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Asuka WWE WrestleMania 35 Plans REVEALED! PAC & AEW Issues?! | WrestleTalk News Mar. 2019

Asuka WWE WrestleMania 35 Plans REVEALED! PAC & AEW Issues?! | WrestleTalk News Mar. 2019

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question of the day: would you like to see WWE unify the Raw and Smackdown Women’s
Championships at WrestleMania? We’ve got a packed show of news for you
today, with another WWE star reportedly leaving the company, possible visa issues for PAC
and All Elite Wrestling, and what was Asuka supposed to do at WrestleMania until Charlotte
Flair won her Women’s Championship. But first. CONGRATULATIONS BRAY WYATT AND JOJO! We’d like to give our congratulations to
Joseanne Offerman and Windham Rotunda, better known to WWE fans as ring announcer Jojo and
The Eater of Worlds Bray Wyatt, who announced that they are expecting their first child
in June. Jojo posted this rather charming picture of
her on a beach complete with baby bump, revealing the child will be called Knash [9]. K’Nash? Kay-Nash? Let’s go with Knash. Maybe they’re big fans of Big Sexy. WWE posted on Twitter their congratulations
to the couple, and it’s been revealed that this is the reason Jojo hasn’t been on Raw
for a while now. WORLDS COLLIDE AGAIN Over Royal Rumble weekend earlier this year,
WWE held the World’s Collide tournament which pitted stars from NXT, NXT UK and 205
Live with the winner getting a title shot of their choice – which ended up seeing Velveteen
Dream capture the North American Championship from Johnny Gargano. And Triple H announced on Twitter yesterday
that WrestleMania weekend will see the return of World’s Collide – only this time wrestlers
from Raw and Smackdown and ladyfolk wrestlers will also be competing. The press release reveals that on Thursday
the 4th of April, it will be the past of NXT vs. the present, with matches such as Roderick
Strong vs. Tyler Breeze, Dominik Dijkovic taking on Harper, and a battle of factions
as Sanity take on Undisputed Era. The following day will see the Cruiserweights
from all five brands clash, and the Saturday will be a special set of NXT UK TV tapings. On WrestleMania Sunday, there will be two
20-wrestler battle royales, one for the men and one for the women of all brands – and
the Monday after Mania will see women take centre stage with a line-up of awesome sounding
matches including Io Shirai vs. Sonya Deville, Toni Storm vs. Nikki Cross vs. Bianca Beliar,
Piper Niven vs. Zelina Vega, Candice LaRea vs. Kay Lee Ray, and more. PIPER NIVEN FIGHTS ONLINE FAT SHAMERS And this past Wednesday night saw the NXT
UK TV debut of Piper Niven – who started a feud with former NXT UK Women’s Champion
Rhea Ripley over who the most dominant woman on the brand really is. But this of course is the Internet in 2019
and we can’t have nice things, and so the NXT UK Twitter post about the former Viper
debuting for the brand caused an unfair amount of fat shaming replies. Well, being the total badass that Viper is,
she posted this image on Twitter mocking the negative comments she received adding: “I
don’t give a damn about my fat reputation.” Viper rules. GOLDUST RELEASED BY WWE? And while Viper is a new signing for WWE,
Ryan Satin of Pro Wrestling Sheet is reporting that long-time employee and former Intercontinental
Champion Goldust has left the company. Satin reports that multiple sources have told
him that Goldust’s WWE contract has come to an end, and he is currently waiting out
his 90-day non-compete clause – making him a free agent by May and leading many fans
to speculate about a possible appearance at All Elite Wrestling’s Double or Nothing. Interestingly we actually had an email on
the WrestleRamble Podcast earlier this week from listener and Pledge Hammer Austin Tussey,
who met The Gold One at his home town comic convention recently. In the email Tussey said, “We talked for
a while about AEW, [and] he was saying he’s getting older and still has 2 years with WWE
left, but who knows after that.” And Goldust himself took to Twitter to corroborate
with Austin Tussey and refute Ryan Satin’s claims posting: “I am still under contract
with the WWE, and everything that is being said online is just talk, and complete BS.” However the news of Goldust being released
by WWE comes after some very interesting teases from All Elite Wrestling. –AD BREAK– AEW TEASING GOLDUST FOR DOUBLE OR NOTHING? On the latest episode of All Elite Wrestling’s
YouTube series Road to Double or Nothing – which was built around promoting the Starrcast II
event at Caesars Palace – Cody noted at the top of the show that he didn’t want to talk
about his opponent for AEW’s first official show in May. However by the end of the episode when going
over his outfit for Double or Nothing with his seamstress, there is a possible tease
