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Best Bellator KOs with Josh Thomson | Bellator MMA

Best Bellator KOs with Josh Thomson | Bellator MMA

(fast-paced music) – Wow! That one landed! Whoa! – What a knockout! – The reason why K.O.s are so popular, the reason why it gets the
fans up out of their seat, it really depends on the
setting of the fight. There’s a lot more than
just comes with the shock and the awe of the big K.O. Sure those are exciting
but it’s the things that lead up to it that
makes it so exciting. (energetic music) This made Sports Center’s Top Ten. This was insane. This was great. And I think also too for a young fighter, that flying knee was definitely unexpected but what a fight. It’s something that you
love to see young guys, young guys normally, sure
they’ll take a chance on something but not something like this. You know, sure, they want to be exciting. They want to please the crowd, but they also want to win, because if they don’t win, they don’t come back. And so when he decided to do that, you gotta tip your hat to him. – [Announcer] It is all over! Just like that! – There’s a lot of chances
he took by leaving the air. And anytime you leave your feet, and get into the air, you don’t have control
of your body in the air. And that person can capitalize. Luckily for him he landed the knee, fight was over, but one of the best knockouts
in Bellator history. Amazing. (energetic music) A.J. McKee has all the tangibles, all the things that his dad has, as well as the “it” factor. He’s got the knockout power. He loves to stand. – [Announcer] That fight is over! A.J. McKee was looking
for a spectacular win and did he ever get it. – Beautiful. Nice. You can tell the power was there because his opponent
still kind of blocked it, but wasn’t enough. You got to block with two hands when you have someone like A.J. McKee
throwing head kicks at you. And when A.J. McKee gets
outside that comfort zone, and he started developing his
striking skills like this, the sky’s the limit. And I’ve said this I
don’t know how many times, he is the future of Bellator. (energetic music) I get excited just
watching Lima fight, man. It’s almost like he lures
you in to play possum. (crowd cheering) – [Announcer] Good left there! – [Announcer] Koreshkov
is down, he’s in trouble, and it’s over! – He understands that
he’s got the power to do whatever he needs to do. Whether it’s the leg kicks, whether it’s the hands, not just one. He doesn’t just have
power in his left hand, doesn’t just have power in right hand. He’s got power everywhere. Everything he does is with power, and in this fight against Koreshkov, Koreshkov’s kind of like
pushing him around a little bit, and as the fights developing, Koreshkov just got a little
bit ahead of himself, and, man, Lima made him pay. Wins his title back. Great, great, great knockout. He’s that guy that has to
kind of like fight at a pace, that guy that’s always explosive, that guy that’s always
going hard when they throw. They tend to sometimes slow
down as the fight goes on. Lima just weathered the storm
for the first two rounds, and as the third round came in, he started winning the fight. This was a beautiful, beautiful knockout. (energetic music) I was here live watching that fight at St. Mark Center in Fresno, California. Couture was having success
landing a couple good shots. He just got over zealous with the punches, the combinations. Stepped in on a lazy kick, and Pitbull just slides
in on the inside of that loopy overhand right that
Ryan’s trying to land, lands clean on the chin and lights out. – [Announcer] Oh good left, this is it! – [Announcer] We’re done! We are done! – With Pitbull, he’s not someone you can mess around with in the power. He’s got plenty of power. He’s composed. The one thing about the Pitbull brothers, they let the fight
develop in front of them and they wait for you to make a mistake. It’s funny. They’ve got
great kicks as well, but they don’t use them as much. They like to throw the flying knee. They like to do the
bouncing and flying knees, but, man, he had a
beautiful left hook there. (energetic music) Weichel just gets careless. He’s landing the clean shots, has Patricio against the fence. Every time your opponent is hurt, you have to think of them as a lion. That lion will fight harder
when their back is to the wall. If you have true fighter on your hands, which Patricio and Patricky are, 100% they’re going to fight harder. In this situation here, Dan Weichel throws the
