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Baki Review in 5 Minutes

Baki Review in 5 Minutes

Sometimes, there is beauty to be found in brutality. And as a fan of Shonen anime, I am often swept up in the thrill of a fight a combination of animation and character development leading to battles that leave a heavy impact on me long after the dust has settled. But in the archives of this genre, deep underneath the surface level appeal of your Hero Acas and Narutos sits violence of the highest accord, knots in your stomach and screw up your eyes levels of fighting that will either make you look away or keep staring. This is not a series for the faint of heart and ordinarily, it’s not a series for me but in the same way, I often get swept up in the thrill of a fight I often found myself swept up in the beauty of this animes brutality heavy flaws and all. My name is Isla and this is my review of TMS Entertainments Baki. From a first viewing, I can see how Baki could be intimidating. It’s 2018 iteration has been 16 years in the making and picks up where its second series left off back in 2001. I had no prior knowledge of the source material going in and if you’re like me then this is both advantageous and detrimental. On the one hand, we can look at Baki as it stands today and judge it as such but I do feel like you’d get much more from this series if you had read the manga or just finished the Maximum Tournament arc of season 2. That being said you can still enjoy it without knowing anything but some further information would have helped me understand Baki as a character and the people that surround him. Plot-wise Baki 2018 focuses on our lead of the same name and takes place just after he has been crowned the winner of the tournament. Upon hearing of his victory five death row inmates from across the world break out of prison on the same day and head to Japan in order to taste defeat at the hands of this young grappler. During the first half of this 26 episode anime these criminals face off against a range of other fighters who are all versed in violence and as the show progresses the fights become utterly ridiculous. From being set alight by gasoline to doing battle on a rollercoaster to regurgitating grenades this anime is laced in insanity and lacking in any narrative There is no plot, no story, no grander mission but there is a great sense of philosophy and you’ll find that behind each of the fighters and their chosen martial art. They have crafted their abilities over the years and this is made obvious to us through numerous flashbacks and monologues. Often these scenes can feel a bit overzealous and detract from the fights. One moment I’m ready to be hyped up only to listen to a character meticulously why he’s using piano strings as a weapon. These cutaways slow down the pacing making what should be an exciting event more of a history lesson however this is Baki’s way of showing you it’s more than just a free for all beat ‘em up that there is a deeper purpose to its characters. And these characters land into bone-crushing situations which should render them dead but two episodes later they are rising from a wheelchair ready to strike the final blow. This is the madness of Baki and you can either roll with it or reject it. For me, I could roll with it to an extent I appreciated how crazy it felt but it could have been better reflected in its animation. Barely an episode goes by without blood flying everywhere or fingers jammed in eye sockets but often these are just clever tricks with camera movement than they are actual animation. There are no grand sakuga moments to speak of and the fighting flits between 2D and bad 3D renders. This switch was jarring at the best of times and cringe-worthy at the worst I would have loved to have seen what the animation team could have done with the wacky martial arts in the series rather than just in its OP. But when the fighting does hit it’s brutal and enjoyable, I could feel myself tensing up as fists flew into faces and fights came to a fraught conclusion. This was accentuated by the bold lines used to draw each scene giving the anime an old-school shounen vibe but it did seem to decrease in quality as the show developed. Despite that, each character looks distinctive and this art style allows every curve of the muscle to be shown in all its full glory. Usually, I wouldn’t be one to marvel in that glory and if you’ve been following me for a while you’ll know I’m a fan of cute girls and the magic of the mundane, not coarse guys and the madness of mavericks but along my journey with Baki I realised that there is something compelling about its violence even if it’s not a world I would want to return to. So, Baki wasn’t made for me and that’s fine but I think it’s important to visit shows outside of your usual norm and to remember that sometimes… there is beauty to be found in brutality.

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100 thoughts on “Baki Review in 5 Minutes

  1. Baki is just too good, can't wait for Pickle, Miyamoto, and the rest of the Raitai to be animated in all its glory.
    Hopefully anyways.
    Can't even begin to express my love for this series.

