!!

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