of who his opponent might be: “No, I think we’re on the right path.” Cody has also said in previous episodes of
Road to Double or Nothing that his match will be very “personal”, further adding speculation
that it could be Cody vs. his real life brother Goldust at the show. And if Ryan Satin’s report is correct – though
apparently it isn’t – Goldust would be a free agent just in time for Double or Nothing. Over the years there have been a lot of reports
that both Cody and Goldust wanted to do a brother vs. brother match at WrestleMania
– which was teased and set-up by WWE on several occasions but never paid off. The closest the two ever got to the match
was at Fastlane 2015, with Goldust winning with a quick roll-up and the feud was effectively
dropped. Cody told Wrestling with Wregret in 2016 that
a bigger match between the two is something Goldust is very, very keen on. But while Cody’s match is yet to be announced,
one of the other matches for the show could be in doubt. VISA ISSUES FOR PAC AND ALL ELITE WRESTLING? Following on from their awesome five-star
match at Revolution Pro Wrestling’s High Stakes in February, it was announced that
Will Ospreay and PAC would team together to take on the CCK team of Chris Brookes and
Jonathan Gresham at Rev Pro’s Live In NY show over Mania weekend – looking to get retribution
for CCK attacking them both after their match at High Stakes. However Rev Pro sadly announced earlier this
week that PAC would no longer be appearing on the New York show, and that the match would
need to change – with the promotion quickly announcing that Ospreay would instead team
with former IWGP Heavyweight Champion Hiroshi Tanahashi to take on British Tag Team Champions
Suzuki-Gun of Minoru Suzuki and British Heavyweight Champion Zack Sabre Jr in a non-title match. This will happen one day before Sabre Jr defends
his British Heavyweight Championship against Tanahashi at the New Japan/Ring of Honor G1
Supercard show at Madison Square Garden. It’s since been reported by Dave Meltzer
in the Wrestling Observer Newsletter that the reason PAC has been pulled from Live In
NY was because High Spots couldn’t get a Visa for him in time for the event. What’s interesting is that Meltzer also
thinks this could affect PAC’s relationship with All Elite Wrestling – who he will be
wrestling for at Double or Nothing against Hangman Page. Meltzer writes. “From what we’ve been told, it’s become
very difficult as far as cutting through the paperwork to get working visas for wrestlers
because the government wants proof that the people being brought in are exceptional in
talent and not taking a job away from an American.” However he adds he’s been told by people
within AEW that if wrestlers are established stars like PAC is, they don’t anticipate
any issues. Which will be handy for when All In 2 rolls
around. ALL IN 2 DETAILS Kenny Omega and The Young Bucks were at a
Chicago comic convention last weekend, where they accidentally-on-purpose announced they
were heading back to The Windy City for All In 2 – the follow up to the ground-breaking
show that put All Elite Wrestling into motion. It had been reported by us here at WrestleTalk
back in February that our sources told us the show would take place around September
in Chi-town, and it’s now being reported by Dave Meltzer in the Wrestling Observer
Newsletter that the show will once again be in the Sears Centre on August 31st. Matt Jackson of the Young Bucks teased at
the Chicago comic con that they would be heading back to the Sears Centre – particularly because
their faces are now on the building – but no official announcement has been made yet. And speaking of things being official, Asuka
was officially removed from anything meaningful at WrestleMania a few days ago. –AD BREAK– ASUKA WRESTLEMANIA 35 PLANS REVEALED? Last week it was revealed by WWE that there
would be a fatal four-way on this past Tuesday’s Smackdown Live between Naomi, Carmella, Mandy
Rose and Sonya Deville, with the winner going on to face Asuka at WrestleMania for the Smackdown
Women’s Championship. I actually joked this time last week that
with Smackdown’s track record as of late the match would be CARD SUBJECT TO CHANGE
and not take place, and that ended up being the case – instead seeing Asuka defend and
lose her Smackdown Women’s Championship to Charlotte Flair. It’s since been reported that on the day
of Smackdown Live, Vince McMahon made the call to put the Smackdown Women’s Championship
on Flair, meaning that the main event of WrestleMania now has two championships in it. And it’s being reported by Dave Meltzer
that a few people have told him that there will be a “Winner Takes All” tagline for
the match, which will be finalised by the time Raw goes on air next Monday. But even with that tagline Meltzer writes,