  2. im so glad i found this epic anime

    also this anime wasn't my taste in the first place but it's surprising how i ended up loving it

  3. I think your voice is not conected with this episode, your voice is for a story teller or a heartbreaking anime, but nice try

  4. It has the worst fight animation I have ever seen. And they have so much meaningless talk during the fight, like so much more that dbz or Naruto. I'd give it 2/10

  5. I love baki. Actually used a cpuple techniques ive never seen and a lot of them work magnificently. Whoever made baki knew real martial arts from fakes

  6. My favorite moments of the anime was :
    _ the introduction of the five convicts
    _ All Speck scenes
    _ Speck vs Hanayama
    _ Doppo digging his severed wrist into Dorian face
    _ all Tatsumi brutal comebacks (this guy is no joke)
    _ Ô toi la vie by Dorian
    _ All the Shinshinkai karateka's chasing after Dorian, that was super epic
    _ Dorian at Disneyland
    _ Kato putting Dorian to tears
    _ Shibukawa and his teapot trick
    _ Oliva scenes
    _ Baki vs Sikorsky round 3
    _ Doyle being a trap
    _ Doyle coughing on the ground against Shinogi Kosho
    _ Retsu litterally being Jesus with Dorian and Doyle
    _ Retsu beating the life out of Doyle
    _ Doyle being a goodie
    _ Yujiro spying Baki like a freak
    _ Yanagi crying like a little bitch after his 2nd encounter against Baki
    _ Yujiro's pimp back hand
    _ GRAN RODEO opening

    What I disliked in the anime :
    _ the very crappy animation
    _ Baki vs Sikorsky round 3
    _ the utter laziness displayed
    _ the use of the same sound effect for all hits
    _ Gaia's voice actor
    _ Gaia's bullshit camouflage technique
    _ Baki not being very relevant here
    _ Suedo chasing Dorian, that was funny but only because it was a ridiculous scene

    Not a great adaptation overall, I prefered to read the manga, which is not a good sign. But the OST is fine.

  7. I like this chicks message at the end that even if it's not your cup of tea it's still good to watch outside your genre because it opens your eyes to new ideas and new emotions. Amazing video and review good job

  8. The death row inmates don’t know that he won the tournament they are all just drawn to Tokyo and to the same arena in Tokyo some say the smell of the arena other’s a feeling

  9. If u watch baki online with eng subs and jap audio,as in the original version,you will see hanayamas tendons and muscles under his torn off cheeks instead of black spaces.I noticed how some bloody and gory parts get censored by the US producers.Same happened with one piece,instead of smoking(sanji,the cook) they always draw a lollipop in the eng dub version.

  10. to be honest I am little disappointed with baki i mean look at the 2016 trailer I like the manga but the animaton doesn't capture the speed and action of the fights in the manga and why yogiro looks bad in the anime it's not bad show though

  11. At first when I watched this I was like who is this katou guy he seems like an asshole. When he got his ass kicked by Dorian I didn’t care much but I went and read the manga(no spoilers here for people who haven’t read it) and I have so much more respect for him.

  12. I love Baki I had the original anime on DVD I was so glad when they continued the anime & hope they continue the series

  13. Sorry but I thought this anime was pretty lame. I didn't watch the older series or read any of the manga… I'm just judging this anime on its own. The only cool thing about it was the shock factor of the gore.
    The character development was non existent, the romantic aspect was awful, the writing was silly, trying to come off as philosophical and deep but villains and hero's alike exhibit contradicting philosophies so the show falls flat on that front as well.
    Now, one can argue that people don't watch this kind of anime for those things and that's a fair point. So lets talk about the fighting… the animation is pretty neat and the fighting sequences aren't bad when something is actually happening. I was reminded of DBZ scenes where people just keep talking and talking and nothing really happens. There's also the fact that they made an awful decision to interweave CGI characters in some of the fight scenes and the transition is really jarring and off putting. But the most egregious thing about the fight scenes was how meaningless and insignificant the fighting and moves were. Everything is so overly dramatic… you think a character was dealt a finishing blow, but nope.. .gotcha it didn't even phase them and now they're back to fight. This happens so many times and is really just extremely lazy writing. The sense of wonder and amazement at techniques they exhibit very quickly lose their OOMPH once you realize that anyone can bounce back from the most devastating attacks immediately sometimes. To each their own… I would recommend the show if you like extreme violence/gore and only strongly recommend this show if you're into overly muscular dudes ripping each other to shreds

