Bellator 208: Countdown – Fedor vs. Sonnen: Episode 2

(slow electronic music) (speaking foreign language) (man laughing) – Bos. (speaking foreign language) – You have to understand
the media will never give me my due in this sport. Where do we go? They will never say that Chael Sonnen is spread
three weight classes. They want to talk
about who the pound for pound the greatest
fighter in the world is. You show me the fighter
that’s got the balls to go fight in pound for pound. I fought for the
world championship at 185 pounds. four times. I fought for the world
championship at 205 pounds. I’m now fighting for a world
championship at heavy weight. There is no question who the pound for pound
greatest of all time is ’cause there’s only
one son of a bitch with the balls to go any
weight class at any time. It is without question me. And if anybody wants
to test that theory just say my God damn
name and I will show up every single time and
there’s not another guy on the roster that
can make that claim. – The mask help
him with his cardio with his breathing because
you have to breath. Ah aha. Constantly, one in, one out. You look good, you look sharp, the failure from
practice is back that’s what I think. – I met Fedor back in 2002 maybe with pride. He would never say anything bad about his opponents no matter how hard I tried. I tried to get him
to talk so much smack to sell out a pay per view
but he wouldn’t do it. And his answers would
always be very short. (speaking foreign language) – He’s ready and the best part honestly
is he’s relaxed and he’s having fun with it. – We win this tournament I
hope after that he retires and he can enjoy his
life with his family. Because he was for me
always the best fighter and the most humble
man in the world. (speaking foreign language) – I’ve never been out
struck in my whole career, it’s never happened. (man yelling) In the year 2000 I
considered making a run for the Olympic boxing team. And the only reason
I offer that for you is I’ve been boxing
my whole life I’ve just never had to
tell anybody about it. And when I got into MMA there was some kind of
myth that got created and I haven’t the foggiest
idea where it came from. The story was Chael
Sonnen can only wrestle so I never told anybody. He keeps me up at night I have to tell you, he keeps me up at night. My anxiety gets going I
can feel my blood pressure going so I just go
put on my workout gear and head to the garage. The only thing
separating us is time and space and I’m gonna be
prepared when that time comes. Ultimately we’re gonna
take our T-shirts off and they’re gonna shut
the cage and it doesn’t make a damn bit of difference. One of us can get to the target
before the other one can. I’m going to go out
there and hit him as hard as I can
and he’s gonna try and do the same thing to me. This is a quick draw duel. The rules are under unified, the weight class
is at heavy weight. The Coliseum is Nassau. The date is October 13th, the network is Paramount. You want to fight me
and I want to fight you. You say you’re wiling to
got through hell and back. I am hell. And I’m moving on
to the championship for my sixth attempt
at a world gold medal. (man yelling)

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