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Australian MMA fighter Megan Anderson now calls Kansas City home

Australian MMA fighter Megan Anderson now calls Kansas City home

MMA training, it’s super super
intense, super rigorous. It’s definitely hard on the body. There’s a lot that’s
involved. A lot of, you know, you have your striking, then you have a lot of your up
down with the wrestling. You have the ground game. So I feel like it’s
definitely it’s not one-dimensional. You have to be very
well-rounded and, you know, training with the guys, it’s very physical and they
definitely push me every day. James Krause is my coach he also is a UFC
fighter. He’s definitely been one of the best like, you know, inspirations not just
like as a mentor as a friend as a brother for me and he’s passed on a lot
of knowledge and he puts a lot of time and effort into my career. And, you know,
we really connected as a coach and a fighter and, you know, when I go into the
cage like I wouldn’t want anybody else, you know, walking in there with me. So my last fight I fought Holly Holm. You know a lot of people know her as she beat
Rhonda for the UFC bantamweight title and it was a huge week. We had a lot of
media. I’ve had, you know, people wanting to film me cutting weight, wanting to do
this, had the open workouts and it was an amazing experience but I think like, the
one thing that tops it off is before you walk out they sit you in the tunnel and
it felt from floor to the sky was just people and they’re all like looking down
like waiting for me to come out and that was legitimately like one of the coolest
experiences of my life. I think that’s that’s one thing, like, it is out
of everything, like, I know from the fight we have stuff to work on, but out of
everything that’s the most memorable part and it was one of the coolest
things and, like, I hope that I get to have that experience again because, like,
that I don’t think anything can top that. maybe maybe the UFC gold.

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