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Bellator 199: Sitdown – Aaron Pico

Bellator 199: Sitdown – Aaron Pico

– My whole goal is to be
the champ of the world, and that day will come. I wake up around 5:30, I
ride my horse in the morning, then I go to Antonio’s, the
Bodyshop, work on my MMA. Then I’ll go to Freddie
Roach’s gym, do some boxing. I’ll come home and relax
a little bit, stretch, maybe get a massage, and then I’ll go back
to Antonio’s at night. If I would call Antonio at
two in the morning, say, “Hey, coach, can you
train?”, he would be there, so, having a coach like
that is what you need to become a world champion. And you can see it
through all his fighters. All his fighters
are winning, so. Every time I’m in
there, I’m always like, “Wow, I’m actually in Wild
Card with Freddie Roach, and him actually coaching
me is kind of crazy. I think he’s a very
open-minded coach and I think that’s why
he’s so successful. A lot of high-level boxers, I
mean, the best in the world, from all over, they all come
to Hollywood to Wild Card, so I get all kinds of crazy
sparring with Miguel Cotto, with all these guys that
are fighting on television, that I’ve watched
since I was a kid. And to actually be in there
and actually spar with them and help them get
ready for fights, the whole atmosphere
is a really cool one. I mean, we all push each
other, but we all know the most important thing
is, let’s now get hurt, we’re all looking
out for each other. We’re a family,
it’s like a dream. I always think of
myself as the underdog, having that mentality
when you go into practice, having something to prove is what keeps you sharp, I believe. Hard work is always
gonna prevail, so, even when I’m the
champ of the world, there’s that next guy that
really is the underdog is working as hard as
he can to beat you. So there’s nothing
that… It’s trash talk. You go out there and you
just knock somebody out cold. It speaks for itself. My coach Antonio and I,
we’re working on that hook actually, a long time, I mean. I started training with
him and he saw my hook and how short it was and he
was always telling me like, “Hey, keep your hook
up, keep it long.” And for me to actually
go out there and do it and get my first win
like that, it was, I couldn’t sleep for, like,
two days to be honest with you. Not a lot of people
get their true calling, and my life is good
being a fighter.

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19 thoughts on “Bellator 199: Sitdown – Aaron Pico

  1. i didnt like him before his first fight with the attitude but how he handled the loss is 100% like an adult, i was super surprised. seems like a good dude.

  2. Hell yeah! That's a good kid, I'd fight him if the money was right and do some great scientific work.

  3. Aaron Pico is a student of the game. Looking forward to watching this young hungry lion ! Won’t be missing it that’s for sure.

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