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Barbara Boxer Fact-Checked in Nevada #FeelTheBern

Barbara Boxer Fact-Checked in Nevada #FeelTheBern

This video is an update to my previous video
called “The 2016 Nevada Democratic Convention: Clinton and Sanders”. Senator Barbara Boxer
said the following about the May 2016 Nevada Democratic Convention. “I said Bernie is
my friend. He’s my good friend. And they still booed. And I said look, when you are
booing me you’re really booing Bernie because Bernie asked for civility. And there was no
way to control what was happening. And I did fear for my safety, and I fortunately had
a lot of security around me. It’s true.” Now if you want to see her speech, search
YouTube and get the full thing. But here’s the thing. She said she feared for her safety.
Let’s fact-check that with real data, that data being video. (Bernie Sanders supporters
shouting “Boo! Boo! Shame on you!”) The problem with what she said is that this is
2016, and unlike 10 years ago, most of us have the ability to shoot video using a small
device in our pockets: smart phones. After her speech, as she leaves she’s blowing kisses
to further anger Sanders supporters, and she’s not fearing for her safety. And also there’s
the fact that Senator Boxer is fully behind Hillary, seen here just a week prior in early
May. Now either this video spreads and goes viral, or it goes nowhere. It’s up to all
of you to share it on social media. And remember that clicking to Like with a thumbs up may
help the video rank higher in YouTube search results. Share this video, or Senator Boxer
gets away with this. Thanks for watching. (Sanders supporters shouting “Shame on you”)

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30 thoughts on “Barbara Boxer Fact-Checked in Nevada #FeelTheBern

  1. Facebook have censored uploading of images taken from that video already. Pathetic 100% lies from the establishment and media! Now they want support "unity" from these very people they abused. The arrogants is astounding.

  2. The unbelievable ridiculousness of Boxer and many others claiming fear while demanding unity is enough to make the coldest blood boil. If she fears angry Democrats I hate to break it to her but there are 49 more states FULL of such outrage

  3. Thanks, Jordan. It is so amazing how one honest man (Bernie) can shine a light on all these slimy pigs. I used to think Boxer was decent. Now I know better. She's as classless as HRC has proven to be.

  4. Who is the idiot that said "We're voting for Trump." If you are a true Sanders supporter, you either vote for him in the fall or write him in if he doesn't get the nomination. If you can't write him in, stay home, but please do not vote for Donald Trump. If that is just anger talking, then please use a different way to express your anger.

    Finally, I condemn any and all violence and threats against any person responsible for what happened in Nevada. It is wrong and no matter how angry it makes you, you cannot descend to that level. Any true Bernie Sanders supporter would be just as happy to have Elizabeth Warren as president. It's about policy and ethics, not gender.

  5. reddit link to get the word out:

  6. Nice work. Posted on my page here:

  7. Barbra Boxer is a known Hillery supporter and needs to be thrown out of politics the lying sack of shit !!!

  8. No Barbara, they were booing you, you corrupt piece of garbage! She behaved like a child. You want to blow us kisses and flip us the bird? Well, guess who will get the bird come November when you choose the corporate, military industrial complex owned candidate.

  9. Two peas in a pod, women who have overstayed their welcome for not being honest. Barbara and Hillary… RETIRE!

  10. I am registered independent so I don't have political ties to either of the corrupt parties that have brought this country to its knees and I love that at least some of the corruption in the system are being exposed this cycle and I honestly hope that we are able to elect a president that actually cares more about the country than their political status. Sanders is a much better pick than Clinton by far but I don't believe he has a legitimate plan for rebuilding the country, at least not that I have heard. His $15.00 minimum wage thing will just increase the price of everything even more and harm the poor even more such as retired people living on a structured income. They will not get more income to cover the inflated prices and it could lead to them starving, losing their homes and another depression. The entire fiat money system needs replaced with a real money standard and the federal reserve act needs repealed to save the country.

  11. Clinton's trustworthiness?   SOMEONE SHOULD HAVE TOLD  CROOKED HILLARY , THAT CROOKS TURN ON EACH OTHER.    IS THAT NOT TRUE democrat    YOU  WOULD KNOW…. bad sign when MSNBC turns against her…

  12. Blowing kisses AND Flipping The Bird. She is shameful . Like Hillary… BAIT, INCITE ANGER & SWITCH THE FOCUS/BLAME. The length and desperation that Hillary surrogates are going to are REALLY showing desperation. Show ALL sides of a story!!!!!!!

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