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Bare Knuckling Bipolar – Taking the fight to mental illness

Bare Knuckling Bipolar – Taking the fight to mental illness

Bipolar Disorder itself is a term
given to someone who has had a manic episode, and then you have a natural kind of tendency to go down as well so that’s the term, the medical term for it.
It’s a collection of symptoms really Mania has a set of kind of ups, and a whole load of symptoms go with that. Depression is the down, and there’s a whole loads of symptoms to go with that so. It is kind of a mix of both. Bare Knuckling Bipolar it was almost, not a a last-ditch effort for me, but I tried to get back to work and kind of rebuild my life after being diagnosed and
after having a Manic episode and going through that big fall out of a Depression that
follows it. I had tried to go back to work and I just didn’t work out. So I I kinda just wanted to live my life exactly how I wanted to you know, so kind of work when I
wanted to work and train get back into health fitness, and as I got
more into it I said “Well maybe I can show the world what someone with Bipolar Disorder can do!” All it is, is a diagnosis, it is a term.
You continue on the rest of your life, and you make adjustments
accordingly maybe after you’re diagnosed and then once you’ve got a good care plan and a good kind of close group of people around you some Medical professionals and some not, you can carry on and it’s all good. For Me I am really aware, like you know, that training MMA isn’t for everybody I am making an example of myself.
I am into it I really like it and I love both the ethos and that it gives you a very healthy lifestyle, but it’s the
dull movements is about a conversation around mental health and how to live a healthy lifestyle. So go follow your passions because they lead you to people that you get on well with and try and live a more healthy, holistic lifestyle Doing stuff like this, working up the appetite, sweating. Getting the body going, waking it up, it is so good! [Red Top] If you have problems down home people kind of brush it off to the side and you feel like you can’t talk about it, speaking with you and a few of the other guys in the gym feels great like, because I feel like I can speak my mind. My name is Derry Guinan, I am from a small town in Offaly called Kilcormac and I am 27 years old. I started kickboxing nearly
five years ago now and I just like to help everybody you know, I like to see people
achieve their goals every day. I think if you feel good with your body your mind feels good and it just releases that feel good energy into your body. Suicide in the past has affected me and my family. My Brother passed away 9 years, actually this month,
the 17th of this month. It had a huge affect on me. Some of my friends said, “Come one we will go drinking!” and I was like, “Nah, I wan’t to go training”. I want to feel good, I don’t want this lifestyle and end up maybe in the same position as my Brother did. I don’t know. It makes me feel good, I am training with positive people every single day and I just get to talk to positive people.
Whereas if you’re sitting in a pub talking to negative people you are gonna feel down, and you’re going to start doing what they are doing and it is just going to bring your level down. It doesn’t matter who you are walking in through those doors, you could be a World Champion or you could be on the scratch. Just trying to get your life back together and
essentially I was the second of the two, and welcomed here with open arms. Everyone is really really helpful and yeah I mean it is just a great enviornment to be in, really supportive. Well I suppose for the movement I want to keep it alive, I want to keep people talking about it. For myself if I could turn this into my life that I can go around and get this message out there
and show people that there’s an alternative way to live after you’ve
been diagnosed, and that you can absolutely go after your dreams you can
live healthily and you can, kinda, go for your ‘Happy Ever After’ you know.

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