    I may sound more critical of the show but I basically agree with your opinion on this series.

  14. i saw baki 2001 and loved it .. this sequel of the series was dope as hell .. 10/10 for me love martial arts anime 💪💪

  15. THe truth that its so brutal, and not even for the faint hearted… but does anyone notice that NO ONE IN THE FIGHTERS ACTUALLY DIES on this series?

  16. No plot? You just described the plot. A dude is targeted by 5 murderous badasses with extremely distinct (and grounded in reality) fighting styles. To me this show is not as rediculous as it may seem on the surface. Research factual feats of iron body and the techniques employed here become much more intriguing.

  17. Didnt know it had an original or previous version. I was lost the whole series as to how he was evn the title character when he was literally just an unnecessary love story on the side. On top of that he technically lost his first & only fight of the whole series,, well the netflix one. Guess I'll be watchin the original tonight.

  18. I love baki, its my favorite anime/manga but when it came to 2018 series, it was kinda disappointing. I dont mind the story but it was the animation and art style of the manga that kept me wanting more and the 2018 series just didn't capture it. Theres a 2016 ova of baki that looked way better in my opinion.

  19. I like violence when it has a purpose i.e. akira, evangelion etc…. But this is just violence for violence sake.

  20. You can see they left it open for further manga conversation. I am dying to see Baki avenge his mother's death at the hands of Yujiro.

  21. Baki is trash and I'm on the first episode if these criminals are so dangerous how did they get locked up in the fist place shit makes no sense

  22. I've been a fan of baki since Baki the grappler… It's actually my favorite anime… nothing can touch the original story but this is a awesome presentation ❤️

  23. One thing I was not satisfied with is the art of the animation (and the laziness when they put in cheap CGI). Throughout the entire season, Itagaki's original art in the manga is quite misunderstood in the anatomy and shading and it looks like the studio couldn't keep up and made it look cute. The art looks very soft compared to the manga and the true violence and brutality ISN'T in the final result. It basically looks like crap next to one of the things that made me love Baki.
    But I lost it at the CGI scenes, it's such a bad excuse to animation. Also, they failed at capturing the intimidation of the characters when they screwed up Yujiro and the Demon Back that looks like a mess of flesh that makes even less sense in terms of how actual muscles form the face.

    For Baki: Son of Ogre they need a new animation team that specializes in action, because this Baki felt a bit like I was watching Shōjo, a big disrespect to the series' uniqueness.

  24. Yes I'm female, yes I watched both Baki series and read the manga. Get over it. No I'm not ugly, no I'm not gay. Hop down from your peddle-stole. I just watch and anime. I know this is hard to get this through your sexist misogynistic head but you can click on an anime and I can click on the same anime even if it has fighting or no major female characters. 🤦🏽‍♀️

  25. If Baki is 18 in “Baki the grappler” then how is he 17 in “Baki 2018” or are these two series unrelated

  26. I thought the fights were a little boring a lot of them are really one sided. Though they spend a lot of time hyping up each fighter. There are a couple intense ones though.

  27. I have been a fan of the series for a long time and I really liked this video. It's well edited, very well scripted and kind of charming. Specially taking into account that as you said, these kind of show isn't really for you. And that's why I'm now quite confused looking at the liked and dislike ratio. This is agood video! Why did so many people not like it!?

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