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[ASMR] Daisy the Texas Steakhouse Waitress (Roleplay)

[ASMR] Daisy the Texas Steakhouse Waitress (Roleplay)

Hello there My name is Daisy Welcome to the Texas Steakhouse Do you have a reservation? I’m just kiddin’ You don’t need a reservation to sit at the bar It’s um… It’s a little empty in here, actually It’s usually a bit more… poppin’, but You kinda came in on a slow night Well, before I do seat you, I’m gonna have to see your ID Come on, hand it over Thank you I just need to look at that and look at your face and look at that and look at your face and everything seems to be in order Okay Yeah, well Thank you Up until a couple weeks ago, I was livin’ down under No, no, no, not Australia! Mexico! I just got back to the States and you know They don’t really care about stuff like IDs
down there too much but here in Texas… They make you check everybody so, Here you go Thank you for that and uh… Oh Well, there’s a little bit of a story there If you’d like to hear it Well, take a seat, take a seat We’ve got all the time in the world All right, now Let me do my waitress things for you Basically, well, Everyone here’s been very nice so far,
but enough about me Let’s get you some water Uh… ice okay? All right I got my little… pitcher And we pour that… in the glass Aww Only one ice cube Sorry ’bout that Here you go ‘Hydrate or diedrate’, that’s what I always say Especially here It’s very hot And uh… well you can’t just- can’t drink too much water But, speaking of drinks, let me get you that drink menu We got all sorts of menus here We got specials, appetisers, wine, cocktails… Here… are our… beers on tap… specialty cocktails… sparkling wine… red wine… white wine… and… drinks for all ages Would you like to take a look yourself? Well, I can just pick somethin’ for you How’d you feel about that? Okay! I’ll go do that Lemme just write that in the ticket here I’m gonna get you a cerveza Okay And are you gonna be buyin’ a meal today? You wanna take a look at the food menu? Okay! So we don’t need to keep a tab open for you or anything I’ll just put this on the final bill Perfect So you keep your card right with you And let me get that down here Your drink And it comes in the bottle, but I can pour it in a glass Okay, lemme get that Okay, got the glass, lemme just… Oh, this uh… This counter top’s a little… dirty from my last patron Let me uh- lemme spray that down for you Don’t- Don’t- Don’t look at that.
Don’t look at that. Okay Got my little rag here There we go Okay Get that outta the way Now, let’s open that drink, shall we? Got my handy-dandy opener Voilà! Um… There we go! Smells fresh And I will pour that in a pint glass for you Still learnin’ how to do that good pour Oh, Daisy, you’ve done it again There’s a little tornado happenin’ in there! Hello, beer tornado! Let’s see if we can get that last little bit down in there Don’t you think? I have never been more suited for a job This, I’ll put aside And here is your drink Right in front of you on our nice, clean counter Okay, so you’ve got your water… got your drink… Now it’s time to take a little look at the appetisers You look like a person who enjoys a good appeteaser Okay So, with the appetisers… while you enjoy your drink… I will read them to you Okay? Right So Smooth it out Get my pen First up, we have our… Cactus Blossom Well, that’s sorta like the Bloomin’ Onion but we’re not really supposed to say that That is a Texas Steakhouse original Okay, Cactus Blossom, it’s not made of cactus or any- No It’s just um… deep fried little bits that you can pull off and it comes with dippin’ sauces and all that Okay, so we got the Cactus Blossom We got the chili, that’s the Red Texas Chili Very chunky-chunky Okay We’ve got the Rattlesnake Bites No, once again, no rattlesnake I think they just name it these things for the atmosphere It’s just… you know, a little cheese Little spicy, it’s got jalapeños in it You’ll be eatin’ those
and then all of a sudden it’s ‘Wah! Wah! It’s hot!’ Next we got them fried pickles and those come in a little basket Served with some ketchup, barbecue sauce, whatever you’d like, really No? Okay We’ve got our grilled shrimp It’s garlicky, has a lot of butter Oh, you’re lookin’ for mashed potatoes Okay! We can do that It might take a minute I don’t think they have those prepped tonight I’m gonna check with the kitchen for you Mashed potatoes Usually we only serve those on the weekends Because, you know, they’re not requested too often but I think they’re delicious Okay, mashed potatoes! Is that the half size or full size? Are you allergic to anything? Namely potatoes? No. Good. Well, I always gotta check Make sure the kitchen is updated
