Bellator 214: Sit Down – Ryan Bader

– [Announcer] Ladies
and gentlemen, your winner Ryan Darth Bader. For the Bellator Heavy
Weight Grand Prix, Fedor The Last
Emperor Emelianenko, against Ryan Darth Bader. – Fedor is a legend, Fedor’s got a
country on his back, but he’s coming into my country,
he’s stepping on my soil, and I’m not gonna let him
come in here and embarrass me, I’m gonna go out
there, take him out, be a two division champion, and Heavyweight
champion of the world. You know I’m an
unpredictable fighter. You know they look
at me as a wrestler, and yes, last fight
I went out there and dominated Matt Mitrione. – [Announcer] Big shot
Jim, couldn’t finish him, right here, right now? – You know, ten-eight rounds, I put the wrestling on him, I put that pace that I
was talking about on him. The time before I went out
there and knocked out King Mo. – [Announcer] Ryan Bader
competing for the first, he’s already dropped the
ball, with the left hand, Ryan Darth Bader! Darth Bader beats King Mo Lawal. – You don’t know
what’s coming from me. I can set everything up, when you think I’m wrestling,
I’m putting hands on you, and vice versa. So I’m very
unpredictable out there. – [Announcer] 30
seconds of fury here. – Yeah, so Fedor is MMA. I came up as a wrestler
watching him compete. Everybody always
talked about it. He’s in everybody’s top three
MMA fighters of all time. Fedor has a mystique
about him, you know, and they look at you like
you’re playing Michael Jordan in one-on-one. You know, and it’s, pretty soon they’re gonna
look at me like that, after I win this
fight, you know. He’s going to be
explosive on the ground, he’s explosive on his feet, he’ll try to take your
head off the whole time. And he’s going to
come to fight you until he has nothing left
or until you knock him out. That’s how I want
this fight to be. I want this fight to
be one of those fights where people go, holy (bleep)
did you see that fight? Yeah, at the end of the day I
have the will to go out there and do whatever it takes
to come out victorious. I put the work in, I ran
through this tournament, I’m here in the
finals against Fedor, and I’m taking him out. There’s nobody who can stop me from being a two
division champion. I’m gonna have my Light
Heavyweight belt on my shoulder. Scott Coker is going to wrap that Heavyweight
belt around my waist. There’s gonna be a
big smile on my face, I’m gonna walk out of
that cage that night a two division champion.

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