“The plan is not to unify or merge the championships.”. Adding, “It is always possible that could
change by Monday, but we’re told that is very unlikely as they do want each brand to
have a separate champion.” The new rules of the match are still unclear,
but it’s being speculated by those inside the company that it could be that whoever
gets pinned out of Flair and Rousey loses their respective titles, meaning Becky Lynch
could win either the Raw or Smackdown Championships. So if Becky pins Ronda she’ll be Raw Women’s
Champion, and if she pins Flair she’ll be Smackdown Women’s Champion. But if Ronda pins Becky she’ll keep her
Raw Women’s Championship, but if she pins Charlotte she won’t become the Smackdown
Women’s Champion. The same goes for Flair. If she pins Becky she’ll keep her Smackdown
Women’s Championship but if she pins Ronda she won’t become Raw Women’s Champion
and oh no I’ve gone cross eyed. According to the Wrestling Observer, the finish
of the match will all depend on if Ronda Rousey decides to stick around after WrestleMania,
or leave for a while to start a family with her husband Travis Browne – with Meltzer comparing
it to the Brock Lesnar situation from last year – where the plan was for Roman Reigns
to win the Universal Championship until Lesnar signed a new contract extension and the finish
was changed in order to shock the audience. Meltzer also notes that if Vince thinks the
social media heat Charlotte Flair has received from winning the Smackdown Women’s Championship
is real heat, she could also walk out of Mania the victor. But to put your mind at ease, Meltzer concludes,
“Lynch has to be the favorite to win.” Which brings us to the former Women’s Champion
Asuka and what her WrestleMania plans were until Tuesday afternoon. Meltzer has reported in the Wrestling Observer
Newsletter that the original plan for Tuesday’s Smackdown was to have the fatal four way to
crown a new number one contender, which would have been won by Mandy Rose to set up a Fastlane
rematch against Asuka for the Smackdown Women’s Championship. This was reportedly changed however because
Vince decided there were already too many matches on his 17-match WrestleMania card,
and the Smackdown Women’s Championship had such little interest that it was easier to
remove that match, and put the title on Charlotte Flair to boost the triple threat main event. One of the other reported reasons that the
Smackdown Women’s Championship was put on Flair for the triple threat is that the WrestleMania
Women’s Battle Royal is lacking bodies – with Bayley, Sasha Banks, Nia Jax, Tamina, Natalya,
Beth Phoenix and The IIconics all involved in the four corners match for the WWE Women’s
Tag Team Championships. With this change, Asuka and Rose can now be
in the Battle Royal. Interestingly that match is still yet to be
announced but is still scheduled to happen, with some speculating that because the Andre
The Giant Memorial Battle Royal could be on the main card this year due to Braun Strowman’s
feud with SNL’s Colin Jost and Michael Che, and the company doesn’t want to be accused
of being sexist by putting the Women’s Battle Royal on the pre-show. By not announcing it ahead of time, they can
avoid that heat. However we do want to add that is speculation,
and not an official report. WRESTLERAMBLE BIRTHDAY But before we get out of here, we wanted to
thank each and every one of you for your support over the last couple of years – as we just
had the second anniversary of the WrestleRamble show! The first episode – then called The WrestleTalk
Show – aired on March 27th, 2017 with myself and Oli Davis giving our predictions and thoughts
on the card for WrestleMania 33. We’ve done an awful lot since then, with
myself and Laurie Blake coming in full-time on the channel [46], doing a live show with
Cultaholic at Wrestling Media Con, moving to a new studio, going live three days a week,
and doing a live podcast at the Prince Charles Cinema in London’s Leicester Square. WRESTLERAMBLE LIVE And we’ll be heading back to the Prince
Charles Cinema on May 7th 2019, for a special screening of the classic WCW movie Ready 2
Rumble starring David Arquette. Oli, Laurie and the WrestleTalk crew will
be in attendance for the screening, and we’ll be doing a live podcast record following the
movie. Tickets are available now through the link
in the video description below! Thank you for watching and thank you to our
awesome Pledge Hammers scrolling into my stomach. Oh, they are a lovely lot. Click the video over there to watch myself,
Laurie Blake and Chopper Pete play Devil May Cry 5 for ScreenStalker, and give them a subscribe
as well to support the WrestleTalk YouTube family. I’ve been Luke Owen, and that was wrestling.

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