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Before and After the Fight with Clay Guida:

Before and After the Fight with Clay Guida:

CLAY GUIDA: We leave
it all on the line. The critics, the media, put
all that stuff aside, man. It doesn’t bother
me for a second. I’m going out there. I’m thankful for where I’m at. I’m more excited about where
I’m going in the future. And I’m thankful for all
those people, friends, family, fans, relatives. You know, every time we’re in
the cage, win or lose, we’re having fun out there. We’re just happy wherever we’re
going in the sport. [MUSIC PLAYING] CLAY GUIDA: As I was leaving
town, getting on the plane, I just had a good feeling that
seemed familiar to me from about six years ago
when I had my UFC debut in Vegas, fighting. I just get to go out there. This is a re-debut, a revamping,
whatever it is. But I’m starting with
a clean slate. I’m going down to a
new weight class. I haven’t cut weight yet. It’s been following the format
that’s in front me. Been following this
diet, FitnessVT. You know, those dietitians
are the pros. And whatever protocol he’s
got for me I guess is what I get to do. I’m thinking my more enjoyable
meals are going to come Sunday after a big win. Since I have a dietitian,
nutritionist, for this one I’m like, what cut? This has been a diet? I’ve had, sometimes I’ve
had a harder time making 55, you know. I never cut a pound of 55. But sometimes I retain
the water. So it’s like I have
to run more. JASON GUIDA: You know he gets
all cranky when he’s trying to cut some weight. It’s all right, though. It’s funny. We make fun of him about
it, you know. Every other day, the kid
is top of the world and happy-go-lucky, this and that. But yeah, the week of the
fight, we get to catch a little bit of him being
like a brat. BURT WATSON: You guys
go in the room. You put your stuff down. You go in the cage and
you roll around. You are not allowed to have
Vaseline, petroleum jelly, KY jelly, peanut butter and
jelly, fish grease, fish oil, nada, zip. CLAY GUIDA: It’s the
journey, too. That’s the special part. It’s not always about
the destination. We’ve been through a couple,
supposed number of contender fights. I haven’t had that
title fight yet. I’ve had the busy,
busy, schedules. But after coming off back to
back losses, and even fighting in my home state, home
town, this has been a very relaxed week. This is cool with me, man. You know? Yeah, I think the Guida Mafia is
going to be in full effect. ANNOUNCER: We welcome
you live inside the legendary Chicago Theatre. It is brutally cold outside
here today. It is 14 degrees Fahrenheit
with the wind chill. And you know when I saw John
Dodson at the hotel on Wednesday, I said
hello to him. All he said back to me was,
it’s really cold outside. CLAY GUIDA: Yeah, when I was
bouncing around back there, getting ready, just for me to
stay warm and shed a little bit of weight too, because
remember, a few hours ago I was still about a pound over. I might have been 146. I might have been 147,
whatever it was. But I like to stay moving. Plus, it just takes my
mind off the weight. It takes my mind off being
maybe thirsty. It takes my mind off
being hungry. I was jamming out to this band,
Refuse, and the song “New Noise.” The lead singer
happens to be a big fight fan and I’m a big fan of them. But nah, Hatsu, nice guy. We’re going out there. He’s studying me. I’m studying him. We’re going to go out there and
see who the better man is that night. Chicago Theatre, everyone’s
played there. Some of my favorite musicians
have played there. It’s an honor to be
on that stage. The work’s done. Time to go have some fun, man. DOMINICK CRUZ: Clay Guida’s
a man who brings 16 fights in the UFC. He’s got outstanding
submission defense, outstanding take-downs, and he
uses long combinations to put his opponents up against
the cage. And he uses ground and pound
and to keep a grimy pace. Those are things you’ve got
to watch for Clay Guida. CLAY GUIDA: It was just
following the format, following the diet. FitnessVT guys, Lockhart and
the crew made it easy. ANNOUNCER: 146. He makes weight, ladies
and gentlemen. Clay Guida! That is an outstanding
featherweight fight, ladies and gentlemen. Hatsu Hioki and Clay Guida! CLAY GUIDA: No joke, living in
just tracksuits and stuff like that, I’m not trying
to impress anyone. I live out in a trailer park in
the middle of Albuquerque by the mountains. So I’ve been wearing stuff
like this, man. It’ll be nice to just put on
some jeans and go kind of hang out tonight with the
family and friends. I got dinner reservations, man,
a little pasta lined up. Coaches got me all dialed in on
what I can and can’t have. But I feel great. There was friends, family,
relatives, some of the old carpenters I used to work with,
stuff like that, who I used to build houses with. I feel better now than I did
when I was bouncing around back and forth. It’s very special to have your
family get on a plane and go watch you. I’m going to punch someone
in the face, man. I’m going to be ready for it. When I wake up, I wake up. Body feels good. Man, these legs gotta move. I like to get that first
wind, that first blow. So I’ll go do 5 minutes or 10
minutes on a treadmill just at a light three, four, five