to anything they need to know Okay So Do you wanna peruse the menu a little more? Okay, I’ll be right back Put in that order for you Well, those’ll be ready in just a few minutes Um… Well… It’s a little slow here tonight,
so I’m mostly just doin’ my own thing Oh, no Well, I was down in Mexico for… some business… mostly… Um… You just I just- I needed to… lay low a little bit for a while and then… quite frankly, I just had enough and uh… I wanted to come home but I didn’t bring my passport because I don’t have one It’s a lot easier to leave the United States
than to come back in I’ve realised No, no, don’t worry! Basically, what happened is I met um… my new friend… in the parking lot and then… got in his van Very dark And a couple hours later,
he pulls over on the side of the road and says, “Okay, get out of the car.” So I did And I was all alone, on the kinda busy street Little high way And then I saw this
‘Texas Steakhouse’ light in the distance, so I walked here and got a job I didn’t think that was too… abnormal or anything Well, they hired me right away You can see why! Uh, okay, but I’ve been treated really well here I like being a waitress Yeah, we have fun I’m back in the United States, so no complaints! So They want me to wear
those crazy hats and bandanas and all that but I said, “No way!” I always wear these I can still hear you, though Do you wanna hear the specials? Well, that’s okay if you don’t wanna order any I just like readin’ ’em sometimes Okay, awesome! So First, we have… the country-fried sirloin That is hand-battered As opposed to- Hand-battered, fresh cut sirloin Served crispy and golden,
topped with made-from-scratch cream gravy Served with your choice of… Two sides You can get two servings of potatoes I’m just sayin’, you could Next up, we have the grilled pork chops So these are fresh, hand-cut, boneless chops seasoned and served with peppercorn sauce I dunno what peppercorn is either but you can get that in a half-serving or a full serving So one or two chop chops Okay Then, we have the portobello mushroom chicken That’s grilled, marinated chicken breast with a portobello mushroom sauce Jack cheese and fresh Parmesan cheese Oh yeah, I do the cheese-sprinkle for you All I’m sayin’ is all these are very tasty I’m gonna keep goin’ You just sit there Next we have the smothered chicken So that’s grilled, marinated chicken breast with sautéed onions, sautéed mushrooms, and choice of cream gravy or Jack cheese But I’m gonna tell you, I can do both They won’t even charge you extra Okay Well The last thing we have… Okay… Oh! Well, that’s gonna be our fried catfish None of these sound good? Well, all right Lemme go check on those potatoes, okay? And uh… Don’t take anythin’ from the bar I’m watchin’ you All right We’ve got your potatoes These are fresh… off the stove They just put ’em on the counter for me Um… I’m a good waitress So I will make sure
to pile your potatoes as high as possible for maximum consumption Oh, this IS the half serving Really Well, I’mma put this in front of you And these are lookin’ a little dry because,
you know, they’re… potatoes… So let me show you our… choice sauces I keep them right here on the- on the bar I’m gonna have to make some room for these potatoes Okay So I have some… different sort of sauces here Now, don’t knock ’em till you try ’em The first one is a Cholula sauce To be quite honest with you,
I prefer the original, but this is the chipotle Well, you gotta take a little sniff Here Yeah, you can sorta get the chipotle… smoky flavour Okay Next We have… HP Sauce So this is a brown sauce by the same people who make that ketchup It’s actually mostly like a fancy ketchup, really Here, you can smell that You can sorta really smell the vinegar in there, but the taste is a little more… subtle I like subtle Okay? So you can really add it to the gravy, too So we can get you a side order of gravy,