same combination twice. He throws the kick, one two, knee, comes back, goes one two, one two, one two, boom. Once you realize there’s no hook, there’s no knee coming up the middle, there’s no push kick coming up the middle, you’re in boxing range, and the last place you want to be against one of the Pitbull
brothers is in boxing range. (energetic music) Wow. I was there, first time
I ever worked for Bellator. – (Announcer) Oh! They
both double ducked down! – Basically, this came down to whoever was able to get on top first was gonna, I think, win this fight. If Fedor bounced off the ground and came back up faster than Matt did, there’s a potential that he
could have won this fight. I got to tell you the crowd
went absolutely insane. You don’t see things like
that with two top, top guys. I mean, I had fought in Pride, and seen Fedor fight in Pride, and being part of the Pride organization, as well as when he came to Strike Force, and fought in Strike Force, and I was part of Strike
Force at the time. The way he just carried himself
with his professionalism, the way he carries himself as an athlete. He’s been fighting so long. He’s beaten all the,
like so many big names, and he’s beaten them in
such dramatic fashion. It was almost like the
end of an era for me of seeing somebody of his
magnitude lose like that. (dramatic music) So Paul Daley has had
to deal with the same type of fighter every single time. You can make a stand-up fighter, he can make a stand-up
fighter into a wrestler once they sign the contract. Brennan Ward obviously
likes to stand and bang, but when you put him in the
cage against Paul Daley, they all become wrestlers, and that’s what happened. Brennan Ward tried to press
so hard to get the take down, couldn’t get the take down, Paul Daley set him up a little
bit with that spinning elbow. Brennan Ward stepped back
and when he stepped back… – [Announcer] The jump
knee buries Brennan Ward! – Just nasty. Lights out. (energetic music) When you put Patricky and
Chandler is the same cage, the one thing that Patricky doesn’t have that Chandler has is the wrestling. So sure he has good take down defense. Sure he can take guys down, but he doesn’t have that
next level wrestling like Michael Chandler does. Anytime you have someone
like Chandler who is fighting a guy who likes to predominately stand, and that what Patricky likes to do. And I’m not saying that he can’t wrestle. And I’m not saying that he
doesn’t have good jujitsu game or a good ground game. He does. He has a phenomenal ground game. There’s plenty of guys that have been able to get him to the ground and haven’t been able to submit him, haven’t been able to
finish him on the ground, haven’t been able to get him down period, or hold him down. But the way Chandler sets it up is, if you watch closely, is that he steps up and
he lowers his level. When he lowers his level it gets Patricky to
pause for split second, and when that happens the straight right comes right down the pipe. Patricky never sees it. – [Announcer] Huge right by
Michael Chandler and it’s over! – That’s the power that Michael Chandler possess in his hands. Patricky has the same type of power, but when the threat of
the take down is there, it opens up Chandler’s ability to get there faster than Pitbull’s. (dramatic music) MVP just has a style that the long range, length, speed, he’s got a wide stance. Boom. Yeah, at the moment I couldn’t tell if it landed in the nose. Something like that, sure,
you shatter your nose or if it landed like right in the teeth or if it landed in one of the eye sockets. And you could just see as
MVP is switching stances left to right, left to right, leaning forward, dipping back, he’s making little tiny adjustments that’s making Cyborg hesitant to throw it. And when he finally does throw, he tries to land one big punch which just leaves himself wide open, which is, it’s not really how Cyborg fights. That’s the thing is that it shows you what MVP brings to the cage that most athletes just don’t know how to deal with, or even veterans like Cyborg. He’s fought the who’s who, and for him to go in there, you could tell he had no idea what to do. (crowd cheering) – [Announcer] Runs into the
jump knee and it’s over! – MVP, you see him just
standing there right after like okay this fight’s over. And when you see someone
like Cyborg go belly down and just start grabbing their face, you know that something,
something really bad happened, whether it’s shattered
nose, broken orbitals, whatever it was, knocked out teeth, you knew something,
right from that moment, something bad had happened. It just so happened that he
ended up breaking his skull. I never thought I would ever
say that in a million years. Yeah, his skull was broken. (laughs)

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