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Bellator 198: Big John talks Fedor

Bellator 198: Big John talks Fedor

Fedor is a fast athlete. He’s explosive. That is what has separated him
in the heavyweight division. He was never the bigger guy. He was never the stronger guy. He was the faster guy
that would hold the pace and make a heavyweight
work past their ability to maintain their pace,
and he would end up putting them away with
speed and conditioning. He’s an incredibly
conditioned athlete who knows how to pace
himself in the fight, and when to explode
in that fight. You’re gonna see Fedor
coming into this fight inspired to prove,
not only one thing, but two things. One. He’s not done. He wants to prove that he can
take this Bellator Grand Prix and be the Bellator
Heavyweight Champion. And two, he wants to put
any doubt about who was the best heavyweight
back when Frank Mir was champion and
he was champion. (upbeat music)

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29 thoughts on “Bellator 198: Big John talks Fedor

  1. A fight that should've happened 10 years ago too bad Fedor was scared of competition and never signed with the UFC..

  2. Fedor the so called GOAT will be eliminated in the first round in less than a minute or two. He's finished and has been finished for close to a decade now….. NEXT!

  3. The last time he was supposed to fight Mittrione he looked like he was gassing when doing the prefight exhibition for the fans. He has always been overrated and wouldn't last a second in the UFC.

  4. I really hope he wins. It's hard to watch a guy who dominated for so long when you were a kid fall from grace

  5. Big John? SHUT UP!. Respect as a Ref, but as a commentator? yap yap yap! All of them for that matter talk too damn much…

  6. im going with tested and tried Fedor…….. he's in the mma hall of fame,
    no matter how many losses he takes.

    the best mma fighter in his time, his era.
    now all he going to show us, is his pure will power and determination,
    ability to contain the pain and punishment from getting hits from other fighters.

    cause for an old guy, the body just ain't the same anymore……… athlete vs athlete.

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