if that’s what you’re lookin’ for Okay And then finally- Put that over there We have our Spicy BBQ (barbecue) sauce Well, it says it on the bottle, but this is legendary Ooh! Stubbs’s Texas This is a very popular choice Ooh! But I’ll leave these sauces with you You can mix and match them, really Anything goes here I won’t tell All right, so Oh, I like the way you think! That’s a good combination! All right Do you mind if I just um… mix that up a little bit, here? There you go I’m just gonna… you know… take a little… I was just tryin’ to make sure they’re good for you, but- Oh, no, they’re fine! They are more than fine You go right ahead Mixin’ that sauce with that Oh, absolutely! So, what is there to uh…
to do for fun around here, since I’m new? Okay Never been to a rodeo I think I would be a little scared, to be honest I love animals, but Horses and all that, they scare me They’re too big You know? Has that ever crossed your mind? No Um… Sorry I’m a little busy, ‘kay? With a patron Kimmy, can you just take care of that yourself? Do you really need me to come over there? Or can you handle that yourself, do you think? There, just one sec Okay Okay um… Thank you, Kimmy You go ahead and take those nice people to their table Don’t gimme that look, Kimmy Don’t you dare Sorry ’bout that Yeah, like I said,
I’ve been gettin’ along with people very well, but um… I take my job very seriously, so Can’t help it if some people decide to be unprofessional I’m so embarrassed And I ate your potatoes I’m not doin’ too well, am I? You know what? Lemme tell you, on the house,
I can get you coffee or dessert You’re not interested in coffee? Okay, well Instead of that Um… I do have a little secret something that I hide under the counter It is the after dinner coffee wafers This is what they serve It just comes out of these But The good thing is- is that these are delicious So Okay So These are the good ones I stole a tin Hide it behind my bar Snack on these every couple minutes You want one for your drink? Oh, people’ve had weirder! Here, let me fill up your water ‘kay Let’s get you a little wafer These are the chocolate fudge ones, so Here, no Eat that with your potatoes and your drink They’re really good I’ll just have a little nibble Like I said… These are the things that get me through work Kimmy Can you- Can you please just give me a moment here? Well, it’s no wonder
the managers don’t wanna schedule you for your shifts All right, no need to get into a tizzy I will help you Just one second I need to get help my uh… my co-worker Lemme get you your check, okay? I’ll be right back All right Now, I have your check and this is gonna be for the half order of the mashed potatoes, your one drink, and the wafer on the house, sauce on the house, water on the house So this is for you You have no rush at all You sit here Take your time Enjoy your potatoes and your wafer and here is the um… Here, I’ll draw some arrows Here’s the tip line So you just put the tip right there ‘kay? I’ll leave this pen for you and everything But I hope you enjoyed your service Oh, well I anticipate to be workin’ here
for a very long time, so Please come back and visit Howdy howdy! No, they don’t make us say that That was just um… Okay! I’m gonna go help Kimmy, but Have a wonderful rest of your meal and I’ll be back to check on you later All right Bye-bye now!

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100 thoughts on “[ASMR] Daisy the Texas Steakhouse Waitress (Roleplay)

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  4. Dear Gibi, Daisy is your most soothing and calming character to me. Knocks me off irresistibly 🙂
    Thank you!

  5. I doubt that we came in on a slow night I had a 4
    hour wait one night but we did have one or two nights where it is calm but not empty but thanks for the read lov u bb.

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  11. i love daisy shes what we call in uk scatty or in usa ditzy such a fun character thanks gibi for creating her daisy makes me smile

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    "I'm gonna need to see your I.D"
    Me: *hands over my Barbie license from when I was 6*

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    We ordered our food, waited an hour, and never got our orders or drinks. Got up and left. Daisy makes every restaurant, no matter how bad the reputation with me, better.

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