speeds, something just to get that first sweat. I’ll work with Wink, maybe just
getting some skills, just get another sweat going and just
to get the body moving and generated. And that’s how Greg
wants it, too. That’s how Coach Jackson
and Winkeljohn want it. They want me to be hungry. They want me to be a little
edgy, a little pissed off, you know what I mean? And sometimes I think that’s
when athletes step up and they really rise to the occasion. We’re just gonna rough
house it, man. We’re going to go out there
like the old ways, put a Midwest style Chi-town
beating on him. It’s wrestling season. The Blackhawks tearing it up. We saw their season opener on
Tuesday when we got in town. I saw them win in overtime
last night. The Bulls are on a
winning streak. So I’m gonna keep it going in
Chicago, man, and keep the locals happy. They call the United Center
the Madhouse. That’s where the six-time world
champion Chicago Bulls played, the former Stanley
Cup champion, the Chicago Blackhawks played. When they take you into that
cage, man, you’re going to see what the true definition
of madhouse. The stage is set. It’s gonna be incredible. It’s just it’s special, man. INSPECTOR: Is this Clay? Are you Clay? CLAY GUIDA: Yes, sir. INSPECTOR: Glad to meet you. I’ll be the inspector. CLAY GUIDA: So in the
locker room, some guys get super nervous. I’m not gonna say I
don’t get nervous. It’s a nervous excitement,
man. I know I’ve done all
the preparation. It’s time to go out there and
see the finished product. [GRUNTS] CLAY GUIDA: The same old
model out there. I’m just gonna go out
and attack, man. Nothing’s pretty about my
fighting style, you know. We go out there, and we just
make the guy miserable. We grind him and out and
look for submissions. The power, the snap
is in my hands. This guy’s gonna feel it. John Dodson fighting for the
flyweight world championship, man, the stage is set. We train all day. Some of these guys train three,
six, eight hours a day. You’re fighting for no more
than 15 or 25 minutes. Could be less. Let’s go brave. AHH! Chi-town baby, here we come! BURT WATSON: This is what we
do and why we do it, baby. Nobody does it any better
than we do. Yeah! [SHOUTING] CLAY GUIDA: It’s the most
pure essence of physical contact, man. Wrestling is the oldest sport
in the world, you know. And the fact that we get to put
gloves on and punch each other and kick each other and
try to submit, and choke each other and throw each other
through the air for the betterhood of the sport, I mean
there’s nothing like it. ANNOUNCER: And now, live on Fox
from the sold-out United Center in Chicago, Illinois– it’s time! CLAY GUIDA: My brother,
he cracks me hard. And that’s when I know. And he pulled the chain off. And I went to get
that meat, man. ANNOUNCER: Fighting out
of the red corner– this man is a freestyle
fighter, with only a professional record. 25 wins, 10 losses. Clay “The Carpenter” Guida! DEBBIE GUIDA: Let’s go, Clay! [CROWD CHANTING] -Guida! Guida! Guida! [CROWD CHEERING] ANNOUNCER: Ladies and gentlemen,
after three rounds, we go to the judges’ scorecards
for decision. The judges scored this contest
with 2928, Hioki. 3027, Guida. At 2928, and the winner by
split decision, Clay “The Carpenter” Guida! CLAY GUIDA: There’s nothing
like that, you know? I teared up there like a wimp
walking after the fight, walking back to the tunnel. And I saw a lot of familiar
faces of friends and family and fans. And it was more of a relief
to finally get a win. It’s been almost two years. He’s a very tough guy. We’ve looked at some
of his old films. And he’s just very tricky. Every fight he has, win
or lose, is close. I don’t know if he had power,
really, in his hands. But he stung me a little bit. And he got a couple of good
body shots on me. You’re a lot more sore
after a loss. You get your hand raised,
you don’t feel nothing. You’re on cloud nine. So I look a lot worse
than I feel. I was looking at John Jones
and Israel Martinez, my wrestling coach. And they kept me calm and told
me to stay in good position. Reach for that far arm. Go towards the legs. Head up. Stay in good position. And Wink was saying,
just get out first. Every time in practice, when I
get out first and I go out there and I impose my hands
and my movement, guys will start backing up. And I do well. When I give them time to get
in my face, and I start backing up and get out of
position is when they start building confidence. In this fight, we were worried
about Hioki’s body locks, trap arms, and knee blocks,
knee-ups, whatever. And I think we did a pretty
good job of that. We took him out of
his game plan. He takes down some pretty good
wrestlers with that. And I thought we did
a good job of not letting that happen. It’s been a good homecoming. I haven’t fought here in
six or seven years. The fact that are people are
true fans, it was a special moment tonight for
my family and I. I’m ready to go have
some fun, man. All right, we got a little pow
wow going down at my buddy’s bar, Scout Bar, a couple
blocks away. We’re gonna go have a good time,
soak up some memories, some friends and family. And hopefully the next fight in
Chicago will be here before you know it. And we’ll be on it.

