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Beginner Boxing Tips : How to Put On Boxing Gloves

Beginner Boxing Tips : How to Put On Boxing Gloves

Hi, my name is Bruce Acuna. I’m the owner
of Bruce’s K.O. Boxing in Austin, Texas and today I’m going to show you how to put on
a boxing glove to train. These are what we call hook and loop gloves. They are training
gloves, bag gloves. They’re good for working out in the gym, hitting the bags, working
shadow boxing, whatever. The simplest way to put them in, put them on is slip your hand
through here, make sure your fingers are all the way at the bottom, squeeze, make a fist,
bring this around the elastic with the Velcro, secure it in there and there you go. The same
thing with this one. Just hold it against here, slide your hand in, make sure your fingers
are all the way down, make a fist in the glove, bring it around and there you go. You’re set
to train. Remember, good luck, train like a champion. I’m Bruce Acuna with Bruce’s K.O.
Boxing. Thank you.

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14 thoughts on “Beginner Boxing Tips : How to Put On Boxing Gloves

  1. geez i totally couldn't have figured this out by myself. it would be much less pathetic if he was showing you how to put on "laced up" gloved by yourself. instead of this Velcro type

  2. shit!! i,ve got one glove on, and now i cant use my mouse to re- run the video, how the fuck will i get the other one on ???

  3. I was being sarcastic by asking a completely obvious and stupid question in response of how obvious and stupid this video is…I wasn't actually being serious.

  4. Oh jeez…..whats next? Tutorial on how to walk? "Put your left leg forward, then put your right leg forward, but make sure you put your left foot down on the floor before you start moving your right leg because otherwise you're gonna fail at levitating and fall down.

  5. Surprisingly, there are folks out there who need this type of help. Are you mad at me for being kind of "dumb?" At least I try by watching videos like this in the privacy of my own home so that I won't be ridiculed or harassed at the gym. I guess I cant do this either. Thanks Guys

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