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Beginning Kickboxing Moves : Cross Power Punch in Kickboxing

Beginning Kickboxing Moves : Cross Power Punch in Kickboxing

Hi my name is Julio Anta with Anta’s Fitness
and Self Defense and our website is What we are going to demonstrate now is the
cross. This is your power plunge after you jab someone you come to cross around. Ready,
move, move, move, move. All right as you can see the cross the most important thing your
power comes from your hip. See the turn of her hip and the lifting of her heel. It is
not like a groddy kung fu type of punch that you keep it straight. The idea with this is
to turn your hips and bring your fists in. She is doing it like that for instructional
purpose so that you can see it. Now do it correctly. You can see it never stops in midpoint.
Some boxers call it flea swapping. If you see a flea you need to hit it fast. Okay.
The faster it goes in the more power. Power comes from the turning of the hip, from the
lifting of the heel and from bringing it in faster than it goes out. It’s like the principal
of a bullet. Again for fitness kickboxing we need the correct alignment. This will work
your obliques, intercostals and your hip. It works as a functional work out, almost
your entire body and if you are in a fight, this is your power punch. If you are in a
boxing kickboxing match punch to the jaw. If you are in a street fight punch them in
the throat. Okay, keep on going. Turning the hips see the perfect alignment and her knees
are slightly bent.

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9 thoughts on “Beginning Kickboxing Moves : Cross Power Punch in Kickboxing

  1. Power comes from turning of the hip and pushing off your back leg with the cross. That is why that back foot raises. Most people arm punch and do not use their full body in the punch.

  2. "if in a street fight, aim for the throat" stupid thing to say, especially for an instructor. If you can do this with some power, your going to kill your opponent. Horrible teaching

  3. @Caranuil your life might depend on it, don't wait to see if the other person is going to go easy on you or stomp you into the ground. I don't think he is bad, just giving you an option to make time so you can get out of there. Fighting is not meant to be nice, the streets can be harsh, there are people out there wanting to do others harm for no reason. Don't be a victim.

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