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41 thoughts on “Before and After the Fight with Clay Guida:

  1. I remember back in the day, he fought Diego Sanchez for TUF and was getting destroyed but he literally looked like a caveman neanderthal in there. Literally eating punches and head kicks. Everyone in the room going crazy thinking he was going to go down and defying the laws of physics. It's probably been like 10 years but that fight was so dope, I haven't saw it since then but it's burned into my head. This dude's legit.

  2. he fight like a real man.. weather if he lose or win.. his fight is always.. pure and real hardcore fight

  3. This is the mindframe of a champion belts mean nothing when you have some of the most memorable fights in history!!!

  4. Guida is a true tough guy. You can say he's the perfect example of a tough guy. He's far from the most skilled and technical fighter(no offense dude. Your my favorite fighter) but he makes up for that by being a real hard worker and being tougher than nearly anyone else

  5. Anyone see that woman get all excited and shocked when clay gave her a high five? She blew him a kiss and looked so genuinely happy. That's awesome….he gets people to fall i love with him and for good reason. Love you clay

  6. The kind of guy I would want to go to war with. He leaves everything out there in every fight. Don’t see many like Clay anymore.

  7. Att: Fighters, A buddy and I made a fight song we posted it on YouTube for people to use.

    He commited suicied a couple years ago, I hope champion upon champion useses the song to walk out to!

    If anyone wanted to use our M.M.A. fight song they have our permission.

    It's a strikers song!

    Search [Spooner M.M.A. Song]

    The song is by Hawaii Punk Rock Music Oahu Band "Spooner"

    Aloha nui loa ohana!

  8. Clay is a machine. Hes that quiet good natured friend that goes from gentle to monster in seconds. The friend you actually try to keep from fighting because you've seen him destroy ppl

  9. awesome upload.. normally all i see with clay is the hair all over the place.great to see this , Clay <3

  10. At 37 years old still an beast man I love these guy brings it everytime I saw him would love to see him rematch Diaz end Sanchez my goal for him before he retires go Guida go 🥊🥋🥊🥋🥊🥋🥊🥋🥊

  11. his walkout with that music is just fucking magical. i watch this every now and then when i want to be inspired to fight

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