8 thoughts on “Bellator 225 ~ Aviv Gozali with the Fastest Submission Win Ever

  1. Hey team Thanks for watching. I don't do the political stuff a lot. I actually was a real journalist for a long time, covered criminal, politics, murders, hurricanes, entertainment, you name it I was doing TV reporting on it. There are good and bad people of all faiths, creeds and colors, what I love about combat sports is it brings us all together.

    Yes I know it sounds sappy or a cop out, but I do mean it. I have been able to interview fighters from so many countries I am in awe. I love you all for watching and commenting. I read these comments myself because who the heck needs sleeps anyway LOL and would love to know who else you want interviews with. Thank you and if I could ask anyone to subscribe -super grateful.😍 I thank you again

  2. Fighters need to to remember to protect themselves at all times. If you want to touch gloves do it before the bell rings. After that you are fighting.

    Well done Aviv. I have zero problems with how he won this. I hope fighters start moving away from all the high fiving fist bumping glove tapping b.s. that goes on when they should be fighting.

  3. If there was nothing wrong with what he did, why are most versions of this 11 second fight on YT missing the first 3 seconds?

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