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hey guys Austin Turner in here I’m proud
to be on Team Discraft for the 2018 season it’s been a good year so far and
I’ve been getting a lot of questions on what’s in my bag first of all we have
the Discraft grip bag quick shout-out to grip for giving me a sponsorship for
this year very well made bags holds up to three four putters up top anything I
need in the size plus the expandable pockets and I mean buzz low come on you
can’t go wrong with a buzz grip bag little extra accessories shark piece of
bread no case you get hungry and yeah one of the best bag I’ve carried so far
so thank you Griff I must go straight into it with the
putters carry five different putters start off with my my driving putters
which would be a ESP Challenger LS was a cool little memorial stamp I use this
disc up teeth pretty stable very reliable and when I’d like to throw it
for shots around either 60 feet or even close to 250 I’d get a nice flat to
overstable even some nice s shots I really loves throwing this diss on the S
chest where I know I can throw a little bit in an E and no it’s gonna fade out
and land soft every time so great approach disc next we have a jawbreaker
Roche jawbreaker roaches are really nice out of the box this one I’ve had in my
bag for about two months now quite pretty beat in I use it for hyzer flip
shots in the woods straight shots or occasionally a sidearm Flex who woods
and then last are my putting putters which are jawbreaker Roach’s the proto
ones then a little more stiffer than the normal run that we’re running now
very very good feeling in the hand plus the swirls a nice blue and red going on
these are very straight out of the box and they are really reliable for me one
of my best favorite putters I found so far so check out the jaw breakers go
into the mid ranges next start off with my crystal meteor crystal meteor for me
is a great disc being from Charlotte which we have a lot of woods
this disc I can shape shots amazingly I use it a lot for hyzer flips around 180
to maybe 300 330 I even use this disc for sidearm flip ups just this has
helped me a lot off the tee for crazy up shots we’re just getting out of trouble
in the woods crystal meteor next we’ll go to the
buzzes I carry 5 buzzes easily my favorite mid-range ever made it’s the
most consistent most of the liable discs that thrown and yeah oh it’s not when
he’s in my bag first to start with the buzz OS this buzz OS has been probably
one of my favorite disc ever I love this disc for side arm approaches even backhand
drives shot to jerm for the little dye job on there as soon as that happened
actually aced with it Cistus means a lot to me this just holds great in any type
of wind headwind tailwind you can really trust this disc and rely on it to do
what it needs to do here are my four buzzes I will start off
with the most under stable which is a crystal buzz thanks to Angie McGill for
this gift this disc is very straight and it actually has a little bit of an hide
return to it so I can throw it on hyzer flips when I can’t really trust a meteor
I’ll trust this boy very straight and yeah good just
next we’ll have a Nate Doss Tour Series buzz they does actually gave me this one
himself so thank you Nate this this is a really straight consistent flyer I’ll
pull this one out if I know it isn’t a nice straight shot with maybe a little
bit of fade too but not too much these are also great flick approach
buzzes kind of stiff so it’s really controllable and it’s also very
trustworthy for sidearms next is my tenure buzz must see my notice one from
us DGC off the bamboo hole ace this is one my favorite disc right here my mom
actually won this for me in a raffle so shout out my mom for this one this is
one of my go-to buzzes I like to throw this one for hyzer flips Heiser’s
straight shots and high two shots this one basically does everything I need to
do and she bakes I missed you and one of my favorite discs in my bag is my
Deadpool die buzz this has been a talker people love seeing this disc and that
pulls one of my favorite Marvel characters so yeah got it my disc this
disc is my most overstable buzz I could throw it on Heiser hard nosed gonna flip
up just a little bit but it’s still gonna get that fade and glide and it’s
very trustworthy so that’s it for the mid ranges now we can work away towards
the fairways and I only have one fairway driver right now and that would be the
vulture the vulture is just recently came out it is possibly one of my
favorite Pharaohs I’ve ever thrown um I got two of the new surly runs and one
big Z test flight the big Z test flight is my straighter one so I can throw a
little bit of Heiser I know it’s gonna flip up and get to glide and the fade to
it I throw these anywhere around 250 to just over 400 it’s a great consistent
fairway driver it almost replaces a force in a way but
basically the same distance for me I really
this disc and the last two are my new Signature Series ESP vultures I just
recently put these in the bag they’re very consistent like a pop um I’m Heiser
I know they’re gonna fade they have a great amount of glide to them and
they’re super squirrely which you know just makes it even cooler got a nice
little Kona drawing in the back so thanks to her for doing that and this
one is my cotton candy one they both do about the same thing so be able to look
out for these and upcoming videos last is my distance drivers start off with
the nukes here I have two nukes one for strictly sidearms one for big distance
this yellow one here is a pretty flat nuke I love all my sidearm nukes to
b-flat just feels really good in the hand I know I can get a good release out
of them and I know they’re gonna be a little bit over stable and I can trust
them I usually throw this disc anywhere from 200 to just over 400 on a good day
really consistent run I can throw these on Heiser’s flex shots in the woods open
shots whatever I need to shape shots with I go for this one for sidearms and
then I have this Z light I actually call us with my paper plate so it’s so light
it’s about 160 but don’t let that fool you these things are still stable I can
really crank on these put them on a nice hydrant line they’ll pop up flex over
get as much distance as possible I throw these anytime I’m on the west coast and
I really need to go big out in the open big do you like nuke Oh actually have one more nuke this is my
LeBron James dad nuke I’m a huge Cleveland fan because my mom’s from
Cleveland and why not a better way to get LeBron dye on your disc this one is
a very stable run so I’ll throw this one out in the open when it’s
wyndi holds possibility gray and headwinds tailwind and i can really bomb
on this one lastly are my forces which is possibly
my favorite driver ever made I have three different ones here most
overstable will be these pink pop top ones really stable really poppy I got
this one from germ so shout to German for this one these are great for head
ones any type of wind you could throw them hard and you always know they’re
gonna come back with a strong fade and a good ride reliable distance this has
been in my bag for a little over a year now and it’s still stable so these are
goat cheese for sure next I have two of my Signature Series forces this one
right here is my bomber force this one’s pretty beaten now I can throw it on the
hyzer flip know it’s gonna get the best turn and come all the way back I can
throw this one probably around 550 maybe on a good day you know a little father
but this is my my go-to force right now really reliable it’s a little bit in a
little bit of wind it can hold on to it but nothing too crazy this is a very
good run and lastly my Charizard died force chars are as my favorite Pokemon
possible love this guy this one I just recently put in he’s pretty stable I can
put them on a good Anheuser line I don’t know open knowing zona s come all the
way back really good bomber love these pink ones so yeah there’s my back for
the 2018 season my bag would normally stay the same unless something else
comes out that might want to work in but this is what you’ll be seeing me
throwing out on the course the rest this season so thank you guys for watching as

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