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Bangkok Fight Lab | Train Jiu Jitsu, Muay Thai and MMA

Bangkok Fight Lab | Train Jiu Jitsu, Muay Thai and MMA

one of the biggest questions that I always see asked online about people coming to Thailand is where to Train whether it be muy Thai Brazilian jiu-jitsu MMA all sorts of martial arts I found the place that you can do all that oh and this happened to and that place is called Bangkok fight left located in Tsukuba 50 a while ago I actually went to back off I’d lab and met the owner / head coach Morgan Perkins and this is a little video I did of him back then hi guys i’m oliver containing the owner and the resilience instructor morgan first came to Thailand as a student and like many before him fell in love with the people and its culture since then he’s become a black belt Brazilian jiu-jitsu practitioner and his whole life is devoted to combat sports oh and his family to the gym has changed locations a couple of times but the members follow wherever they go it just goes to prove that the wonderful trainers are really the heart of the business while I was there there seems to be a lot of people that came from abroad specifically for the gym I would say the kind of people were trained about by lab are your everyday individual as well as your aspiring and professional fighter we have kids as young as five years old training here up to age 13 and after 13 we bumped them up into the adult program from there we have students who are in their sixties training so a wide range it’s like a pushup but I’m just gonna jump in with Morgan now he’s just gonna show me how things are done not sure what to expect so I’m just gotta kind of attack him see what he comes up with well yeah they have quite a few Pro fighters but they’re most well-known has to be the duo of Rika tiny doll and Shannon one Shin we have some guys who are fighting in one championship and then we have some some local talent who are fighting on some of the local shows as well we have guys inviting Fullmetal dojo is ignite there are quite a few options for accomodation right around the gym area from hostels and homestays to hotels and long-term rental apartments and the BTS station is only 400 meters away so this kind of training here is a great if it’s a great way to put young men and young women on a path for success in life you know because it teaches them a lot about hard work and being disciplined and achieving the goals that you’ve set for yourself we have we have a kid who is 13 he lives about two hours away and he’s here after school several times a week and on the weekend training and you know it’s these the kind of people that train here and these are the kind of people that we like to attract to the gym once you’re done with training there’s a perfect spot for some nutritious snacks and meals right above the training mats is a place called nourish cafe where you’ll find salads smoothie bowls wraps and other fantastic creations you never even thought of so why not put on those gloves rash guard ghee whatever just give it a go guys

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